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Accepted 76561198042581864 (ThatIrishSOB)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by AlmightyNoob, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. AlmightyNoob

    AlmightyNoob New User

    Scammer: steamID: ThatIrishSOB
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:41158068
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042581864
    customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/aefiariganriganrig
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198042581864

    Victim steamID: {MUN} AlmightyNoob
    steamID32: STEAM_0:1:42099298
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044464325
    customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/almightyn00b
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198044464325

    Well at the moment it seems that I have been scammed my TheIrishSOB scammed me. Irish was asking me if I could borrow my unusual to "hunt" sharks with my unusual. (History) about 2-3 months ago we done this before with my smoking degroot.

    How it began

    He offered his series 1 hairpiece to borrow my unusual ( burning hallmark) for about 3 hours... and I was like WHY NOT profit off this its not like hes gunna skam me ......

    After one hour he started chating to me how these guys are such sharks offering him a bud and s✿✿✿.... and I was like yea yea yea....

    After 30 min I asked for it back because he was banned in tf2op for...being an alt.... my first thought was he was a skammar do not give it back to him.... then he told me the guy and him had the same ip and did and told me that the other guy was banned for making anti tf2op and I was like ok and gave it back to him.

    Then after 10 min I used the tf2op history system to check out who has my unusual...... and Irish didnt have it.

    So I started getting worried and asked him to give me back my unusual... he replyed with I cant I`m talking to sharks and I cant give it back to you yet.....

    after another 5 min I asked for it back and I told him you dont evne have the unusual.... adn he replyed with its a my alt.... and I was like ohh ok....

    Then I see his "ALT" selling the hallmark and I was like IRISH gimmie my unusual.... and he went offline and deleted me

    I messed up the sceenshots if u dont belive it here they are... they just arent in order

    proof of trade http://i.imgur.com/2t3OH.png
    proof the Irish has the unusual : http://i.imgur.com/sy6ug.png


