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Accepted 76561198068099160 ( R a g e )

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Cucoriedkon [SK], Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Cucoriedkon [SK]

    Cucoriedkon [SK] New User

    steamID: Čučoriedkoň [SK]
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:16007597
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992280922
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197992280922
    steamprep name: Cucoriedkon [SK]

    steamID: R a g e
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:53916716
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068099160
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198068099160
    I've sorted the screenshots chronologicaly, as I've captured them during the week
    -I've recived offer from Rage(scammer), to sell my Unusual Team Captain from crate, he offered me money for the unusual TC 300$ through Paypal. After accepting his offer, he offered 50$ more and added few random hats in the trade window.
    -Then we made the trade, and after he recieved Unusual Team Captain, he said that he sent the money, then unfriended me, and went private.

    - Since then (week) he said, he has ticket for paypal to solve the money issue, and then all of sudden that his PP was blocked. So No payment made from his side, and he sold the Hat over(despite the fact we agreed he won't sell it , till I recieve money in PP), claiming he was scammed for the money there as well.

    I still wish I can trust him(rage)that he was honest and told me the truth, but all of the evidence speak against him, his actions, as well as the last owner words.

    Pardon me for longer description, but this went for a whole week, so I've got slightly more info to this, if you are interested
    -It was my first item trade in TF2 and the worst one

    -I've just recieved Unusual Team Captain from crate. 3 days later I've got message from Rage(scammer), he offered me money for the unusual TC 300$ through Paypal, I was unsure about that much money, I didn't want him get into any trouble, so I've googled the price for the hat (price seemed fair).

    -He also added some random hats in the trade window, to show his honesty and appreciation of the fast deal and on top of that he added 50$ more so in the end it was 350 through paypal. Right after I hit the trade confirment on Steam, he said in window he has send the money, and then unfriended me, and went private.

    -I've managed to get to him through one of his friends as I've had screencapped his friendlist from his profile(before he unfriended me and went private)

    -At start he said there is some trouble with his paypal which he claimed he send ticketto PP , we also settled agreement that he Will keep the Hat before we find solution to the Paypal payment.

    -Few days later, he no longer has the hat, and claims that he sold the hat and got scammed, and that he doesn't remember the name of the buyer , and also that he reported him to Steam.
    This is when I searched history for the hat and contacted the last owner of the hat Trollexe, who was very kind and offered me help, also pointed me to this site.

    -Few more additions, he said his PP was blocked , but he had 3 pages full of keys after he sold the TC Hat , and a day later there are no more keys, and few responses on his steam profile from player thanking him for selling keys. So it makes me think that his PP account wasn't blocked at all.

    As for me I've learned my lesson, but I don't want to get anymore people get scammed by this guy(if it shows legit to the admins).

    Thank you


    - recent history for the TC hat : http://www.tf2items.com/item/1125963714
    - history for the day I've traded the hat form my inventory http://prntscr.com/g95a7

    -I am adding conversation here with Trollexe as proof, this talk with Trollexe only confirmed me what I was starting to think, after a week long no response from paypal to Rage.

