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Archived 76561198071504428 - ((>{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy) / [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by ForteSP, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Other] Any other fraudulant behavior
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198071504428 ((>{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy))

    Victim profile: 76561198088660638

    What happened? Description:
    User was advertising that he was selling a dirty bud (I assumed gifted) for 14 keys. I added him to buy it. He then tried to say the bud was with his friend and he wanted me to send the 14 keys first so he could buy it from his friend. I said that's a scam and he said I'm the scammer for buying buds for 14 keys. I said something like "gifted buds are only worth around 14 keys." he then claimed the buds were actually uncraftable.

    Uncraftable buds are 1 of 1 (stats.tf says there are more, but they are all in the backpacks of valve employees and also untradeable, ungiftable).

    In addition he refused to say which friend had the bud. It's obviously an attempted trade scam​

    Provide Evidence:
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    4:53 PM - Forte Engarde: i'll buy the bud
    4:53 PM - Forte Engarde: i'll buy it with pure***
    4:53 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: hello
    4:53 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: I already have an offer
    4:53 PM - Forte Engarde: well i tried to trade you three times
    4:53 PM - Forte Engarde: and it gave error 3 times :/
    4:54 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: I have better offer
    4:54 PM - Forte Engarde: what's the offer?
    4:54 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: 14 keys pure
    4:54 PM - Forte Engarde: that's what I was offering...
    4:54 PM - Forte Engarde: :p
    4:55 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: well you have to offer more
    4:55 PM - Forte Engarde: well I offered 14 first
    4:55 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: send me a trade offer with your keys and stuff in it and ill accept it later
    4:55 PM - Forte Engarde: it just errord multiple times
    4:56 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: send a trade offer
    4:56 PM - Forte Engarde: for 14 keys?
    4:56 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: and other stuff
    4:56 PM - Forte Engarde: + 1 ref
    4:56 PM - Forte Engarde: i don't see eearbuds in your inventory
    4:57 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: they are in my frinds inventory
    4:57 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: he was going to give them to me for 14 keys
    4:57 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: but I dont have 14 keys
    4:57 PM - Forte Engarde: so you want me to give you keys for free
    4:57 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: so I can get the buds from him
    4:57 PM - Forte Engarde: why don't i just buy the buds from him
    4:58 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: I said I dont have 14 keys
    4:58 PM - Forte Engarde: but why don't I just buy from him
    4:58 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: you dont know his name
    4:58 PM - Forte Engarde: can you link it
    4:59 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: nope :3
    4:59 PM - Forte Engarde: sounds like a scam then
    4:59 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: nooooooo
    4:59 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: its not a scam :3
    4:59 PM - Forte Engarde: that's what all scammer says
    4:59 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: you're the guy trying to buy buds for 14 keys
    4:59 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: whose the scammer here
    4:59 PM - Forte Engarde: it's a gifted bud
    4:59 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: uncraftable
    5:00 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: and its not gifted
    5:00 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: it doesnt exist
    5:00 PM - Forte Engarde: ok reported for scamming
    5:00 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: I dont have one
    5:00 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: what for?
    5:00 PM - Forte Engarde: uncraftable buds are 1 of 1
    5:00 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: I didnt do anything
    5:00 PM - Forte Engarde: I know who has them
    5:00 PM - Forte Engarde: they sold for 15 pure buds
    5:00 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: if you knew then why did you trade me
    5:00 PM - Forte Engarde: there is 1 of them
    5:00 PM - Forte Engarde: the rest are all untradeable uncraftable ungiftable in valve employee BP
    5:00 PM - Forte Engarde: reported to steamrep
    5:00 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: what for?
    5:01 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: you never even traded me
    5:01 PM - Forte Engarde: bye
    5:01 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: oooh nooo
    5:01 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: dont report me
    5:01 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy: it takes more than your word to confirm a vac ban bro
    5:20 PM - >{GHS}< ÜberShyGuy is now Offline.​

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