    ThatIrishSOB: hey n00b
    ThatIrishSOB: gimme ur unusuals so I can catch more sharks pl0x
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: UMM
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: gimmie 1 key
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: to "borow" my unusual
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: feg
    ThatIrishSOB: yyy
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: also I cought a burning tyrant shark
    ThatIrishSOB: I just wanna catch le sharks
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: couz
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I NEED PROFIT
    ThatIrishSOB: ya i saw
    ThatIrishSOB: what if I give you
    ThatIrishSOB: a tf2pc #1 promo to borrow it
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: woah
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: which one?
    ThatIrishSOB: brainiac hairpiece
    ThatIrishSOB: [​IMG]
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: mhmm
    ThatIrishSOB: iz good
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: how long are u gunna borrow it?
    ThatIrishSOB: how long can I? :/
    ThatIrishSOB: I wanna catch as many of der sharks as possible
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: mhmm
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I`ll give u 4 days
    ThatIrishSOB: alrighty then
    ThatIrishSOB: that sounds fair
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: and if u f✿✿✿✿✿✿ skam me
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I WILL f✿✿✿✿✿✿ FIND WHERE U LIVE AND RAPE YA!
    ThatIrishSOB: ooh
    ThatIrishSOB: that sounds nice
    ThatIrishSOB: I guess I will scam you
    ThatIrishSOB: [​IMG]
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :|
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: nvm
    ThatIrishSOB: trade pl0x
    ThatIrishSOB: I must scam u
    ThatIrishSOB: hah bye noob I scammed you
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: NO!
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: NOW
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: U DYI
    ThatIrishSOB is now Offline.
    ThatIrishSOB is now Online.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob iz dead
    ThatIrishSOB iz dead from laughter
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob iz alive and slaps irish
    ThatIrishSOB iz already dead and feels nothing
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: OHH
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: IRISH
    ThatIrishSOB: wut
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I OFFER
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: 1 name tag
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: GUD DEAL
    ThatIrishSOB: no feg
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: its worth like 3 scrap
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: bu
    ThatIrishSOB: get out feg
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: t
    ThatIrishSOB: FEG
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: umm
    ThatIrishSOB: FEG
    ThatIrishSOB: FEG
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I`m giving
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: gud deal
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: take it
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: CMON
    ThatIrishSOB: no feg
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: burning hallmark for name tafg
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :/
    ThatIrishSOB: no feg
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: also how did u get this hair piece?
    ThatIrishSOB: trunk gave it to me for my burfdat
    ThatIrishSOB: *burfday
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ohh
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: right
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: happy burday
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: f
    ThatIrishSOB: your like
    ThatIrishSOB: a month late
    ThatIrishSOB: xD
    ThatIrishSOB: hey almighty
    ThatIrishSOB: have you been having errors with steam lately?
    ThatIrishSOB: like, whenever I try to go to a steam website it says there are too many redirects
    ThatIrishSOB: and I cant access it
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ohh
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: no I fine
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: interent problem?
    ThatIrishSOB: [​IMG]
    ThatIrishSOB: no
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: iunno
    ThatIrishSOB: I cant access anything
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: like pplz profiles?
    ThatIrishSOB: yeah
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ohh yea I had that problem too
    ThatIrishSOB: how to fix?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: it fixed itself
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: so..
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: umm
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: just wait
    ThatIrishSOB: its been doing this for like a week :/
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ohh
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I DUNNO
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: mnie was like an hour
    ThatIrishSOB: guh
    ThatIrishSOB: Ive been feeling lik s✿✿✿ lately
    ThatIrishSOB: think I got the flu or something
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: yea I got summer siickness too
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: also what happened to siick
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I havent seen him for a bit now?
    ThatIrishSOB: idunno
    ThatIrishSOB: hes kind of like you, Incognitus, and tareyza
    ThatIrishSOB: you barely show up anymore [​IMG]
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: too buzywith ugc
    ThatIrishSOB: lol
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I come around usually once a day
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: also
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: what happened to pom?
    ThatIrishSOB: he made a thread that he would be gone for 2 weeks like a week ago
    ThatIrishSOB: so yeah
    ThatIrishSOB: Dues35Crasher isn't on the site anymore either
    ThatIrishSOB: he had like 1200 posts too
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: tbh i been think about to retire
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: hey u stop having sex with my hallmark
    ThatIrishSOB: sorry I cant help it
    ThatIrishSOB: its too beautiful
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: it haz aids so watch out
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: well from me
    ThatIrishSOB: lol
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ?
    ThatIrishSOB: Im on a trade server right now for fun, Im getting trade requests every minute
    ThatIrishSOB: your hat is sex
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: lol
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: any sharks?
    ThatIrishSOB: so far Ive been offered 1 bud and an orbiting fire ketche
    ThatIrishSOB: seems legit
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB: I got like 15 trade requests
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: LOL
    ThatIrishSOB: then once I cancelled the trade on someone they said "I like how Irish is so up in his ass over his unusual"
    ThatIrishSOB: umadbro?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: the reason why u like it so much iz because it isnt yours
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB: oh boy
    ThatIrishSOB: I just got a great offer
    ThatIrishSOB: searing bonk boy :3
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: no
    ThatIrishSOB: wut
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: offer suck
    ThatIrishSOB: yah
    ThatIrishSOB: hey
    ThatIrishSOB: how much do you think a stormy KE is worth? Someone wants to 1 on 1 it with my hearts brainiac
    ThatIrishSOB: PC says its 11 - 12
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I seen some 14 ish unusual offers on it
    ThatIrishSOB: :O
    ThatIrishSOB: holy s✿✿✿ Im taking that offer and running then
    ThatIrishSOB: xD
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: wait
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: but still
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: that hair piece
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: is good
    ThatIrishSOB: not really
    ThatIrishSOB: between you and me, its a farking hard sell
    ThatIrishSOB: Ive barelyt got any good offers
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: lemmie see
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: dude
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ...
    ThatIrishSOB: wut
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: wiat gimmie back my hallmark for a sec
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ThatIrishSOB: k, why?
    You have accepted the trade request from ThatIrishSOB.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: umm a guy randomly added me and he wont let me see his offer couz I dont have my hallmark
    ThatIrishSOB: alright
