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Accepted 76561197997727846 ({666} ima canaidain)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by г. сила | IChugWindex, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Hello, and good day (OR night.)

    I was hoping that i could get a tag/ban for a spycrab runner. I have a screen shot from the trade when he said which way we would play, that is later on in my post. I first met Canaidain on a unusual server. He said he wanted to spycrab. I asked if he was willing to spycrab his Maxs head. When he said "sure." I traded him and showed him my offer. I offered a B.M.O.C, Gen Prides Scarf, and Gen Boots. He said the offer was ok, then we started. He said in the trade window AND in chat that it was, first to 3 wins. So i got to 3 first. Then he started to say that "i won." (By saying "i won." I'm referencing what he said from the chat logs) But at that time i opened up my application and took a screenshot. I am very sorry that this is a repost thread from earlier, but atlast i saw i was missing the correct format and more information, thanks if you could see the information and see that he truly is a scammer.
    Sincerely, IChugWindex

    steamID: г. сила | IChugWindex
    steamID32: STEAM_0:1:35842782
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031951293
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198031951293

    steamID: {666} ima canaidain
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:18731059
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997727846
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197997727846


    If this is too hard to read, click this...


    Console Text:

    {666} ima canaidain: i told u buys im not a scammwr EPCL | Electrix : he bet the max {666} ima canaidain : I TOLD U I DONT SCAM г. сила | IChugWindex : BACK {666} ima canaidain : FIRST TO # WINS EPCL | Electrix : hahhaha г. сила | IChugWindex : Over here *DEAD* {666} ima canaidain : wait EPCL | Electrix : nhahhaaahah EPCL | Electrix : hhahahhahaaa {666} ima canaidain : 1-0 г. сила | IChugWindex : 0-1 г. сила | IChugWindex : 1-1 EPCL | Electrix : 1-1 {666} ima canaidain : 1-1 г. сила | IChugWindex : 2-1 {666} ima canaidain : 2-1 EPCL | Electrix : ouch EPCL | Electrix : 2-1 г. сила | IChugWindex : Its first to 3 wins :p г. сила | IChugWindex : He said it in trade EPCL | Electrix : oh lol EPCL | Electrix : nice Cranky Uterus : yah EPCL | Electrix : did u ss it? г. сила | IChugWindex : 3-1 {666} ima canaidain : i won EPCL | Electrix : r cna wins г. сила | IChugWindex : You f****** kidding me. EPCL | Electrix : ichug EPCL | Electrix : you need to ss it Cranky Uterus : nice chug Mawr (BDay - 4 Days) : i herd u scam 666 {666} ima canaidain : no u said 3 losses EPCL | Electrix : did you screenshot? г. сила | IChugWindex : Dude, look at chat

  2. This is urking the s✿✿✿ out of me. This f✿✿✿✿✿ is running around spycrabbing AND running still. SteamREP Admins, GET ON THIS CASE! This guy is a total dick.
  3. HelenAngel

    HelenAngel Retired Staff

    First, let me apologize for the wait as I have been out-of-town on a business trip and several of our staff have had RL emergencies come up as of late. :(

    However, I will need a little bit more evidence here. Do you have any screenshots of the spycrab itself, screenshots of server logs, or a demo? Thanks! :)
  4. Freemangette-Scout

    Freemangette-Scout New User

    Yes Windex Give me my stuff back... Now im not waiting for you to unblock me i have out chat and our trade so give it back you Scammer