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Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by *BoXeR*, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. *BoXeR*

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    MothaChicken posted a thread on Steamtrades offering 2 keys(Either TF2 or DOTA 2) for Saints Row 3. I proceeded to add him.

    As you can see from the screenshots above, I went first. He then claimed the SR 3 key did not work due to a variety of lies and refused to trade the 2 keys(Either TF2 or DOTA 2) over.

    MothaChicken played the blame game by calling me a scammer despite the fact that I went first and kept insisting he try the key but he offered different lies about the key having issues as seen from the screenshots above.

    If I really had untoward intentions, I wouldn't have given the key out of good faith first and asked him to test it multiple times. After his constant refusal to complete the trade, he then removed me abruptly.

    I've also posted a pic to prove the key is brand new and I bought it myself.

    This is obviously a deplorable act by MothaChicken to get a game without paying for it. He could have used it himself or gave it to someone else in the interim. Any scammer could have said the key didn't work or some other lies in order to obtain free CD keys. And it is obvious, he was trying to get free games by not honoring his end of the bargain.

    Scammer's ST profile: http://www.steamtrades.com/user/MothaChicken
    Scammer's thread: http://www.steamtrades.com/forum/qrdqz/w-saints-row-3-h-2-keys
  2. *BoXeR*

    *BoXeR* New User

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Saturday, August 24, 2013
    8:10 AM - *BoXeR*: Hi
    8:10 AM - MothaChicken: yo
    8:10 AM - MothaChicken: payday has sold
    8:10 AM - *BoXeR*: I'm interested in Payday 2. Still have 2 copies?
    8:10 AM - MothaChicken: sorry
    8:10 AM - *BoXeR*: Ok.
    8:10 AM - MothaChicken: both sold for 12 keys each
    8:10 AM - *BoXeR*: Ok thanks for your time.
    Wednesday, September 04, 2013
    8:27 AM - *BoXeR*: hi
    8:27 AM - MothaChicken: hello
    8:27 AM - *BoXeR*: I have Saints Row 3 base game
    8:28 AM - MothaChicken: ok
    8:28 AM - MothaChicken: 2 keys?
    8:28 AM - *BoXeR*: yes but its a key
    8:28 AM - MothaChicken: ohhhh
    8:28 AM - MothaChicken: well you would have to go first...
    8:28 AM - MothaChicken: its the only way man
    8:28 AM - *BoXeR*: ok
    8:29 AM - *BoXeR*: TXY2A-
    8:30 AM - MothaChicken: ok 1 minute
    8:31 AM - *BoXeR*: How is it?
    8:32 AM - MothaChicken: i havnt tried it yet
    8:32 AM - MothaChicken: working on other trades im sorry
    8:32 AM - MothaChicken: busy
    8:33 AM - *BoXeR*: So are you ready?
    8:34 AM - MothaChicken: yeah ill trade u in a sec
    8:37 AM - *BoXeR*: This is taking a little too long.
    8:38 AM - MothaChicken: yes i know im sorry
    8:38 AM - MothaChicken: i can activate it for some reason
    8:38 AM - MothaChicken: i just need to know it works
    8:38 AM - MothaChicken: cant
    8:38 AM - *BoXeR*: What? That key works. '
    8:39 AM - MothaChicken: im sure it does im just having a bit of trouble
    8:39 AM - *BoXeR*: What are you saying? You have SR3 already. And you've logged at least 10 hours in it.
    8:40 AM - MothaChicken: i dont have it anymore though
    8:39 AM - *BoXeR*: You have 7.8 hours
    8:40 AM - MothaChicken: it should work?
    8:40 AM - MothaChicken: i thought i need to rebuy it if i delete it?
    8:40 AM - *BoXeR*: What are you talking about?
    8:42 AM - MothaChicken: i bought yours because i needed a new copy
    8:41 AM - *BoXeR*: Ok. So can you try it now?
    8:42 AM - MothaChicken: it says i already own i
    8:42 AM - MothaChicken: it
    8:42 AM - *BoXeR*: Then I don't know why you want it
    8:43 AM - MothaChicken: i thought if i deleted it from steam i had to rebuy it
    8:42 AM - *BoXeR*: The CD key has been givent to you. I can't take it back.
    8:43 AM - MothaChicken: so i tried to buy a new copy...
    8:43 AM - MothaChicken: ughhh...
    8:43 AM - MothaChicken: u sure?
    8:43 AM - *BoXeR*: I mean I want the 2 keys you were offering.
    8:44 AM - MothaChicken: ughh sounds like your scamming me here man
    8:43 AM - *BoXeR*: Im scamming you? I went first pal.
    8:44 AM - MothaChicken: because you gave me an unworkin code...
    8:44 AM - MothaChicken: and asking for 2 keys
    8:43 AM - *BoXeR*: It is working.
    8:44 AM - *BoXeR*: YOu didn't even activate it.
    8:44 AM - MothaChicken: yeah i know
    8:44 AM - *BoXeR*: Now you are accusing me of scamming when I went first? So now you take the key and you don't want to trade over the 2 keys.? Am I correct?
    8:45 AM - *BoXeR*: Please have a look at my profile http://www.steamtrades.com/user/xboxer
