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Declined: Moderator 76561198215367777 (MarioHS)

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by MarioHS, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. MarioHS

    MarioHS New User


    Account information:

    Your SteamRep block:
    Alternate accounts:
    (these are not visible to the public)
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: Content of this hidden block can only be seen by members of (usergroups: Administrative, Moderating, Staff Applications, SteamRep Partner Members).**

    Basic information:

    Country and Timezone: Czech Republic, CET
    Availability: 30 minimum
    Are you at least 18 years of age? Yes
    Do you agree to the Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it? Yes
    Have you read the Duties of SR Moderators post and understand it? Yes
    Do you have any issues handling instruction and direction? No
    Foreign languages: I speak Portuguese (natively), English and a bit of Spanish.


    Please tell us about yourself (job, school, hobbies, etc)
    I work as computer security specialist, currently in Czech Republic. I was a professional Hearthstone player and streamer/coach. I enjoy athletics and gaming as a hobby. I am originally from Portugal but moved to the Czech Republic. I'm planning to stay here for 6 years, at least. During my free time I usually play CSGO, study a bit more, investigate some trade scams. Playing the piano is also a big part of my life, since it helps me relax and stay calm, as well as concentrate better on the tasks at hand. I currently share an apartment with a friend of mine, but most of the time I live at my girlfriend's place, which is 5 minutes away from me.​

    Why do you want to be a SteamRep moderator, and what makes you feel you're a good candidate?
    I have experience with handling forums (mostly my own, private forums I create for Computer Security Red Teams). I am a calm and polite person who genuinely wants to help the community. I have recently seen many scam attempts and witnessed many successful scams done to friends of mine and I would like to help make them stop.​

    Past administrative experience:
    Yes. I have experience handling small forums, as a moderator. I was also a former Hearthstone Professional player who streamed, so I was used to having to talk to a number of people and engaging with them, which I feel made me into someone who can handle people.​

    List Steam trading communities you are / have been active on and in what capacity (user, mod, admin)
    I do not actively engage on trading communities at the moment.​

    Have you ever been banned from another community? If so, what happened?

    Other questions or comments:

  2. a Gentleman

    a Gentleman SteamRep Moderator Partner Community Donator - Tier V

    Hello, are you still interested in applying for this position?
  3. MarioHS

    MarioHS New User

    Hi! Yes I am.
  4. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Thanks for your interest in becoming a SteamRep moderator. We have decided not to move forward with your application at this time.
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