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7 years later, just pointing out what a bullshit racket this site is.

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by °⁴⁵¹ deadbee, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. °⁴⁵¹ deadbee

    °⁴⁵¹ deadbee Banned on SteamRep

    getting back into tf2 in 2020
    Thanks for ruining my TF2 trading prospects for 7 years. Now if i want an item i have to pay 30 dollars for 3 hats instead of like 2 bucks.

    in 2013 i was banned by steam rep as a scammer because i was impersonated by some korean scammer somehow, the victim sent in a screenshot of the conversation between "me" and the victim and that was all it took to completely ruin my third party trading opportunities forever. i submitted a ticket and the admins basically went "nah" and told me to f✿✿✿ off.
    so if anyones wondering, if you want to get someone banned all you have to do is accuse them and make a fake conversation in 5 minutes in photoshop and they'll have no recourse.

  2. Lava

    Lava Public Relations SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    A lot can change over the course of 7 years, and while not everyone in the community likes us for it, SteamRep has become particularly strict about evidence requirements specifically to protect innocent traders. We also guarantee fair handling of appeals, even if delayed by a shortage of available staff to handle them.

    I would have sympathized more if you pointed out that you had been waiting 7 years for an answer to your appeal, since the appeal backlog is arguably our single greatest fault. But despite your claim to innocence, I can't find any record or internal note that you ever once tried to dispute the decision. If you were truly innocent, why didn't you ever try to appeal? Our bans are permanent by design, so without an appeal, it's really no surprise you're still banned 7 years later. I'll be the first to admit our backlog is bad, but it's not 7 years behind, and your case would have been handled a long time ago if you appealed back then.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a "ticket". We don't have a "ticket" system here, and never have. Did you perhaps PM an admin instead? Admins are instructed to disregard PMs about appeals, so as to keep it all in the open; and in the case of your implied bias, to ensure that any admins previously involved with tagging you are excluded from deciding on your appeal outcome. That's how we can guarantee a fresh, impartial set of eyes, so your appeal is handled fairly. If the admin you hypothetically PMed were following policy by not acknowledging your plea, it would make sense that I can't find anything about it. Appeals are the only avenue for having your tag lifted. You can submit an appeal here: https://forums.steamrep.com/forms/appeal.4/respond

    As a firm policy, we do not discuss specific cases in general discussion. As such, we cannot discuss the merits of your tag here, only general policy and procedure, so I have not looked at any specific details pertaining to your case. The reason for that policy is because if we did, then actual discussion would be drowned out by soapboxing from people inevitably unhappy with decisions we made in the report or appeal they filed. And in the case of appeals, it would be unfair to those patiently waiting in line for their case to be reviewed if we expedited someone's case here because they "made some noise". Although I didn't review the evidence, I did take a quick glance, and found that you never appealed, so I'm explaining the next steps needed from you. If you want your case looked at, and tag removed if you're truly innocent, use the link above to submit an appeal. Pleading or complaining in the general discussion forum will not help.
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  3. Counter Destroyer

    Counter Destroyer Donator - Tier V

    This system sounds like VAC. Slow but important and rules remain rules.
  4. Dr. Dapper

    Dr. Dapper Banned on SteamRep

    Similar experience. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do for a ban that I have received over 3 years ago, and it seems like the admins who have handled my case have been incredibly short-winded and unempathetic. I do not believe that I was rightfully banned, and no good is being done by keeping me banned. The thing is, the ban doesn't even affect me much since I am not a trader nor have I ever been, but it just baffles me that I am somehow viewed as someone who ought to be avoided. The only reason I even knew I had this ban is because I wanted to play some degroot keep and the only server that was active wouldn't let me connect over accusations of me being a scammer. Very disappointed in this website.
  5. MLX02 | LGC

    MLX02 | LGC Banned on SteamRep

    LOL! Site continues to ban people for fake proof in 2021!!! Its insane! Here is the guy that got me banned btw: https://forums.steamrep.com/members/mlgpenguinmlg.138834/
    Notice how he is banned from steam and I am not? Its because hes the scammer! WOW no way! I wonder if I make an appeal, I think this is four years later, if it would be denied...
  6. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    You were warned about this already here:

    The warning clearly noted that you would be banned from accessing this site and that is the outcome.
    This thread will also be archived as it has outlived its usefulness with this bump/reply.