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Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by -(TBS)- TheRybka, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. -(TBS)- TheRybka

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    Screenshots: [​IMG]

    Description: Asked to middleman for a Dota 2 to USD item trade. She agreed, and I invited the other trader to the room. However, when the other trader refused to send the money via Paypal gift (so that he could not contest the sent money and freeze my account), I backed out of the trade. Source Em traded me back my item, but before she accepted, told me "give me a rare." Essentially, she extorted me for my own item back because of circumstances beyond my control. Unfortunately, I angrily closed out of the chat window where all three of us (her, I, and the other trader) were talking, but I have a screenshot of her agreeing to middleman, the message she sent where she showed the other trader my item (sent to me by accident,) and the picture of the successful trade.
  2. peteyM3

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    First: An extortion would require me telling you "Give me a rare or I will keep your item." That never took place as evident by your screen shot. Also, I would never say/do such a thing. Also an extortion and a scam are two completely different things. An extortion requires force, fear and intimidation. A scam requires some sort of deception or trick.

    Second: I clearly have it written on my profile page "I don't charge for my services but my time is valuable, so don't waste it. Make sure both parties agree to using me as the middleman before adding me. "

    Third: There are always at least two side to every story. Here is mine.

    I get an add from Rybka asking me to be his middleman. I told him I was in a hurry. He then begs me and tells me it would be a quick trade. I told him I would do it if it was for a single one item sale. He said it was. I then proceeded to tell him to make sure the other person agrees to use me as a middleman (even though I already have that written on my profile). I told him to make sure both of them have their trade details and paypal information exchanged and ready to go. He said ok. I then told him to invite me into a chat with his buyer once they have all the details taken cared of.

    I get an invite into a chat but only Rybka was there. Waited several minutes (I'm getting more annoyed) and the buyer finally joins chat. I proceed to advise them how the trade and my part of it was going to go down. No response from the other person. Rybka then trades me the item he was selling. I confirmed with the buyer I had the item. We both proceed to advise him to send the money via paypal. Rybka tells him (which should of been done aready) to send the money via gift option and to leave a note about not charging back etc. After several more minutes (I'm even more annoyed) the buyer says he was not comfortable sending the money as gift. Rybka tells him how it's normal trading practice and that it was for precautionary reasons only. The buyer is still hesitant, they both have a back and forth conversation in chat all the while I'm sitting there waiting (really annoyed). I chimmed in and confirmed that sending money via gift was normal practice. This time the buyer said he was fine with that but does not want to use a middleman because he does not trust anyone. Rybka, as he mentioned above gets upset and leaves the chat (this is the guy that begged me to middleman the trade) and he is the one who backed out of the trade. I'm sure I could have been able to or at least try to talk to the buyer, show him my credentials, something. But I did not have that chance because Rybka backed out with out saying a word. So I leave chat. I'm completely pissed off right now.

    I sent Rybka a trade invite. He accepted. Again, I'm extremely upset and angry at how this whole thing went down. Im my frustration I told Rybka to give me a rare (equivalent of a refined in Dota2) for wasting my time. I felt that he clearly had a lot to do with what had occurred. I could have said it in a nicer way, but I was upset. I never mentioned anything else or that I would keep his item (as you can see in his screen shot). He agreed and said "fine." He gave me the rare and I traded him his item. He then calls me an a✿✿✿✿✿✿ and goes offline. An hour later this occured. (my screen shot button is broken) so I took a picture.


    Clearly he inferred and took it upon himself that I would not return his item. That is something I never said I would do nor would I ever do. I still think Rybka had a lot to do with what occurred even though he claims it was beyond his control.
  3. Nero Chinki

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    I'll inform Butane of this, putting this under other scams for the time being.

    EDIT - After having talked to Butane in private, we have decided to not further process this report as neither side has a case against the other party.
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