    8:45 AM - MothaChicken: no...you gave me a key that i cant even use and now your asking for 2 keys
    8:45 AM - MothaChicken: stop trying to scam me
    8:45 AM - *BoXeR*: You wanted SR3 and I gave you SR3.
    8:46 AM - MothaChicken: it didnt work??
    8:45 AM - *BoXeR*: I can't take the key back. WHo knows if you gave it to someone else or used it yourself.
    8:45 AM - *BoXeR*: It works. You can try it.
    8:46 AM - MothaChicken: well can u just trust me that i wouldnt use it
    8:46 AM - *BoXeR*: I don't. I trusted you earlier and now I regret it.
    8:47 AM - MothaChicken: well sorry for this..but it didnt work
    8:46 AM - *BoXeR*: Well, I can conclude that this is an obvious scam then. I went first and now you refuse to hand the  keys over.
    8:47 AM - *BoXeR*: Ok then I'll have to report you to Steamrep.
    8:47 AM - MothaChicken: what...
    8:48 AM - MothaChicken: dont ruin my rep for no reason??
    8:47 AM - *BoXeR*: Look, this key is from HIB. I bought them myself.  So I know for sure 100% it works.
    8:47 AM - *BoXeR*: You agreed to a trade. And now you refuse to honor the deal?
    8:48 AM - *BoXeR*: You want Saints Row 3. I gave you the key to activate out of good faith.
    8:48 AM - *BoXeR*: So now you want refuse to hand it over?
    8:49 AM - MothaChicken: oh my goodness..
    8:48 AM - *BoXeR*: It's not my fault you can't activate it because you have it.
    8:49 AM - MothaChicken: i already have it...
    8:49 AM - MothaChicken: its not my fault you wont trust me...
    8:49 AM - *BoXeR*: Then why did you tell me you want my key???
    8:49 AM - MothaChicken: you could be trying to scam me for all i know
    8:49 AM - *BoXeR*: Try the key. See if I am really scamming you.
    8:49 AM - *BoXeR*: Try it.
    8:50 AM - MothaChicken: i did....because i thought if i delete it off steam i neede to rebuy it
    8:50 AM - MothaChicken: i did try it
    8:50 AM - MothaChicken: says i already own it
    8:49 AM - *BoXeR*: My consiounce is clear.
    8:50 AM - *BoXeR*: Then that means the key works, doesn't it?
    8:50 AM - MothaChicken: yeh sure
    8:50 AM - *BoXeR*: Alright, fine. My loss. I am reporting you.
    8:51 AM - MothaChicken: omg...
    8:51 AM - MothaChicken: you are the definition of scammer
    8:51 AM - MothaChicken: reported to steam
    8:50 AM - *BoXeR*: I'm not hard up for the key.
    8:51 AM - MothaChicken: bad rep...
    8:50 AM - *BoXeR*: I just want you to honor the deal.
    8:50 AM - *BoXeR*: You took my key.
    8:50 AM - *BoXeR*: And now you refuse to hand over the 2 keys.
    8:51 AM - MothaChicken: i cant even use it
    8:51 AM - MothaChicken: omg...
    8:51 AM - *BoXeR*: You kept ranting about how my key doesn't work when it is brand new.
    8:52 AM - MothaChicken: well i didnt know how steam worked that i needed to rebuy it or not
    8:52 AM - MothaChicken: im really sorry
    8:52 AM - MothaChicken: i dont want my rep bad for no reason
    8:52 AM - *BoXeR*: No. Don't tell me sorry. You took my key. And now I don't know if you have used it or given it to someone else.
    8:52 AM - *BoXeR*: It is quite obvious it is an attempt on your end to get a key and claim it doesn't work.
    8:53 AM - MothaChicken: you dont know but i promise i didnt
    8:53 AM - MothaChicken: i already have it
    8:53 AM - MothaChicken: its in my games list
    8:53 AM - MothaChicken: already played..
    8:53 AM - MothaChicken: why do you accuse me
    8:53 AM - *BoXeR*: Then why did you tell me you want it and make me give you the key????
    8:54 AM - MothaChicken: because i dont know that steam makes you rebuy it or not!!!!!
    8:54 AM - MothaChicken: FFS man
    8:54 AM - MothaChicken: i keep saying im sorry
    8:53 AM - *BoXeR*: It's quite obvious that you wanted to get a SR 3 for god knows what and claim it didn't work.
    8:54 AM - MothaChicken: check if it works or not...i didnt use it nor will i...
    8:54 AM - MothaChicken: i dont need it...
    8:54 AM - MothaChicken: its only 2 keys...why would i scam you and risk bad rep..
    8:54 AM - *BoXeR*: No. Once a key is given. It's given. I just want you to honor the deal.
    8:54 AM - MothaChicken: i didnt know that steam doesnt make you rebuy it
    8:55 AM - MothaChicken: not really...i need to make sure it works and it didnt work
    8:54 AM - *BoXeR*: There is NOTHING to stop you from giving it to someone else or retrading it. If I retrade it in future, it would be marked as used and then I will have problems with the other party.
    8:54 AM - *BoXeR*: I hope you can understand this.
    8:55 AM - *BoXeR*: It works.
    8:55 AM - *BoXeR*: It's not my fault that you want the game when you already own it
    8:55 AM - MothaChicken is now Offline.
  3. Mrinal [Agent 47]

