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Accepted 76561198057556035 (ricefield. Zhevor)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by serbi, May 6, 2013.

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  1. serbi

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    | steamname: _serbi
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:19286521
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998838771
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/masterjedi
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197998838771


    | steamname: ricefield. Zhevor
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:48645153
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057556035
    | customURL:
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198057556035

    - Pictures of chat (required)



    Screenshot he send me:

    My paypal ballance:

    Description: A (short) description of where/how you encountered the person, and the deal, the attempted scam, and the outcome. The pics should tell the full story.

    This guy added me and offered $130 on my HH. Nice deal I thought. He told me as well he can go first.
    When I "send" me the money he "made" a screenshot. But I told him, I want the confirm on my email. After I believe 1 hour of waiting I showed him my paypal balance live on Skype. He said that he can not show me his paypal histoy live on paypal because paypal doesn't work in Italy (lol he just send me the money via Paypal ,_,) I checked that out http://puu.sh/2O8Dx.png and Paypal was up.

    Then he told me I gave him bad email address (really?). Then he told me he can't stream his screen because his team is playing now a tournament and they need him (I found that he launched tf2, but was not playing on any server http://puu.sh/2O8SB.png http://puu.sh/2O8xd.png ) and he is playing right now. That's Funny.

    There was more funny and funnier thinks I could describe but description should be short. You can see out talk below.

    He deleted me after all http://puu.sh/2OafR.jpg
    Thanks and I hope this person will never trade again.

    Copy a transcript of the chat below that. For readability: Put the text between [ code ]text here [ /code ] tags, remove the spaces within the brackets and it will show up the same as this part of the text.

