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Accepted 76561198068605857 († Coffinfeeder †)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by {{PA}} Pilltrocity, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. {{PA}} Pilltrocity

    {{PA}} Pilltrocity New User

    | steamname: Locomonkey77
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:44114086
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048493901
    | customURL:
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198048493901

    | steamname: † Coffinfeeder †
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:54170064
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068605857
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mr_666
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198068605857

    Screenshots: attached

    http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/3536-please-read/ - Locomonkey posted this thread on the backpack.tf forums claiming that Coffinfeeder had scammed him out of his Burning Flames Bonk Leadwear. I decided to talk to Coffinfeeder and try to sort it out, and asked for screenshots of his Paypal history or even if he knew Locomonkey's Paypal name, and he refused to provide any information. Locomonkey, on the other hand, took two screenshots proving that he had traded Coffinfeeder the Leadwear, and that he had received no money. The screenshots of all steam conversations with Coffinfeeder are attached, but the conversation(s) with Locomonkey were conducted via mobile. Screenshots can be provided if absolutely necessary, but the important information is in the attached screenshots.
    † Coffinfeeder †: hey
    Pilltacular: Hey there/
    Pilltacular: .*
    † Coffinfeeder †: so, this guy says i have scammed him, right? I wanted to talk to you about it. Are you an admin of anysort?
    Pilltacular: No, but I'm friends with a couple. I can report or abstain, it all depends on the information you give me as well as how cooperative you are.
    Pilltacular: First off, I see you say you sent the money. Could you please provide a screenshot of your Paypal history, specifically the payment to the previous owner of the Leadwear?
    † Coffinfeeder †: So what im hearing is that you have no authority. Why should i do what you tell me? Like i said, he is not my problem anymore.
    † Coffinfeeder †: i also dont know where you get the info that i have a short unusualtrade history
    Pilltacular: Because you'll get investigated by somebody who's less inclined to be polite?
    Pilltacular: It was an outpost glitch, disregard the statement.
    † Coffinfeeder †: alright, that makes more sense. lol
    † Coffinfeeder †: so anyways
    † Coffinfeeder †: I have been accused of this type of s✿✿✿ before
    † Coffinfeeder †: my friends have also beenaccused multiple times
    Pilltacular: s✿✿✿ happens, yeah. Sometimes people are jealous, etc. Go on.
    † Coffinfeeder †: it seems to me if one of the traders is unhappy,they do pull that card. This is not a new thing
    † Coffinfeeder †: fairly normal, i would say
    † Coffinfeeder †: hell, i have even felt like that, when i was newer and was sharked of some items i liked
    Pilltacular: I believe this case is somewhat different - the user you traded the Leadwear with is claiming he received no money whatsoever. If it were a sharking case, I would tell him to deal with the loss, as there's nothing to do.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Yep, and i have been trading long enough to agree with you.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Still, the scamming card still applies
    † Coffinfeeder †: if he did not recieve anymoneyther could have beena mistake, it might not have worked,etc.
    † Coffinfeeder †: but i know i sent it, and like i keepsaying, he is no longer my problem.
    Pilltacular: Problem is, as long as he claims to have not received money, he is a problem. And if you have scammed, not saying you have, then that is a problem too. May I see a screenshot to verify that the agreed-upon sum of $280 had been paid? Feel free to edit out any sensitive information, if present.
    † Coffinfeeder †: I actually do not know how to screenshot, i only know to press f12 in game or whatever to get one of those
    † Coffinfeeder †: cmputer is too weak to do fraps or iwould do that
    Pilltacular: There should be a "prtscrn" button right above your "0" (zero) key. Press that and put the image into Microsoft Paint, GIMP, what-have-you, then upload it to a web host. I recommend imgur.com.
