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A question about non-staff helping in scammer reports/ appeals

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Spyromancer, Mar 23, 2012.

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    SteamRep Admin:
    In general its 100% OK to:
    • Providing additional relevant info to the case (screenshots of chats, chat transcripts, links to info like item history links, etc)
    • Providing additional issues with the reported/appealing scammer that one encountered.
    • Ask questions to the reporter or other respondents to clarify on points.
    • Research any that is provided for truthfulness.
    • Remarks on the reporter's status, some may be a listed scammer etc.

    Not OK is:
    • Adding the scammer to discuss the appeal (muddying the water), thats for the admins.
    • Just slandering, personal attacks etc. Each case is taken by its merits. If somebody is a bad person, thats no reason to clutter up with remarks or w/e with f***** a****** and other bad words that may or may not be catched by the bad word filter. We see enough unfriendly ppl to have a distaste of them.
    • Off topic, that is: Not related to this report or appeal of the scammer or this scam.
      • Yes its allowed to give additional cases on a appeal where there where problems, like other scamms etc.
      • No, don't muddy a report of 1 scam with another scam, that deserved its own report.
    • Posing as a admin
    • Put in "conclusions" regarding the report. Altho a TLDR / synopsis with relevant events is appreciated with a large ammount of text.
    • Discussion, reports are not there for discussion. Its there as it is, a report or a appeal, where evidence is presented and additional information requested, on some cases people may be invited to chat on steam to be questioned directly by admins.
    If you have something specific that is not within this, please ask, but above should give the idea pretty clear.

    ps: as I just wrote up the above, some may be changed.