    Nigdy nie zdradzaj nikomu swojego hasła.
    ricefield. Zhevor: hey
    ricefield. Zhevor: You sell holiday case for cash?
    _serbi: Hai
    _serbi: Yes
    ricefield. Zhevor: mopre than 100$ true?
    ricefield. Zhevor: more than*
    _serbi: Best I found on tf2op is 115
    ricefield. Zhevor: I offer 130
    _serbi: I just marked another scammer http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/76561198083123410-sexsual.29547/
    _serbi: Dude this is scary
    _serbi: I have been offered about 20 times
    _serbi: And I believe only one was not a scammer ;_;
    ricefield. Zhevor: I am not
    ricefield. Zhevor: c:
    ricefield. Zhevor: I can pay for first
    _serbi: Did you already have any sop rep?
    _serbi: made*
    ricefield. Zhevor: No atm, but I have a lot of +reps on my profile
    ricefield. Zhevor: If you don't bielive me no problems
    ricefield. Zhevor: believe*
    _serbi: I can make 50 pages of rep on my profile, give me one evening :)
    _serbi: Anyway, be right back
    ricefield. Zhevor: brb
    _serbi: I believe I can trust you but yea, f✿✿✿✿✿✿ statistics :(
    ricefield. Zhevor: I really need dat hat
    ricefield. Zhevor: D:
    _serbi: Look
    _serbi: 15 minutes ago
    _serbi: http://i.imgur.com/mKfGjsr.png
    ricefield. Zhevor: :o
    _serbi: And more made by me, he added me 5 minutes ago
    _serbi: http://puu.sh/2O3GB.jpg
    ricefield. Zhevor: I'm not a scammer
    ricefield. Zhevor: but if you don't want np problems
    _serbi: I hope you not! :)
    _serbi: Brb, I have a dinner and im hungry :)
    ricefield. Zhevor: brb c:
    Użytkownik ricefield. Zhevor gra w tej chwili w Team Fortress 2. Kliknij, aby dołączyć.
    _serbi: Im back
    _serbi: Why you sold almost your all backpack lol?
    ricefield. Zhevor: c:
    _serbi: I just found you on steamrep :(
    ricefield. Zhevor: yeah I have a account on steam rep
    ricefield. Zhevor: c:
    _serbi: But you was a victim, not scammer :)
    ricefield. Zhevor: I've not got scammed
    ricefield. Zhevor: I don't believe the guy
    ricefield. Zhevor: c:
    _serbi: I got scammed once
    _serbi: For about 10 dollars
    _serbi: Thats why I kinda dont trust people
    _serbi: But some of them just ask you to be scammed
    _serbi: I remember when I sold my 3 buds to some young guy, he decided to move his accound to another
    _serbi: And gave me his all backpack
    _serbi: Around 10 buds
    _serbi: I gave him his backpack back, and told him that it was not smart
    _serbi: He got scammed after 10 days and I didnt saw him again
    _serbi: :(
    ricefield. Zhevor: argh
    ricefield. Zhevor: Scammers = s✿✿✿
    _serbi: Right
    ricefield. Zhevor: Anyway
    ricefield. Zhevor: Can we do the trade?
    _serbi: Yea, I didnt found anything against you
    _serbi: Anyway, Im going to Roma this summer :D
    ricefield. Zhevor: Nice
    ricefield. Zhevor: c:
    ricefield. Zhevor: I think me too
    ricefield. Zhevor: :p
    _serbi: You better dont scam me, I will find you in Italy :D
    ricefield. Zhevor: c:
    ricefield. Zhevor: You send the item for first?
    ricefield. Zhevor: or I send the money?
    _serbi: If I find my paypal email I will send it to you
    _serbi: Give me a secound
    ricefield. Zhevor: sure
    _serbi: I will ask you for a message
    ricefield. Zhevor: k
    _serbi: You will send it with the payment
    _serbi: "I love serbi, he sold me virtual hat for the game Team Fortress 2 via Steam Trade. You can ask him for screenshots. I will not as for a refund."
    _serbi: This is the message, put it in "messages" when you do your payment
    _serbi: And my email is [email protected]
    _serbi: This is my main email and means SYGidus DAMian with is my name.
    ricefield. Zhevor: your email is [email protected]
    ricefield. Zhevor: and your name?
    _serbi: "I love serbi, he sold me virtual hat for the game Team Fortress 2 via Steam Trade. You can ask him for screenshots. I will not ask for a refund."
    _serbi: [email protected] Damian Sygidus, Poland
    ricefield. Zhevor: Do you have skype? I give you the screen when I finish the payment
    _serbi: I dont have skype installed right now
    _serbi: When you finish your payment I will get a mail on [email protected]
    _serbi: Btw, my current balance on paypal is less than 1€ so you will see the change
    _serbi: If you want, I can install skype to see the payment
    ricefield. Zhevor: thanks
    ricefield. Zhevor: Intall it
    ricefield. Zhevor: Now.
    ricefield. Zhevor: lol
    _serbi: I can share my screen as well
    _serbi: lol I have a camera to, but im not sure if its installed :(
