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Invalid 76561198007993010 lolb4udie (TF2OP)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by ☠☣ Lolb4udie™ ☯☢, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Dear Steamrep admins, I know that I am supposed to appeal on the Community group page on Steam for TF2OP incidents, but please listen to my appeal here as an exception as I give you logical explanations. Pretendeer doesn't have the time to listen to me. It has been 3 months since I traded in TF2 and I have been busy with school and work, I decided to come back and play, and also appeal my scammer mark.

    I have been playing TF2 since 2007, and this is my primary account after my first one got stolen. I have more than 5 years of TF2 trading in experience.
    I got marked as a scammer, on the reason of Item misrepresentation in order to gain a higher price. Here is the trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/6924348.

    I believe that I got unfairly banned and marked directly as a scammer without any warning. In the trade, if you examine it, people are assuming that I was going to scam people. I never mentioned how much the item was worth, nor said that I wanted anything specific for it. I admit that I made the mistake in saying that I got this item from a glitch drop, however, I was never intending to scam people or to raise the price of the item, and I never said that it was rare. I was doing an auction with a deadline, which highest offer wins on Christmas. I was expecting people to offer between 1-1.33 ref, but then it go out of control after someone offered 10 keys- items worth 1 buds thinking that this was an ultra rare item.

    If I wanted to scam people, I would have taken the s gunslinger/buds offers right away, instead I left them and wanted to see how the discussion would turn out, then telling them the actual price of the item.. I never expected people to go crazy offers like 300 USD on a simple item like this. I had to leave so the discussion ended. After I come back in 3 hours, I find out that I got directly banned, with no warning and I believe that the admin did not even put much consideration in banning me directly assuming that I was a scammer. I was going to close the trade assuming that it got out of control, and I never had the chance to explain to the players in the same page. And some people were just trolling with e offering ridiculous things. Obviously, someone reported me to Steamrep, but I don't know who. I am banned on OP because I am marked as scammer on Steamrep. Everything went wrong, from making a friendly Christmas post that you ended up having the item you offered for free, to a post that caused me to get banned, and marked as scammer, along with loosing many trading friends that I used to have. It was a disaster and it gave me insomnia for 2 weeks.

    I believe that I should gave at least gotten an caution or warning tag instead of a instant direct ban. If you check all my trades and previous posts, you can clearly see that I never tried to scam others, and I even post on my Steam profile that I hate scammers. Another argument is that OP never said that you could get banned from item misinterpretation, making my ban even more unfair.

    In conclusion, I never intended to scam, nor to get gain unfair profit from an item. I only wish to get the scammer tag to be removed from Steamrep if possible. I have learned my lesson on not to make the slightest lies thinking that it would do no harm. I no longer wish to trade in TF2OP even if my tag is hopefully removed from great SR admins.

    Please consider on taking my scammer tag away.
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  3. wic

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    Hi there,
    as you alrdy know you are in the wrong place to appeal, please go to their forum rather than adding Pretendeer for it, as I am pretty sure one of their admins will look into it.

    If they eventually decline your appeal, it is final, untill they give you another chance to appeal. Although I might be wrong as I am not in any way a admin over here, but SR isn't a "second place to try appeals".

    Good luck.
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    Though this appeal will be marked invalid, because like Wic said, you have to appeal on the Tf2OP discussions, I will supply you with this.

    Here you clearly state the item is "glitch dropepd." That is a clear misrepresentation that would have led to the scammer tag, not just posting the trade.


    I believe it is these statements which led to your scammer tagging. Had you said from the start that it was obtained by description/name tagging (which it is) you would not have your mark. You tried to deceive these users into thinking that your item was something which it was not.

    Good luck with your appeal, though!