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Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea), May 10, 2013.

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    | steamname: ZubaTroubleMAD
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    -Pictures are attached as files in this order
    untitled part 1

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    Description: On a trade server keeps repeating this was before the chat, "selling steam games for hats" So i trade him quite interested. i ask him what games he has he says pick one and ill buy it, so i ask for skyrim. He says only 4 hats (clean) and 3 ref I get extremely suspicious that he'd sell at such a low price. anyways i say go buy it and he then says i want something before so i wont get scammed. i end up giving him a scrap since i realize its a scam but wanted full proof. i dont care about the scrap but i want this kid banned from trading if its possible

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    ZubaTroubleMAD: so skyrim?
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): yep
    ZubaTroubleMAD: k
    ZubaTroubleMAD: wait a minute
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): buy as gift remember
    ZubaTroubleMAD: y
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): buy as gift and add it to your inventory
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): you dont wanna buy it for yourself
    ZubaTroubleMAD: i know i traded before lol _:D
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): k just making sure XD
    ZubaTroubleMAD: I was thinking ... I dont want to get scammed from you. How do i know if i buy the game you dont leave and i lost my money ? What do you think?
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): ok well check my profile it has alot of rep
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): i wont scam you
    ZubaTroubleMAD: i know man but this are virtual items and money is real money :D If you understood _:D
    ZubaTroubleMAD: WE can make deal like this : you give me half i buy the game give it to you and then you give me other half ? ;)
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): yeah i know i have dealt with this kind of suspicion before. if i scam you, all you do is contact steam they give your game back or money if i dont go through with the trade. and then just contact steam rep and get me trade banned
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): its fine
    ZubaTroubleMAD: yeh but you know i dont trust you that much ... we can make it like this you give me half i give you skyrim and then you give me other half
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): sorry about the "its fine" wrong person lol
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): but no i wont do half and half
    ZubaTroubleMAD: why no ? it would be fari because if you recording this or if you screenshot the trade (chat) you can send it to steam and you get you items back... plus you get me banned
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): im pretty experience trader and i know the you give me half i give you after trick, and though you may not be trying to scam me i wont go through with that
    ZubaTroubleMAD: im not scamer man i scared of scammer to not be scammed :D
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): same nobody likes to get scammed but if you wanna do this trade then your going to have to buy it and do the trade. i have lots of rep while you only have one so its your decision man
    ZubaTroubleMAD: ok lets do like tihis you give me 2 hats i buy skyrim give to you and you give me other stuff ( you can screen shot this and you get items back if you get scammed by sending this to steam)
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): well 1. i already said i wont do it like that and 2. you cant get steam items back while you can get games back i have dealt with this before :p
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): tf2 items i meant
    ZubaTroubleMAD: sir how do you dont understood that tf2 items ARE VIRTAL and money is REAL MONEY
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): yeah but your the one wanting to spend REAL MONEY on these VIRTUAL ITEMS. so its your choice
    ZubaTroubleMAD: yea but it is fair if we do like this
    ZubaTroubleMAD: i wanted to say if i get scammed i lost real money and if you get scammed you lost virtual items
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): look, either you buy it and we trade or we dont its your decision im not giving items first also these virtual items are worth money :p
    ZubaTroubleMAD: ok last offer to give me only ! HAT and i give youskyrim and then you give me other deasl?
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): ok how about this i give you 1 weapon and you get the game and ill give the hats to you
    ZubaTroubleMAD: 1 ref
    ZubaTroubleMAD: 1 wep is little bit to greedy
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): how about i give you 1 wepaon and since its just a virtual item it doesnt matter which virtual item it is and you get skyrim and i trade you the hats and you keep the extra wep
    ZubaTroubleMAD: 1 ref or nothing
    ZubaTroubleMAD: 1 ref is not alot
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): 1 wep is not alot also
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): and im fine with nothing since you want the hats
    ZubaTroubleMAD: i know but its to little 1 ref its deal
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): i just agreed to skyrim
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): so either 1 wep or nothing
    ZubaTroubleMAD: 1 srac atleast
    ZubaTroubleMAD: srap
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): ok, and if you scam me you will be labled a scammer and banned from trading so you might wanna stop here if your trying to scam
    ZubaTroubleMAD: omg im not scammer
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): ok lemme trade you once i craft the scrap
    ZubaTroubleMAD: k
    ZubaTroubleMAD: so skyrim
    ZubaTroubleMAD: ok
    Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea): so go get it
    ZubaTroubleMAD: y
    ZubaTroubleMAD is now Offline.
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    Thank you for your report. Do you have a screenshot of your inventory history? If you can provide that, we can move this report along.
  3. Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea)

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    Um how do i do that, sorry i have no idea
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    You go to your invetory and you press view item history
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  6. Sir. Flea (JonnyGflea)

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    Ok here it is, he changed his name to averix but you can see his name was changed from ZubaTroubleMAD scammer.png
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    When will this be read and looked at, it has been a while?
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    Screenshot is edited and cannot be accepted. Additionally, this user is now already banned.