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I just want to show it I let u borrow it and I`ll give it back
    ThatIrishSOB: [​IMG] ok
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: also got sharks?
    ThatIrishSOB: a few yeah
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: woah
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: your banned from tf2op?
    ThatIrishSOB: yep
    ThatIrishSOB: apparently I shared an IP with a banned guy so they banned me >_>
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: did u talk to an admin?
    ThatIrishSOB: yeah
    ThatIrishSOB: there being slow handling the appeal
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: nice
    ThatIrishSOB: what did that guy offer?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ohh right here
    ThatIrishSOB has accepted your request to trade.
    ThatIrishSOB: heh Im guessing it was a terribad offer?
    ThatIrishSOB: also I think steam trade is down right now
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: naw it was ok
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: he offered a houwar
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :/
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: your internetz is bad
    ThatIrishSOB has accepted your request to trade.
    ThatIrishSOB: thx
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: mhmm
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I have a small problem with tihs borowwing this
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: thing
    ThatIrishSOB: why?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: couz ur makred (atm) as a skammar...... and the history will look bad
    ThatIrishSOB: wait
    ThatIrishSOB: Im marked as a scammer?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: umm
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: .... no..
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I dont think so
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: yet...
    ThatIrishSOB: why did you just say I am? >_>
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I dunno couz the tf2op thing ...
    ThatIrishSOB: lol
    ThatIrishSOB: do you even realize?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: nop
    ThatIrishSOB: that they think Im an alt of the guy who made anti tf2outpost
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: playing minecraft
    ThatIrishSOB: I havent scammed anything
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ohh
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :/
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: aalright
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ima go make anti tf2pc now
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: anti tf2 pirvate computer
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: oh
    ThatIrishSOB is now Offline.
    ThatIrishSOB is now Online.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ohh s✿✿✿
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: zibber retire?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: and why is he still a the price queen?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: Irish gimmie my hallmark I`m gunna play tf2
    ThatIrishSOB: I cant right now sorry
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :| ok...............
    ThatIrishSOB: sorry but im on my alt and Im catching a ton of sharks
    ThatIrishSOB: I gott ado dis [​IMG]
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: fine
    Your state is set to Offline.
    ThatIrishSOB is now Offline.
    Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
    Connected again and rejoined chat.
    ThatIrishSOB is now Online.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: tell me when your done
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :3
    ThatIrishSOB: aight
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: also
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ur un regestred in the fourms
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :|
    ThatIrishSOB: yeah I know
    ThatIrishSOB: its just a glitch
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: how did that happen?
    ThatIrishSOB: trunk says he can fix it
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ok
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: but can u still post and s✿✿✿?
    ThatIrishSOB is now Away.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: irish
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: something is iffy about u
    ThatIrishSOB is now Online.
    ThatIrishSOB: hmm?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: what are u doing with my hat?
    ThatIrishSOB: I told you, Im catching sharks
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: but u dont have it
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :|
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: do u......
    ThatIrishSOB: I know...
    ThatIrishSOB: I told you
    ThatIrishSOB: its on my alt
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :|
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: shrykull?
    ThatIrishSOB: what about him?
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: is that ur alt?
    ThatIrishSOB: yeah
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: right.... that sandboxie thing..... gawd that thing is messing me up
    ThatIrishSOB: lol
    ThatIrishSOB: dont be so paranoid
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: wheres your hearts hairpeice?
    ThatIrishSOB: I dont know
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: nice....
    ThatIrishSOB: heh
    ThatIrishSOB: I just committed internet suicide
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: what did u do?
    ThatIrishSOB: I hijacked an account
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: what?
    ThatIrishSOB: I hijacked this account
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ok...
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: self sucide
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: seems legit
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: or self take over
    ThatIrishSOB: sure
    ThatIrishSOB: you could call it that
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: also
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: who u reporting
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: these sharks 2?
    ThatIrishSOB: myself
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: :|
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: and how will this help the tf2 community?
    ThatIrishSOB: it wont
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: nice
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: good job
    ThatIrishSOB is now Offline.
    ThatIrishSOB is now Online.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I am still a bit paranoid and a bit worryed....... about shrykull being your alt... dunno.
    ThatIrishSOB is now Offline.
    ThatIrishSOB is now Online.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: are u done :3 (for today)
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: irish I have done some researching.... you been acting very weird sence you borrowed my hat..... I am very worried and I want it back. You cna have your hair piece back what ever... I`m just really worried.
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: IRISH
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: dude
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: irish...
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: IRISJ
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: DUDE
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: DUDE!
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: IRISH
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: CMON
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: I know your there
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: give me back my unusual...
    {MUN} AlmightyNoob: ....
    ThatIrishSOB is now Offline.
  2. [SC]Y2K95

    [SC]Y2K95 New User

    Well I do try to help the community by reporting sharks. But luring is a bit wrong in my honest opinion.

    Back to the main subject.

    http://www.tf2items.com/item/1019097783 (The hats history)

    Also your imgur link to the album is set on private. I attempt on opening it and receive this message. "almightynoob's images are not publicly available."
  3. AlmightyNoob

    AlmightyNoob New User

    i have my own reasons me and him are price guards in tf2pc.... and I thought we were friends.... and I`m usually a nice guy so.... why not......
  4. AlmightyNoob

    AlmightyNoob New User

    also how do u make it pubic?

    edit nvm got it
  5. [SC]Y2K95

    [SC]Y2K95 New User

    Alright. It is working now. Hopefully this should be plentiful for a successful report.

    Sorry to hear what has happened though.
  6. AlmightyNoob

    AlmightyNoob New User

    also note the hallmark is dupped so... lookout if the history is messed up.
  7. MyNameIsKay

    MyNameIsKay New User

    This was proven to be real, he was banned on tf2pricecheck, sad that such a reputable guy has to sink this low
  8. AlmightyNoob

    AlmightyNoob New User

  9. Jailbait

    Jailbait New User

    I appreciate the report.