    Here is my talk with Trollexe ( Rage(scammer), sold the TC hat to him and said to me that he didn't recieve any money for it, and that he has reported him to Steam, all shows to be untrue. it's in screencaps )
    Wednesday, September 26, 2012
    9:19 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: Hi,
    thanks for accepting invitation. I see that you have TC , and here is a little history about it.
    I've made deal with Rage he offered me money and added some hats for it as well here is screen: http://prntscr.com/g8wc7
    So right after he said he send the money he removed me from his list, and went private, which is ok. Thoughthe money on PP didn't arrived, so I've contacted one of his friends, so he knows that there is a problem, he then promptly added me back ( as it was one of his trading partners)
    9:19 AM - Trollexe: >.>
    9:19 AM - Trollexe: Oh?
    9:19 AM - Trollexe: I have been trying to contact you for the last 2 days
    9:20 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: and we made a deal that he won't sell the hat, till he makes things ok with PP, as there  seems to be a problem with his account, at least that what he says.
    9:20 AM - Trollexe: Did he fix it?
    9:20 AM - Trollexe: Did he pay the paypal
    9:21 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: but , now I am starting to think that he just scammed me. as there are much too many "strange things" happening to him. He states now that he sold the hat, but didn't get anything for it, as well as he says that his PP account and bank account had unusual activity , and that his account is locked now.
    9:21 AM - Trollexe: He sold it to me
    9:21 AM - Trollexe: He then quicksold most of the stuff
    9:21 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: seems to me highly unlikely as he had like few days ago too many keys in his backpack trading away.
    9:21 AM - Trollexe: Buds for 29 I think
    9:21 AM - Trollexe: keys for 1.25
    9:22 AM - Trollexe: Something does seem fishy here
    9:22 AM - Trollexe: On his outpost
    9:22 AM - Trollexe: He was selling keys for 1.25
    9:22 AM - Trollexe: He did get a lot of keys though
    9:22 AM - Trollexe: I don't know anyone who sells that low and isn't fishy
    9:22 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: The thing is I am still just asking and not acusing anyone, as things can happen, but he said he don'tknow the buyers name( yours) and that he reported you to steam.
    9:22 AM - Trollexe: huh
    9:23 AM - Trollexe: Well if you need any help, I will help you with the steamrep paypal
    9:23 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: that's when I started dto doubt him, as till then he seemed like a fair guy with nice reputation.
    9:23 AM - Trollexe: We can tag him for paypal fraud
    9:23 AM - Trollexe: Prevent him from doing it again.
    9:24 AM - Trollexe: Would you like to set up a steam rep thing
    9:24 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: I can't tag hi at paypal fraud, as he said he send the money , but there is no notice in my paypal account. :/ I can only report him to steam , or steam community.
    9:24 AM - Trollexe: Well
    9:24 AM - Trollexe: Process of illimination
    9:24 AM - Trollexe: >.>
    9:24 AM - Trollexe: He quicksold the TC before sending the cash
    9:24 AM - Trollexe: He quicksold the keys
    9:25 AM - Trollexe: Do you have the pictures of your chats with him
    9:25 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: I asked him before the deal, if he was honest , and he accepted. also I didn't confronted him yet, as I wanted to talk to you firstly, if it was true about, the deal.
    9:25 AM - Trollexe: yeah
    9:25 AM - Trollexe: He told me he was quickselling it
    9:25 AM - Trollexe: He said some other guy was going to buy it before me
    9:25 AM - Trollexe: He gave me an extra 15 minutes after telling me this to think
    9:25 AM - Trollexe: Conviently giving me time doesn't seem right
    9:26 AM - Trollexe: So the other offer may have been fake to sell it quicker
    9:26 AM - Trollexe: Then he quicksold the keys
    9:26 AM - Trollexe: and buds
    9:26 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: oh well, darn.
    9:26 AM - Trollexe: We  can tag him
    9:26 AM - Trollexe: do you have the chat?
    9:26 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: I have some screenshot where he said he send themoney. etc, and more history chat screens.
    9:26 AM - Trollexe: Ok good
    9:26 AM - Trollexe: Mind sending me them
    9:27 AM - Trollexe: I want to be sure it's all ok before we fill out a report
    9:27 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: sec, I'll send it over to you, as I wasn't suspicious at start, so I made only few scrshots( stupid me: /)
    9:27 AM - Trollexe: and I will definitely help you in this report my friend
    9:28 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: http://prntscr.com/g8wxp
    9:28 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: this two are just after the deal was made.
    9:30 AM - Trollexe: Good enough evidence
    9:30 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: this one is after I talked to his friend(matrix) and then he promlty added me back :
    9:30 AM - Trollexe: Why did he give you the hats
    9:30 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: he said, that he is very happy that he got the hat.  The deal was for 300$ cash , I've checked prices , and it seemed fair.
    9:31 AM - Trollexe: yeah, now, why did he give you the hats
    9:31 AM - Trollexe: The noh mercy heel biters etc.
    9:31 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: Yes, he put those hats in the trade, saying he want to show his appreciation, that he got the TC.
    9:34 AM - Trollexe: Hm
    9:34 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: this screen is from http://prntscr.com/g8x3f , where he sais he won't sell the TC till the PP trouble is cleared
    9:34 AM - Trollexe: did he defriend you after he said "I could have swore I sent it"
    9:35 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: I didn't want to sell the hat before, he just offered money, and it seemed like a fair deal, right now I don't mind the money , but I hate when people get scammed,.
    9:35 AM - Trollexe: I need you to take a picture of your paypal
    9:35 AM - Trollexe: Take a picture of your past month of paypal transactions
    9:35 AM - Trollexe: show you received no payment
    9:35 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: sure sec.
    9:36 AM - Trollexe: Now remember this next time, when doing paypal they should go first with no rep or anything.
    9:36 AM - Trollexe: They should go first and the money should be in a gift
    9:38 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: yeps, you ar eright, it was stupid from me, first time this happened to me though, usually I am more cautious.
    9:38 AM - Trollexe: Few things we need
    9:38 AM - Trollexe: 1. Proof of the trade.
    9:38 AM - Trollexe: 2. You receiving no paypal money
    9:38 AM - Trollexe: 3. proof that it may have been a miss understanding
    9:39 AM - Trollexe: Or
    9:39 AM - Trollexe: that he scammed you
    9:39 AM - Trollexe: You familiar with steamrep?
    9:40 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: heres screenie from my PP for last month http://prntscr.com/g8xaq
    9:41 AM - Trollexe: Alright no deposits of any amount from him have been seen
    9:42 AM - Trollexe: We should take this too steam rep and he will get permatagged and possibly banned from trading
    9:42 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: I know steamrep(now, didn't before) , though not sure how to tag him there.
    9:42 AM - Trollexe: As long as you have all the screenies
    9:42 AM - Trollexe: I will help you
    9:42 AM - Trollexe: I am not familiar with it either but I do know of how to make a form I think
    9:43 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: thank you for helping me.
    9:43 AM - Trollexe: http://steamrep.com/
    9:43 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: this last screenshot , really make me think about his honesty. 
    9:44 AM - Trollexe: If my internet went as slow as it did
    9:44 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: that's why I wanted to talk to you firstly
    9:44 AM - Trollexe: brb
    9:46 AM - Trollexe: Ok...
    9:46 AM - Trollexe: Obvious scam
    9:46 AM - Trollexe: I am the third owner of this
    9:46 AM - Trollexe: You him me
    9:46 AM - Trollexe: My name was Trollexe and for a brief 2 days after I sold it Bob
    9:46 AM - Trollexe: He traded me when I was Trollexe
    9:46 AM - Trollexe: He claims I privated my bp.
    9:47 AM - Trollexe: He claims I changed my name
    9:47 AM - Trollexe: He claims I switched it too an alt
    9:47 AM - Trollexe: Let me just show something
    9:47 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: yes, ( actually you can have as many names as you want afaik, still the steam id is your tag + history)
    9:47 AM - Trollexe: This TC hasn't left my bp since the day I bought it
    9:48 AM - Trollexe: He claimed he wasn't going to sell it earlier
    9:48 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: so this in my eyes makes him(rage) a liar
    9:48 AM - Trollexe: Now he randomly sells it.
    9:48 AM - Trollexe: Scammer
    9:50 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: Now I still stik that I was only lucky with the thing that I still had my window with Rages friends open, so I was able to contact one of his trade friends. Otherwise I doubt I would ever be talking with him, allowing him to tell me his "stories".
    9:51 AM - Trollexe: Yeah we're bringing this to steamrep don't talk to him link him too the steam rep form
    9:52 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: does the steamrep form works for you? it shows (unable to connect/ connection timed out) here .
    9:52 AM - Trollexe: Hm
    9:52 AM - Trollexe: hang on
    9:54 AM - Trollexe: Mind giving me his profile
    9:54 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: here it is: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068099160
    9:54 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: and thank you on helping me with this.
    9:56 AM - Trollexe: I have helen added I will talk too her when she is on
    9:57 AM - Trollexe: http://forums.steamrep.com/forums/report/
    9:57 AM - Trollexe: Follow this for now
    10:00 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: Nice the forums work for me, should I look for his steam ID there?
    10:00 AM - Trollexe: Just fill out the
    10:00 AM - Trollexe: thing
    10:00 AM - Trollexe: And make sure its in the proper format
    10:01 AM - Trollexe: There should be a format link, a final copy link, and a make one yourself link
    10:02 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: Thanks, I'll fill it out.
    10:02 AM - Trollexe: kk
    10:02 AM - Trollexe: keep me added.
    Trollexe is now Away.
    Trollexe is now Online.
    Trollexe is now Away.
    Trollexe is now Online.
    Your state is set to Offline.
    Trollexe is now Offline.
    Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
    Connected again and rejoined chat.
    Trollexe is now Online.
    10:56 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: I've got the form filled out, now I am arraning screenshots in chronology, I'll post it during lunch when I have a little more time for it.( working from home atm)
    Are you Ok, if I mention you there, that I've contacted you and we spoke about the TC trade?
    10:56 AM - Trollexe: Yes I am perfectly ok with that also
    10:57 AM - Trollexe: Let me say something now you can screen cap
    10:58 AM - Trollexe: The team captain did not leave my possesion so R A G E claims, I have not changed my name during the trade in the added 2 days after owning it AFTER he talked to you about me changing my name
    11:00 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: Thank you ,for confirmation.
    11:00 AM - Trollexe: No problem :) need any more testifications from me just ask
    11:01 AM - Trollexe: Send me the report link just incase
    11:01 AM - Čučoriedkoň [SK]: Sure , will do!
  2. Trollexe/Bob

