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Pending: Affiliate 76561198082471671

Discussion in 'Community Applications' started by UASO, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. UASO

    UASO New User

    Basic information:

    Name or handle: UASO / Ghost
    Primary stream or channel: https://www.twitch.tv/uas0
    Number of followers: 19
    Other links:
    SteamRep ID block:
    Alternate accounts:
    (these are not visible to the public)

    Pre-screening questions:

    Do you agree not to speak on behalf of SteamRep or use our name to endorse any other site, service, or product?
    Do you agree not to use your affiliation with SteamRep to leverage trust or favorable deals from traders?
    Have you ever scammed or intentionally misled anyone for profit?
    Stance on gambling:
    I participated in this hobby back when Valve turned a 'blind eye' to it; however, ever since the top 23 sites received cease-and-desist notices, I have not gambled. I assisted HonorTheCall when he was explaining to Phillip Defranco the profit margins over Twitter when this occurred. If you are of legal age and right mind I feel you should be able to gamble but most sites were mostly for personal profit and not actually fair and fun for most users.​


    Tell us more about your stream or channel:
    I personally don't stream often, I do make appearances on my girlfriend's stream, the axiom kitten one above. When she or I streams the 'vibe' isn't usually of a competitive nature. We just chill and play games.​

    Why do you think you qualify for this position?
    I am in the top 01% for steam playtime, level, and game stats. I have been impersonated before. I have a considerable inventory value, In our steam group, we have taken in donations and done raffles/giveaways so there is a good incentive to impersonate me.​

    Do you frequently get impersonated?
    Not frequently but it has happened. I help manage and used to own a CSGO steam group/discord with over 500 members. It's the Tap House one I am still apart of.​

    What do you hope to contribute to the trading community?
    Here soon I plan on buying a bunch of genuine pins to obtain one of each directly from csgo's store and plan on reselling many duplicates, this is a niche market and I want people to know I am reliable trader. I can also benefit from holding more community-driven giveaways, raffles, streams, and events.​

    Have you ever talked about scamming or fraud in a video or livestream before?
    I've helped calculate the quantitative data for larger creators, posted announcements in our steam group about certain scams and scammers our users should be aware of and discussed a discord with 80,000 members that has been scamming users.​

    Do you have any questions or comments for the SteamRep staff?
    Larger in the steam community than any kind of streaming platform.​