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Declined: Affiliate 76561198049591056

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Schnow, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Schnow

    Schnow New User

    Basic information:

    Name or handle: Snow
    Primary stream or channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SushiCookies
    Number of followers: 44369
    Other links:
    SteamRep ID block:
    Alternate accounts:
    (these are not visible to the public)
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: Content of this hidden block can only be seen by members of (usergroups: Administrative, Moderating, Staff Applications, SteamRep Partner Members).**

    Pre-screening questions:

    Do you agree not to speak on behalf of SteamRep or use our name to endorse any other site, service, or product?
    Do you agree not to use your affiliation with SteamRep to leverage trust or favorable deals from traders?
    Have you ever scammed or intentionally misled anyone for profit?
    Stance on gambling:
    I have never worked nor talked about gambling. I believe it preys on those to young to separate right from wrong.​


    Tell us more about your stream or channel:
    I am an old TF2 youtuber. My channel is mostly about the sniper class. I used to teach the ins and outs to newer players.​

    Why do you think you qualify for this position?
    I believe I have gained a sizable following which I'd like to protect from any more scams by impersonators. This has happened before.​

    What do you hope to contribute to the trading community?
    I hope to increase awareness for different scamming methods and decrease the amount of incidents.​

    Have you ever talked about scamming or fraud in a video or livestream before?
    Yes I have​

    Do you have any questions or comments for the SteamRep staff?
    Thank you for implementing this system.​
  2. BlastFM

    BlastFM New User

    snowo, you are not active anymore, I don't think you need this too much. Also your stuff was not really trading centered from the start if I recall it correctly

    we miss you, the only place I can hear you nowadays is wooly's streams
  3. Lava

    Lava Public Relations SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Apologies for the delay in answering your application. I'm sorry to say, we decided not to move forward with it. The main reason was your inactivity and clearly expressed intention to stay that way in one of your videos.