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Archived 76561198074857678 (ratoiulduck1992)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by KaOtiCz, Mar 26, 2013.

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    |steamID: ratoiulduck1992
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    Description: He added me on Steam out of the blue and tried to get my giftable copy of Left 4 Dead 2 for a Far Cry 3 key he claimed to have. I asked the source of the key, which he promptly answered "SteamGifts". He is not tagged here on SteamRep, but I still recognized this was a scam, since it's against SteamGift's rules to trade the games you win there. I tried to dissuade him into telling me more about the source of the key and he avoided answering it in every way possible, got desperate and started to beg. Geez, they are getting more annoying over time -.-
    I created this report to get him a nice, shiny BIG RED TAG on his profile. Serves him right.

    Nunca revele a sua senha a ninguém.
    06:52 PM - ratoiulduck1992: hi
    06:52 PM - KaOtiCz: hello
    06:52 PM - ratoiulduck1992: men do you help me with something
    06:52 PM - ratoiulduck1992: ?
    06:52 PM - KaOtiCz: Maybe
    06:52 PM - KaOtiCz: What do you need?
    06:53 PM - ratoiulduck1992: i need a left 4 dead 2 but in change i give you the far cry 3 but i have the key of this game
    06:53 PM - ratoiulduck1992: want
    06:53 PM - ratoiulduck1992: ?
    06:54 PM - KaOtiCz: This is a trade, then...
    06:54 PM - KaOtiCz: Ok, then. Where did you get your key, just for curiosity...
    06:55 PM - ratoiulduck1992: steamgifts
    06:55 PM - KaOtiCz: Oh, can you link me the giveaway?
    06:57 PM - ratoiulduck1992: men pls i need the left 4 dead 2 come one you send me the game and then i send you the key of far cry 3
    06:58 PM - ratoiulduck1992: pls pls men help me
    06:58 PM - KaOtiCz: Keys always go first
    07:00 PM - ratoiulduck1992: NQ3M2-ZDG5N- men i send the next letters of you send me the left 4 dead 2 i dont wanna risk far cry 3 is more expensive 50 euro
    07:01 PM - ratoiulduck1992: i dont like far cry 3 and i wanna trade
    07:01 PM - ratoiulduck1992: for left 4 dead 2
    07:02 PM - KaOtiCz: Just link me the giveaway so I know you're legit.
    07:05 PM - ratoiulduck1992: men wanna or no ,you send me the left 4 dead 2 and i send the last letters of far cry 3 men this game i win so hard
    07:06 PM - ratoiulduck1992: NQ3M2-ZDG5N-IC0J
    07:06 PM - ratoiulduck1992: just one letter more
    07:06 PM - ratoiulduck1992: come one men
    07:07 PM - ratoiulduck1992: send me the left 4 dead 2 and i send you the last letters
    07:09 PM - KaOtiCz: You win Far Cry 3, yet you claim you never wanted it. So why did you enter in the first place? Also, you refuse to send the giveaway link. Sorry, but it seems like a scam to me. Also, it's against the rules to trade/sell/give away any game you win there. So no, I'm not sending you L4D2.
    07:10 PM - ratoiulduck1992: men
    07:10 PM - ratoiulduck1992: send togheter
    07:10 PM - ratoiulduck1992: and a same time
    07:10 PM - ratoiulduck1992: wanna
    07:10 PM - ratoiulduck1992: ?
    07:10 PM - KaOtiCz: It doesn't exist for gift/keys trades
    07:11 PM - KaOtiCz: Only gift/gift
    07:11 PM - ratoiulduck1992: come men pls pls pls trust me
    07:11 PM - ratoiulduck1992: i wanna left 4 dead 2
    07:11 PM - ratoiulduck1992: send in a same time
    07:11 PM - KaOtiCz: You'll keep wanting it.
    07:11 PM - ratoiulduck1992: i send the letter you send me the game
    07:12 PM - KaOtiCz: No!
    07:12 PM - KaOtiCz: Now get lost!
    07:12 PM - ratoiulduck1992: i send the link
    07:12 PM - ratoiulduck1992: if you
    07:12 PM - ratoiulduck1992: dont trust
    07:13 PM - ratoiulduck1992: me
    07:13 PM - ratoiulduck1992: ?
    07:13 PM - KaOtiCz: Oh yea send it
    07:13 PM - ratoiulduck1992: http://www.galagiveaways.com/profile
    07:13 PM - KaOtiCz: lol galagiveaways
    07:13 PM - ratoiulduck1992: now you trust
    07:13 PM - ratoiulduck1992: ???
    07:14 PM - KaOtiCz: Nope. First you say SteamGifts, now you say GalaGiveaways.
    07:14 PM - KaOtiCz: Seriously, you're making it wore for yourself
    07:14 PM - KaOtiCz: worse*
    07:14 PM - ratoiulduck1992: men i have the key
    07:14 PM - ratoiulduck1992: i wanna to trade you
    07:14 PM - ratoiulduck1992: come one
    07:15 PM - ratoiulduck1992: men
    07:15 PM - ratoiulduck1992: pls pls pls
    07:15 PM - ratoiulduck1992: !!!!!!!!!!!
    07:16 PM - KaOtiCz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKss2uYpih8
    07:16 PM - ratoiulduck1992: what it is
    07:16 PM - ratoiulduck1992: ?
    07:16 PM - ratoiulduck1992: mata
    07:16 PM - ratoiulduck1992 agora está Offline.
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    2 months and still nothing. I guess this report is way down on the priority list...
  4. KaOtiCz

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    4 months and still nothing. What a hell of backlog you have there.
  5. KaOtiCz

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    6 months, my baby report is growing healthy :)
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    All evidence needs to be in the form of screenshots uploaded directly to the forums. Due to the age of this report, I will be archiving it directly, please PM me if you wish to reopen this report.