    Trollexe/Bob New User

    I hope this does get settled, I can varify anything I said in that conversation, also I forgot to mention he told me he BOUGHT the TC for $240 USD,
    (He then made a trade on outpost "quickselling" the team captain for 7.5 I was unaware of what was happenening then, and bought it for about 7 buds, and .5 in hats, and such.) He claimed he bought it for $240 USD, and had someone he was about to buy it for 7.5 so I bought it in haste, he then by a good standard quicksold the keys he recieved from me, along with buds (which I assume he bought a B.M.O.C. with) or sold for 29 earlier on.

    Trading pics -http://i.imgur.com/hpUKh.png , and some more keys and hats were added to that.
    Profile comments - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068099160
    Outpost trades - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/4633577 and http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/4582560

    On my recent names via steam the only recent name I have changed my name to about a day or 2 ago, was bob a name I frequently use, my bp has to my knowledge, NEVER been private I think he also claimed something else, if it comes up I can explain it :)
  3. HelenAngel

    HelenAngel Retired Staff

    Thanks so much for such a concise report! :) I may have missed it somewhere, but could you please relink me a screenshot of your Paypal history showing revoked and/or non-payment? Thanks! :)
  4. Cucoriedkon [SK]

    Cucoriedkon [SK] New User

    thanks for your time and quick response Helen.
    Here my paypal screencap from today :

    There was non so ever payment from him.
  5. Xenophobia

    Xenophobia Retired Staff

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