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Discussion in 'Community Applications' started by Yamozha, Aug 3, 2021.

  1. Yamozha

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    Basic information:

    Name or handle: ToxicSlime
    Primary stream or channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChOGXTrtnK9V74NzLteKUqw
    Number of followers: 165 subscribers on Youtube as of now
    Other links:
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    Hidden Content:
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    Pre-screening questions:

    Do you agree not to speak on behalf of SteamRep or use our name to endorse any other site, service, or product?
    Do you agree not to use your affiliation with SteamRep to leverage trust or favorable deals from traders?
    Have you ever scammed or intentionally misled anyone for profit?
    Never. Been heavily against scamming ever since I got scammed over tf2 when I was 12.​
    Stance on gambling:
    Never participated in the organization of gambling. On and off steam. I have gambled with "free credits" on websites, but I am against it as of now.​


    Tell us more about your stream or channel:
    I investigate scams. Usually the phishing scams. I try to create content for the average viewer, that is interesting enough for them to remember the advice I give them, therefore not fall for scams like these. I have been researching scams and breaking them down for about 5 months now.​

    Why do you think you qualify for this position?
    I disagree with scams on a moral level, therefore I decided to try and help with the defeating of scams, at least on Steam. Steam has been my personal space ever since I was little, and I feel like I have a special connection with it.​

    Do you frequently get impersonated?
    Not yet, but I can see that happening in the future.​

    What do you hope to contribute to the trading community?
    I hope to condemn, therefore remove scams from the platform(ambitious, I know).​

    Have you ever talked about scamming or fraud in a video or livestream before?
    My whole channel is about scams. I disassemble scams and show them to the average viewer.
    As of now, all of my videos have been about the standard phishing scams, but I plan to release some more content about different scam vectors, and how one can protect themselves.​

    Do you have any questions or comments for the SteamRep staff?