    Mrinal [Agent 47] New User

    same here, mate ... took 8 keys from me and then unfriends me :( :(
  4. Sari

    Sari Helpful Member

    Please refrain from making "he scammed me too" comments, as it causes confusion.
  5. *BoXeR*

    *BoXeR* New User

    And just to add something, the games in this key are Risen 2, Sacred 2, Saints Row 2 and 3.​
    The scammer has only got SR 3 in his profile. It's IMPOSSIBLE to be unable to activate it if he doesn't own at least one game from this list.​
    And I tried the key for myself earlier because I don't own 2 games from this list and the key has been redeemed.​
    He must have stolen it from me to trade off or given it to someone.​
    This means he lied about the key not working.​
  6. Flying Anonymoose

    Flying Anonymoose New User

    He may have thought that even though he has the game that if he tried redeeming the code, it would give him a gift copy, or something along the lines. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to stay away from trading CD Codes. It is impossible to give proof that the code worked at the time of the sale. I truly hope that SteamRep can help you, though.
  7. *BoXeR*

    *BoXeR* New User

    Well, not sure if you read my post above. He claimed the key didn't work because he owns SR3. This is nonsense. I gave him a HIB key. As long as you don't own at least one game, the key will activate. He's only got SR3.
    *8:42 AM - MothaChicken: it says i already own i 8:42 AM - MothaChicken: it*
    Now, when I tried it myself a few hours back, it's already redeemed. He must be helping someone get the game through scamming. Remember, he told me to TRUST that he won't redeem the key. Now look at what happened.
  8. Flying Anonymoose

    Flying Anonymoose New User

    Ah, I missed that above part. Still, there really isn't really a way to prove it was valid.
  9. *BoXeR*

    *BoXeR* New User

    Well, first of all, I bought this HIB CD key myself.

    And if it didn't work, he would have said so already. Instead he fabricated lies to cover it up if you see the first 2 screenshots.

    He said he can't activate it because he owns it.

    As long as you don't own at least one game from the HIB key you would be able to activate it. If the key is indeed used, it would show Duplicate Product Code. Nowhere in our conversation did he say that. This is clear evidence of his lie.

    I've said this already but you seemed to have missed the point.

    Lastly he told me to trust that he wouldn't use the key. Big mistake. The key was already used after I gave it to him.

    Anyone could claim keys don't work in order to get free games and set a precedent for other scammers to follow. I wouldn't have gone first if I am not sure if my key works.

    And check his Steamtrades profile. 2 other persons have neg repped him for scamming. He is new to this. His first rep was from a week ago. http://www.steamtrades.com/user/MothaChicken
  10. Flying Anonymoose

    Flying Anonymoose New User

    I know you said you bought it yourself, but what I was saying is that there is no way to tell if YOU used or sold it before this.
  11. MothaChicken

    MothaChicken New User

    Yeah man thanks for the bad rep from you and your buddies now i am having trouble trading....plus i didnt scam you...it was only 2 keys...i woulda payed ya...but i didnt even redeem it nor was i able to....you got nothing on me even with your little chat logs...enjoy life noob
  12. *BoXeR*

    *BoXeR* New User

    You mean the other 2 victims would neg rep you for nothing on Steamtrades? http://www.steamtrades.com/user/MothaChicken

    You told lies after lies to steal a game key. You've only got one game in the key. There is NO reason you could have seen the message saying you own this product.

    And you just told a lie now, kid. That key has been used. F**KING LIAR.
  13. Darkmatt3r

    Darkmatt3r New User

    This guy will be haunted by the ghosts Gaben's Army . Scammed me also .
    But you will pay of what you do right here .
  14. *BoXeR*

    *BoXeR* New User

  15. *BoXeR*

    *BoXeR* New User

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  17. Eoj Nawoh

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    SteamRep Admin:

    Thank you for the report. However, we do not investigate game key trades.
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