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    It is advised to NOT ATTEMPT THESE TRADES. These trades are listed below. Reports regarding the following may or may not be processed depending on the amount of evidence received:
    1. Game key or Activation code scams
      It's usually impossible to verify the key or activation code in question, trades of this nature are outside of SteamRep investigative policy.
    2. Outside of STEAM trades ie: STEAM items vs other Game Economy items/currency scams (RUGP etc.)
      With the sheer number of games and economies available, SteamRep cannot provide a uniform knowledge of all non-steam game currency economies, their intricacies etc. So it is impossible to effectively investigate any case of this nature.
    Reports we DO NOT investigate:
    These reports we will automatically mark as INVALID and will not be researched or actioned:
    1. Proprietary maps, scripts, copyright, & other server administration disputes
      As these fall within the realm of server administration and fall entirely outside of Steam trading, SteamRep does not investigate these (regardless of any precedent set in the past).
    2. Scams involving trades occurring entirely outside of Steam trading
      SteamRep's scope is limited to trades that involve the Steam economy and Steam trading ONLY. We do not handle scams for other game economies nor do we handle scams regarding outside businesses or agencies. These should be handled with the appropriate authorities.
    3. Scams involving Tangible/Physical Goods
      Refer above, it is outside SteamRep's ability to effectively investigate and to determine the legitimacy of such trades.
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    He is trying to help, please don't be rude.
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    SteamRep Admin:
    Thank you for your report! An SR admin will review yours in a while!
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    All evidence needs to be in the form of screenshots uploaded directly to the forums. Due to the age of this report, I will be archiving it directly, please PM me if you wish to reopen this report.