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Accepted 76561198064654783 (Zaigler ~ Joz) and 76561198078558137 (Vigor F)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Striblich, Feb 26, 2013.

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    |steamID: Zaigler ~ Joz
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    |steamID: Vigor F
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    It's basically a middleman impersonation scam, but here's the long version.

    Scammer #1 (Zaigler ~ Joz) posted a trade on dota2lounge.com advertising he was buying immortals, unusuals and keys, via a dota2traders.com middleman. I posted an offer for him and, sometime later, scammer #2 (Vigor F) added me on Steam while appearing offline.

    Scammer #1 then proceeded to also add me, proposing a trade and asking me to add the middleman (he sent me a right link). However, before I could actually add the dota2traders.com staff member, but after I told scammer #1 I'd done it, scammer #2 changed his name and profile to match the one of said middleman, and then messaged me, impersonating the real middleman (note that I'd never even sent a friend invite to the real middleman, unlike what scammer #1 thought), in hopes I'd send him the items.

    When confronted, both scammer #1 and #2 promptly excluded me from their Steam and blocked my messages on dota2lounge.com, so I couldn't warn any more people than I had.

    Since I knew I hadn't added the middleman, I was sure it was a scam, but a less attentive person might have fallen for it.

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    Striblich: hi
    Zaigler ~ Joz: hey bro
    Zaigler ~ Joz: you selling via paypal?
    Zaigler ~ Joz: how much per tb?
    Striblich: yeah, but im from brazil and they dont allow us to receive payments as gifts
    Zaigler ~ Joz: hm
    Zaigler ~ Joz: sad
    Zaigler ~ Joz: i dont have reps.
    Zaigler ~ Joz: f✿✿✿
    Zaigler ~ Joz: don't
    Zaigler ~ Joz: is there
    Zaigler ~ Joz: any other way?
    Striblich: well, you could send the money as payment
    Striblich: i'd have to pay the fees but you could include that
    Zaigler ~ Joz: yea
    Zaigler ~ Joz: im buying bulk
    Striblich: i have a rep thread on dota2traders, but its a work in progress lol
    Striblich: http://dota2traders.com/threads/76561198047007472-striblichs-reputation-thread.55190/
    Zaigler ~ Joz: yea np
    Zaigler ~ Joz: but
    Zaigler ~ Joz: i wnt to use official mm
    Zaigler ~ Joz: if its okay
    Striblich: sure thing
    Zaigler ~ Joz: got smeev?
    Striblich: i dont like them very much, they tend to fluctuate
    Zaigler ~ Joz: i see.
    Zaigler ~ Joz: maybe tb's will do
    Striblich: i was selling mostly keys, but i could sell tbs as 29-30 keys
    Zaigler ~ Joz: if
    Zaigler ~ Joz: per 50$ ill buy all
    Zaigler ~ Joz: so bro?
    Striblich: yeah, sounds good
    Zaigler ~ Joz: i got school also
    Zaigler ~ Joz: how many pcs the tb is?
    Zaigler ~ Joz: 6?
    Striblich: i have 4 tbs
    Zaigler ~ Joz: 4?
    Zaigler ~ Joz: so
    Zaigler ~ Joz: when do we trade?
    Zaigler ~ Joz: who's the mm?
    Striblich: whenever works for you, but i dont know any mm to be honest
    Zaigler ~ Joz: leon
    Zaigler ~ Joz: or wuvs?
    Zaigler ~ Joz: i more trust leon
    Zaigler ~ Joz: coz he's the owner of d2t
    Striblich: well, either one works for me, but can you contact them?
    Zaigler ~ Joz: hm
    Zaigler ~ Joz: www.steamcommunity.com/id/leond2t
    Zaigler ~ Joz: kindly add
    Zaigler ~ Joz: i dont think
    Zaigler ~ Joz: we can contact them asap
    Zaigler ~ Joz: bro?
    Zaigler ~ Joz: i got school
    Zaigler ~ Joz: so please answer me
    Zaigler ~ Joz: XD
    Striblich: ok, ill add leon, but i dont think he's very much available
    Zaigler ~ Joz: yep
    Zaigler ~ Joz: but its okay
    Zaigler ~ Joz: coz i can wait
    Zaigler ~ Joz: until tom
    Zaigler ~ Joz: tommorow
    Zaigler ~ Joz: done?
    Striblich: yup, added him
    Zaigler ~ Joz: if he dont accept
    Zaigler ~ Joz: ill wait until tommorow
    Zaigler ~ Joz: is it fine with you?
    Striblich: sure, no problem
    Zaigler ~ Joz: kk see ya i have school lol
    Zaigler ~ Joz: maybe around morning
    Zaigler ~ Joz is now Away.
    Striblich: thats a pretty dumb scheme you got there
    Zaigler ~ Joz is now Offline.
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Leon [dota2traders.com]: Yes?
    Leon [dota2traders.com]: Added me for what?
    Leon [dota2traders.com]: I'd be deleting you now.
    Leon [dota2traders.com] is now Offline.
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    Thanks for the report, we'll get to it asap!
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