    † Coffinfeeder †: nothing like that above my zero, or anywhere else on the keyboard that i see
    † Coffinfeeder †: so im afraid that info can not be obtained, sorry
    Pilltacular: What type of computer or keyboard do you have?
    † Coffinfeeder †: ever since mybetter computer broke, im stuck with a hardly capable dell laptop
    Pilltacular: I see. Dell tends to ship with a printscreen key. Do you have the model/make information on hand? If not, try pressing function, then insert.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Now i feel like im on the phone with one of those wackoffs fromdell tech support
    † Coffinfeeder †: lol
    Pilltacular: Just trying to help is all.
    Pilltacular: Does your computer have a function and an insert key?
    † Coffinfeeder †: yeah, well im sorry to say that im not all too willing to go to all the trouble for some little kid (im assuming he is one) who is unhappy with his end of the trade, however legit
    † Coffinfeeder †: i seem to be on the wrong end of the stick here
    Pilltacular: If you can give me verification that you sent it, it will cease to be a problem. You'll forget this happened, and he will have to deal with whatever happened to the money.
    Pilltacular: Refusal to provide information only serves to make you seem suspicious, and you seem like a nice enough guy.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Thanks, really not one to tolerate s✿✿✿ from people (you are not one of those, he is) I say put me on probation or whatever, i dont really care as long as i still get to trade.
    Pilltacular: A further investigation will most likely be conducted, this time using the other user's information, and I'm sure it would be better for you if it were just you and me. You may retain your trading ability afterwards, but Valve is getting more and more harsh with trade bans. There's no saying what they may or may not do.
    Pilltacular: However, if you can provide that one little screenshot, no more problems. Simple as that. :)
    † Coffinfeeder †: I understand. If he has no proof of a scam, then whathappens? Im not very knowledgeable with this sort of thing, since i rarely dealwith this s✿✿✿
    Pilltacular: If he can't come up with proof of the scam (proof would be his paypal account history with zero credit from you or payments of $280), then it's his word against yours. You may walk away with a caution tag, as if he has not been paid and did not receive items of near-equal value, that is classified as sharking an item of large value.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Isnt a shark concidered the victims fault?
    † Coffinfeeder †: so even then,
    Pilltacular: It's considered that both parties are at fault, with the one receiving the higher-valued items put under the spotlight the most, so to speak.
    † Coffinfeeder †: I see
    Pilltacular: By the way, I also recommend puush (http://puush.me) for taking screenshots - it's free, very easy to use, and works with any keyboard.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Good to know. Also, FYI, i am going to remake those unusual trades, so if people read your comment,they dont freak out
    † Coffinfeeder †: if thatmkes anysense
    Pilltacular: That makes perfect sense, feel free to do that.
    Pilltacular: Also, please make sure not to create two trades with the same purpose and the same items as you had when I began the investigation - that's classified as relisting, and will get your trades closed.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Alright, cool. Well, ts nearing 12:30 here at cali, and i got some tests at school, and water polo is also weighing me down.
    Pilltacular: Gotcha. It would really help if you could take a quick screenie first, but if you can't, I understand. I'll go add the other guy and get his side of the story and act as a two-way messenger of sorts.
    Pilltacular: Question, though, if you bought the hat for 7 buds in cash, why are you selling it with a buyout of 7 pure? It seems a bit counter-intuitive, but I'm sure you have good reasons to do so.
    † Coffinfeeder †: I know it sounds really suspicious, but that probably wont happen. I guess ill just deal with the ramifications.
    † Coffinfeeder †: Oh, and yes, i do
    † Coffinfeeder †: I decided that i want 7 pure instead of the unusual
    † Coffinfeeder †: should have bought the buds straight, but i thought i would keep it
    Pilltacular: Aww. I get that, though. Times change and such. Personally, I wouldn't have paid above 4, even for a 1 of 1, but that's just me. Good luck getting 7 buds, though - I suggest you spice up your trade a bit more, make some really nice selling points. Maybe hire a screenshot maker.
