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Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by ajnin, Aug 9, 2013.

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    | steamname: MikPear
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:39283504
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038832736
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/5733789044678906
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198038832736


    I am a trading noob, he got me. Come to find out this guy is a impersonator with a list of aliases.

    He needs to be removed from steam.
    MisterXYZ is trying to redeem his name and being as helpful as possible. Hope this gets cleared up.

    Chat log:
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    ajnin: hey tehre
    MisterXYZ: hey do you still want arma 2 complete
    ajnin: yes. how much you want for it
    ajnin: also lookinf for ns2
    ajnin: i missed the summer sale :(
    MisterXYZ: i have a ns2 key
    MisterXYZ: i would trade both for 6 keys
    MisterXYZ: would you trade?
    ajnin: yes, let me buy some keys, have none currently
    ajnin: how many copies of arma?
    MisterXYZ: arma 2 complete is a cd key for steam
    MisterXYZ: 1
    MisterXYZ: is that ok
    MisterXYZ: ?
    ajnin: would you mind explaning the differen between a gift and a cd key, i am sorta a trading  noob
    MisterXYZ: ok :P theres not much difference just with a key you redeem it then you get the game
    MisterXYZ: do you know how to redeem
    ajnin: no
    MisterXYZ: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-TFBN-1352
    MisterXYZ: theres instructions there
    ajnin: ok ty
    ajnin: lemme grab you some keys
    MisterXYZ: ok klkl
    MisterXYZ: you got em?
    ajnin: almost... lol srory... noobing
    MisterXYZ: its fine ::)
    ajnin: omfg...
    MisterXYZ: what?
    ajnin: "youve recently added funds to your wallet and will not be able to use them till cleared"
    MisterXYZ: how much wallet do you have
    ajnin: just added money but its not useable in the market
    MisterXYZ: damn
    ajnin: can i just trade you from it
    ajnin: ?
    MisterXYZ: what?
    MisterXYZ has declined your trade request.
    MisterXYZ: what do you mean
    ajnin: just wondering if i can just give you money from my wallet
    MisterXYZ: no you cant do that :(
    ajnin: :(
    MisterXYZ: try buy the keys again
    ajnin: this is ghetto... i cant use market until aug 16
    ajnin: you got paypal? I can just send you the funds
    MisterXYZ: lol thats anoying
    MisterXYZ: i dont have paypal
    MisterXYZ: could you buy games off steam store
    ajnin: i am sorry  to bother you, i didnt know this would happen
    MisterXYZ: np
    ajnin: i would think so
    ajnin: anything around the price your asking that you want?
    MisterXYZ: could you get me payday 2 cce  upgrade
    MisterXYZ: go to payday 2 and scroll down to payday 2 cce upgrade
    MisterXYZ: could you?
    ajnin: wolfpack?
    MisterXYZ: no
    MisterXYZ: payday 2 career criminal edition upgrade its 5.00
    MisterXYZ: pounds
    MisterXYZ: less than 6 keys
    ajnin: holy crap.... us wants $20 for it
    MisterXYZ: really
    ajnin: thats crazy... i didnt know games sold for differnt prices
    MisterXYZ: in the uk its 5 pounds
    ajnin: thats only like 8 bucks usd
    ajnin: big difference
    ajnin: wow
    ajnin: lol we shouold check with each other before buying games
    MisterXYZ: how much is 6 keys
    MisterXYZ: ?
    ajnin: about 12 usd
    MisterXYZ: how much money do you have
    ajnin: oh I have a couple copies of war of the roses if your interested in that
    MisterXYZ: because i ordered black ops 2 from amazon the post should be here in 10-20 mins could you get me payday 2 cce upgrade for that aswell as arma 2 complete
    MisterXYZ: ?
    ajnin: you mean trade arma2 CO, black ops 2, ns2 for payday 2 cce?
    MisterXYZ: no just arma 2 and black ops 2
    MisterXYZ: ?
    ajnin: thinking about it, handt really wanted black ops
    MisterXYZ: so deal :)?
    ajnin: Is it just gonna be a cd key or something?
    MisterXYZ: its a cd key for steam
    MisterXYZ: it comes on the manual
    ajnin: the key hasnt been used or anything?
    MisterXYZ: lol it has not arrived yet but it will be here in 10 mins probs
    MisterXYZ: so no it hasnt been used :P
    MisterXYZ: so?
    MisterXYZ: thats the post in right now
    ajnin: lol didnt know about payday
    ajnin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS1X0l3FWcw
    MisterXYZ: i got the  black ops 2 :)
    MisterXYZ: can we trade?
    MisterXYZ: you there?
    ajnin: ya, watchign that vid lol payday 2 looks like a blast
    MisterXYZ: i know right i really want the beta thats why i want cce upgrade :)
    MisterXYZ: if you get me the cce upgrade i can give you my spare payday 2 beta?
    MisterXYZ: if you want
    MisterXYZ: you get two betas :D
    ajnin: we can trade, one sec
    MisterXYZ: ok
    MisterXYZ: can you gift the payday 2 cce upgrade to me?
    ajnin: just to make sure, this is what you want
    ajnin: Pre-Purchase PAYDAY 2 Career Criminal Edition Upgrade
    MisterXYZ: yeap
    MisterXYZ: :D
    MisterXYZ: are you gifting it
    MisterXYZ: ?
    ajnin: lol
    ajnin: it let me use the wallet to buy the item
    ajnin: wtf steam
    MisterXYZ: lol
    MisterXYZ: are you gifting it or buying it?
    ajnin: bought it as gift stored to my inventory
    MisterXYZ: ok
    ajnin: hope that was right
    MisterXYZ: gd
    MisterXYZ: yea
    MisterXYZ: :)
    MisterXYZ: lets trade!
    You have accepted the trade request from MisterXYZ.
    MisterXYZ: so you give payday then i give you the 2 keys
    MisterXYZ: in here
    ajnin: :( it says you may be untrustwortyh
    ajnin: lol and were trade banned
    MisterXYZ: yea because i was reported by a scammer that i didint give him a game :/
    MisterXYZ: http://www.steamtrades.com/user/MisterXYZ
    MisterXYZ: thats my rep
    MisterXYZ: i have 191 positive
    ajnin: good
    ajnin: ok so how do we do this
    MisterXYZ: you give payday then i send the keys through here :)
    ajnin: lol scary!
    MisterXYZ: dont be
    MisterXYZ: i have 192 gd rep :)
    ajnin: still a bit nervous lol
    MisterXYZ: i have 192 positve trust me dont be :)
    ajnin: does steam have any protection in these kind of cases
    ajnin: if you did rip me off, or another person in  a similar trade will steam do anything?
    MisterXYZ: yea they return stolen items
    MisterXYZ: but you dont have to worry about that :)
    MisterXYZ: as soon as you confirm i send the keys
    ajnin: ok
    MisterXYZ: nawt
    MisterXYZ: bye
    MisterXYZ is now Offline.
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    Thank you for reporting, Pretender will look into this when he can.

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