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Archived 76561198026114626 (Steam "Admin" Impersonation)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Melkor, Aug 25, 2012.

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    steamID: SecurityAdminID:3826813
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:32924449
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026114626
    customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AdminInSecurity
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198026114626

    • Impersonation as an Steam Admin
    • Attempting to scam others users by saying "We need to repair your account. Please provide us your logging info and e-mail adress+password.
    • Phishing
    Took this conversation from Skial.
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: hello
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Hello
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: can I help you?
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Well im here to help you.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Im just going to send you a message read it carefully.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Hello you are welcomed by a administration from Steam. It is necessary for you to connect or update protection. We have noticed a virus from your system is getting into your steam account! To Prevent it from getting your account: you will have to provide us with your email and password (email has to be the email you signed up to steam with) Or incase your unsure of this we will need to log into your steam account and fix this virus getting in your steam and getting your private infomation and your steam account. We strongly advise you to confirm your account with us.If we are working on your account steam guard will have to be disabled if you do not verify us with either of these options.
    Yours Sincerely Steam Repair Admin.
    I will be able to answer your questions like for example how do i disable steam guard.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: so what do you do?
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We repair it sir.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: how am I supposed to trust a random who adds me and asks for my acc info? Sorry for being suspicious, but I feel like this is a scam
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We understand but we are just here to help you sir.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We will just need it for 5 minutes and then we will be done its not that big of a problem at the moment but if you let it spread then you could lose your account sir.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: Well I will take this too steam support, but as I understand steams policy is don't give your password too anyone
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We are not asking for your steam password.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We will need it soon because we dont know when that virus will get into your steam.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 You could lose your account.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: you asked for my steam information
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Not your steam infomation your email sir.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: prove your an admin
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We dont know when it will hack your steam but we dont have long.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 The only way i could do that is ban you really or give out my infomation but that is not allowed.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 And i cant un-ban people.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 So your going to have to trust us to save your account.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: I can't I am sorry
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Well you will lose your account then sorry.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: I will go to steam support
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: I have this conversation recorded and screenshot
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Try that but support replys take 2-4 days.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: aswell as your profile and the many vavle names you have taken
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: *valve
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 And in your case you dont have long.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: why do you want the email?
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 I have explained that.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 You won't have time for a support reply.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 You will lose your account waiting.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: wait, someone from valve could just remotly use my acc, this happened to my friend
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We cant use your email.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 And thats the problem
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Sir we need to use your email before the virus spreads.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: im sorry but I can't give you my email, too much is connected
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 You play Team Fortress i dont think you would want to lose your items to just a small problem we can fix.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: I do play fortress, and my items could be lost by me giving you my information
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We will be on there for only 5 minutes just trust us.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 How could we get to your steam account?
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We just need it for 5 minutes we want to help you.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: but valve employes have to use good english, your message had errors as does your profile
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 But we know how to fix this problem you don't.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 There is not just one admin waiting to fix this problem.
    Your state is set to Offline.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 is now Offline.
    Online now and rejoined chat.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 is now Busy.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: Im sorry, I will take my chances
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: good bye
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 You have not got a chance.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: if I lose my items then so be it
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Ok lose them then.
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 We are trying to help you and your makeing it hard.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: Good bye, I will report this conversation to steam rep, idk whats going to happen
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: things will go as they do
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 Well a admin will not get banned.
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: and they will tell me that?
    [Ft²] DAT CHRISTMAS SWAG: Good bye
    SecurityAdminID:3826813 is now Offline.
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  2. VenGanZa

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    Ah utterly priceless :)

    I always enjoy a good giggle when I see these kiddies trying it on.
  3. Melkor

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    I've tried to add him but I have got just add from another who said that "Repair admin is currently busy. Please hold on and look for upcoming friend request"
    Unfortunately some people are too lazy to check and so it sometimes happens that they fell under their tricks.
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    The trouble is that there are too many naive kids who do not know that Valve Employees do not message users in game, so sadly some of these pathetic fools actually get away with it. The more people like you who take them to task and post up here the better.
  5. [ PHS ] cows with guns

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    Skial is a community full of scammer.
  6. Ruelel

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    nice joke
  7. Doctor Who

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    Don't feed the trolls Ruelel
  8. Ruelel

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    but it's so fun heheh.
  9. BOT MouseCake™

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    If Steam REALLY did want to repair I'd think they'd have the account info. Viruses probably won't be solved by account by account. Obvious Scammer is obvious.
  10. Faamecrew

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    Lol, it's stupid.. Steam never contact's you via chat... and never ask you any INFORMATION for enter in your account :3