    ricefield. Zhevor: np
    _serbi: My login is lbkserbi
    ricefield. Zhevor: added
    Użytkownik ricefield. Zhevor gra w tej chwili w Team Fortress 2. Kliknij, aby dołączyć.
    ricefield. Zhevor: the money are 180
    ricefield. Zhevor: right?
    _serbi: 180 of what?
    ricefield. Zhevor: dollars
    _serbi: US dollars, cool
    ricefield. Zhevor: dollars or euros?
    _serbi: How much is that in euros again?
    ricefield. Zhevor: 170 euros = 180 dolalrs
    _serbi: I would take euros then
    ricefield. Zhevor: k
    _serbi: Ok, I will check
    _serbi: Did you send it as a gift or anything else?
    ricefield. Zhevor: I think yes
    _serbi: I didnt get anything yet so Im waiting
    _serbi: http://puu.sh/2O7lW.png
    ricefield. Zhevor: I have send those
    ricefield. Zhevor: D:
    _serbi: I can see you my account on Skype
    _serbi: show*
    ricefield. Zhevor: plese give my my item. I pay a lot of money
    ricefield. Zhevor: :c
    _serbi: Take my call ok?
    ricefield. Zhevor: why?
    ricefield. Zhevor: D:
    _serbi: I will show you my paypal account
    ricefield. Zhevor: ok
    _serbi: I can show you my email as well
    _serbi: This is my account, chech my mail
    ricefield. Zhevor: :\
    _serbi: This is my current money
    _serbi: This is my last history
    ricefield. Zhevor: In italy the the paiment usually take a lot of hours
    Użytkownik ricefield. Zhevor gra w tej chwili w Team Fortress 2. Kliknij, aby dołączyć.
    _serbi: I think not, Paypal works well in all countries
    ricefield. Zhevor: uhm
    ricefield. Zhevor: idk
    ricefield. Zhevor: but you can see. I payed your item
    ricefield. Zhevor: D:
    _serbi: Can you share your screen as well?
    ricefield. Zhevor: not atm
    ricefield. Zhevor: I can post soem screens
    ricefield. Zhevor: some*
    _serbi: I want to see the real time of streaming
    _serbi: Its not hard, just 2 clicks
    _serbi: Dude, please don't tell me youre another scammer
    _serbi: I just lost 1 hour for you
    6 maja 2013
    20:27 - _serbi: Are you there?
    20:30 - Użytkownik ricefield. Zhevor zmienił status na: Online.
    20:31 - ricefield. Zhevor: sorry
    20:31 - ricefield. Zhevor: here I am
    20:31 - _serbi: Could you share your screen with paypal account?
    20:31 - ricefield. Zhevor: Not now
    20:32 - ricefield. Zhevor: I have a competitive play
    20:32 - _serbi: You just paid 180€ and you doesnt care?
    20:32 - ricefield. Zhevor: Yes I have
    20:33 - ricefield. Zhevor: But I played your item
    20:33 - ricefield. Zhevor: and now i want it
    20:33 - _serbi: Dude, dont play now.
    20:34 - _serbi: I want to see our paypal history live or Im going to steamrep
    20:34 - _serbi: Its enought
    20:34 - ricefield. Zhevor: Sorry but I can't now
    20:34 - ricefield. Zhevor: My clan needs me
    20:34 - ricefield. Zhevor: and
    20:34 - ricefield. Zhevor: the paypal site doesn't work for me atm
    20:34 - ricefield. Zhevor: wait a sec
    20:34 - ricefield. Zhevor: please
    20:35 - _serbi: I give you 10 minutes, I am really tired of scammers
    20:36 - ricefield. Zhevor: I'm not a scammer
    20:36 - _serbi: 9 minutes
    20:36 - ricefield. Zhevor: please stop
    20:37 - _serbi: No, I will go on steamrep. I just gave you 1 damn hour of my live for nothing, to show you im not as stupid as scammer think.
    20:38 - ricefield. Zhevor: I'm not a scammer
    20:38 - ricefield. Zhevor: If you don't believe me
    20:38 - ricefield. Zhevor: delete me
    20:38 - _serbi: Haha, NO
    20:38 - _serbi: I will report that.
    20:38 - ricefield. Zhevor: I lost 180 euros for you+
    20:38 - ricefield. Zhevor: thanks
    20:39 - _serbi: Show me your ballance on paypal live
    20:39 - _serbi: And history
    20:39 - _serbi: I want to see when you refresh the site
    20:39 - ricefield. Zhevor: Pypal doesn't work at the moment
    20:39 - ricefield. Zhevor: When it starts
    20:40 - ricefield. Zhevor: I call you
    20:41 - _serbi: Paypal in italia is doing great
    20:41 - ricefield. Zhevor: I think not
    20:41 - ricefield. Zhevor: I have a s✿✿✿ connection too
    20:42 - _serbi: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://www.paypal.com/it/
    20:42 - _serbi: Yea you have a s✿✿✿ connection and you can talk with me?
    20:42 - _serbi: And play?
    20:42 - ricefield. Zhevor: I have a high ping in those days
    20:43 - _serbi: And now you are playing with lags?
    20:43 - ricefield. Zhevor: yes unfortunately
    20:44 - _serbi: http://puu.sh/2O8xd.png
    20:44 - _serbi: Yea?
    20:44 - _serbi: Just made some screenshots for steamrep
    20:44 - ricefield. Zhevor: ?