    † Coffinfeeder †: I was thinking of that, maybe one of those animated posters some ppl have
    Pilltacular: Animated posters? That's pretty fancy. A good SFM would do you well, but if you really want a video/animation, PIXELATED does some.
    Pilltacular: Quick question though, do you still have the PP email of the person who you bought the Bonk from?
    † Coffinfeeder †: He gave it to me, dont have it anymore. I could probably find it, if i felt inclined to
    † Coffinfeeder †: also, thanks for kinda wanting tosort this out
    Pilltacular: Of course, just doing my part and coping with insomnia. If you could quickly hop on your paypal and give me the email address, that would be great. Everything would go much faster and it would be easier for everybody, including you. :)
    † Coffinfeeder †: insomniac right here too, which is why im still up
    † Coffinfeeder †: why dony you et his side,and report back to me tomorrow?
    † Coffinfeeder †: bedtime for Erik
    Pilltacular: Sure thing. Have a good night!
    † Coffinfeeder †: Likewise.
    --1 day later--
    Pilltacular: Hey.
    † Coffinfeeder †: hey man
    Pilltacular: So I talked to the guy who traded you the Leadwear - he gave me these two screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/uOjWxHR.png ; http://i.imgur.com/XBNC5ub.jpg
    Pilltacular: Have you been able to log on to paypal and get the email of the person you sent the $280 to?
    † Coffinfeeder †: I have actuallly been harassed soo much by multiple peaople, i disabled my paypal, and am now changing email
    † Coffinfeeder †: im getting harrased to s✿✿✿
    † Coffinfeeder †: not cool
    Pilltacular: Really now? Well, that's no fun. :c
    † Coffinfeeder †: yeah, neither is what im having to put up with.
    Pilltacular: Wait, so when did you buy the hat?
    † Coffinfeeder †: 1-3 nights ago
    † Coffinfeeder †: i think it was 2
    Pilltacular: Looks to be yesterday (August 27, 9:59PM).
    † Coffinfeeder †: so yeah, i was correct
    Pilltacular: Yup.
    Pilltacular: It takes 3-4 business days to disable a paypal account, so you should still be able to log in.
    † Coffinfeeder †: sorry i seem shady man, but to be honest i really dont give a s✿✿✿. Mark my account as a scammer, do whatever you have to do, and i bet you cant do anythihg about this, but im getting hardcore harassed here
    † Coffinfeeder †: so im not really in the mood to deal with this anymore, sorry about that
    The rest of the conversation was general talk, unimportant.
    To be honest, I'm not sure if this is solid enough proof for a scammer tag, but the refusal to provide easy-to-obtain information as well as the screenshots provided by the scammed party should be incriminating enough. Also, what kind of computer doesn't have a screenshot function?
    Sorry for the long report.
    In addition, please note that I won't be following this actively, so adding me is probably the best way to request additional information/ask questions/etc.

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  2. {{PA}} Pilltrocity

    {{PA}} Pilltrocity New User

    It's been three+ days with no word, has there been any progress on this case?
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  3. Locomonkey77

    Locomonkey77 New User

    I went on tf2 outpost to look at history of hat and it says he was trade banned by valve so idk why this is still pending but thank you
  4. {{PA}} Pilltrocity

    {{PA}} Pilltrocity New User

    Yeah, thanks Loco.

    To whomever is reviewing this report, should I leave it open for review in case his trade ban is lifted, or should I close it?
  5. Sjru

    Sjru SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Thank you for your report! An SR admin will review yours in a while!
  6. Sjru

    Sjru SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Hello @{{PA}} Pilltrocity,

    Your report was accepted and the accused was banned. Feel free to report a violation via their Steam profile.

    In order to do that, you have to:
    1. Visit the accused's profile
    2. Click "More" drop-down located at the top right of the page
    3. Choose "Report Violation"
    4. Select the violation, then describe it and provide the evidence
    5. Click "Submit Report"

    Click here to view an animated gif that shows how to report a violation.

    Thank you for reporting this user.
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