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Accepted 76561198001221454 Merlin.SK (SR SCAMMER)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Merlin.SK, Nov 14, 2013.

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    As I was instructed, I am posting a formal appeal.
    Since I have nothing to add other than I have written to the ''begging for help'' topic in the general section, I am copying its content here:

    Yesterday I have tried to connect to one of my favorite TF2 servers (Lethal zone - LZ) to enjoy my everyday 45 min portion of TF 2 :) Instead of connection the message about ban appeared. Reason on their site :"Player is a reported scammer", banned by Console. After addressing this issue to admins of LZ they tell me about their scammer plugin and sent me here. I have never heard of steam rep before so I was confused. After I have read the F.A.Q. section I still am.

    I learned I was reported as a scammer by SR and this report should be connected to my trade activities somehow. A that is my problem - I do not trade ! I traded some guns and hats in the TF2 maybe 3 or 4 times about a 2 years ago. Since this time I am not trading anything and I have no knowledge about trading these days ( Should it be something else than trading in TF2 ? I've read something about real money .. ??)

    When I checked my status here there is something about alternate accounts, which is leading to some other guy reported as scammer. Of course he is total stranger to me.

    I have understand that I should appeal for my ''untag'' as a scammer. Frankly, I dont like this procedure, because didn't do anything bad and didn't violate any rules and I don't know how to proceed. I am just regular player, who plays TF2 only a few minutes a day on my usual community servers ( THG, HAMPSHIRE HEAVIES, LZ). I am playing TF2 almost since its release and I have never had any problem of such nature or BANs or anything.

    I will be glad when my nick is cleared from this false allegation, but I don't know what I should do next as I still don't know the exact reason for this tag and what was the cause of it.

    As you can see I am quite a noob in this area, so I will appreciate any help or explanation.

    (Sorry for my english and any mistakes I've made, but I am not native speaker and I am bit upset about this situation).


    Note: My Steam profile is now public, as requested.
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    After a review, I find insufficient evidence to uphold a banned tag.
    Appeal granted.