    20:44 - _serbi: Want to say something more?
    20:44 - ricefield. Zhevor: -.-
    20:45 - _serbi: Thats all? That you want me to say after 1 hour of trying to trade?
    20:51 - _serbi: Alright, if zou dont want to talk, see zou on steamrep forum
    20:51 - ricefield. Zhevor: Oh god
    20:51 - ricefield. Zhevor: why
    20:51 - ricefield. Zhevor: I lost 180 euros for you
    20:51 - ricefield. Zhevor: Thanks dude
    20:51 - _serbi: Because I HATE SCAMMERS!
    20:52 - _serbi: you*
    20:52 - ricefield. Zhevor: I'm not
    20:52 - ricefield. Zhevor: I can call some members of my clan and friends if you want
    20:52 - ricefield. Zhevor: I'm not a scammer
    20:53 - _serbi: You are not playing on any server!
    20:53 - _serbi: DUDE
    20:53 - _serbi: You just launched tf2
    20:53 - ricefield. Zhevor: I am
    20:53 - ricefield. Zhevor: :|
    20:53 - _serbi: Steam allows me to see where are playing me friends
    20:54 - _serbi: So dont tell me s✿✿✿
    20:54 - ricefield. Zhevor: I waiting the competitive paly starts
    20:54 - _serbi: Yea
    20:54 - ricefield. Zhevor: play*
    20:54 - _serbi: You was playing 3 minutes ago
    20:54 - _serbi: I took screenshots
    20:54 - _serbi: Dont be afraid, Ill do it quick
    20:55 - ricefield. Zhevor: lol
    20:55 - ricefield. Zhevor: what a n00b
    20:55 - _serbi: I have 20 screenshots, thats enought
    20:55 - ricefield. Zhevor: Take screen i yo uwant
    20:55 - ricefield. Zhevor: but i'm not a scammer
    20:55 - _serbi: Yea, because Im not as stupid as you think
    20:55 - _serbi: Thats why im not a victim here
    20:55 - ricefield. Zhevor: pft
    20:57 - ricefield. Zhevor: Wait a sec
    20:57 - ricefield. Zhevor: Oh f✿✿✿ I'm a stupid. I linked you another payment
    20:57 - ricefield. Zhevor: I'm very sorry
    20:58 - _serbi: Haha, no
    20:59 - ricefield. Zhevor: I'm serious
    20:59 - _serbi: You probably forgot about this you send me http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/6992/dwada.png
    20:59 - ricefield. Zhevor: This is another payment
    20:59 - _serbi: This is another [email protected]?
    20:59 - _serbi: THERE IS NO ANOTHER!
    21:00 - ricefield. Zhevor: yes it is
    21:00 - ricefield. Zhevor: you isn't .com
    21:00 - _serbi: ALL GMAIL ACCOUNTS ARE .COM
    21:01 - _serbi: Dude, I said, im not stupid
    21:01 - ricefield. Zhevor: no
    21:01 - ricefield. Zhevor: mine gmail is .it
    21:01 - ricefield. Zhevor: :|
    21:01 - _serbi: I showed you my email on paypal
    21:01 - _serbi: It was [email protected]
    21:01 - ricefield. Zhevor: probably i've got a error on payment
    21:01 - ricefield. Zhevor: I don't know
    21:02 - _serbi: I will add the screenshot to the warning thread
    21:02 - _serbi: The screenshot of my paypal account
    21:03 - ricefield. Zhevor: :|
    21:03 - ricefield. Zhevor: Probably I got an error on payment
    21:03 - ricefield. Zhevor: I am serious
    21:03 - _serbi: No you are scammer, not serious
    21:03 - ricefield. Zhevor: I'm not a scammer
    21:03 - ricefield. Zhevor: dude
    21:03 - _serbi: If youre trying to scam people YOU ARE A SCAMMER
    21:04 - ricefield. Zhevor: NO I'M NOT
    21:04 - ricefield. Zhevor: YOU IDIOT
    21:04 - ricefield. Zhevor: Report me if you want
    21:04 - _serbi: See you on steamrep forums
    21:04 - _serbi: Yea
    21:04 - ricefield. Zhevor: but i am not a scammer
    21:04 - _serbi: People there are not sa stupid as you think
    21:13 - Użytkownik ricefield. Zhevor zmienił status na: Offline.
    a sec
    [19:55:50] .serbiܓ: ok
    [20:03:28] Riki Rugo | Zhevor: the money are 180
    [20:03:29] Riki Rugo | Zhevor: right?
    [20:08:26] Riki Rugo | Zhevor: http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/6992/dwada.png
    [20:13:27] Riki Rugo | Zhevor: http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/6992/dwada.png
    [20:14:10] .serbiܓ: Take the call
    [20:14:19] Riki Rugo | Zhevor: don't have the mic atm
    [20:14:20] *** Rozmowa z Riki Rugo | Zhevor, zajęte. ***
    [20:14:43] .serbiܓ: I just wanted to share my screen
    [20:17:29] *** Rozmowa z Riki Rugo | Zhevor ***
    [20:17:43] .serbiܓ: Can you see my screen?
    [20:17:52] Riki Rugo | Zhevor: yep c:
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    Thank you for your report. A steamrep admin will look at this shortly.
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    No response after two months. Guy is still clean. Bump.
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    Thank you. Marked for PayPal scam attempt.
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