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Invalid Appeal: 76561198045650867 - (Renegade / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by the Renegade, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561198045650867 (Renegade)

    Appeal Plea: I commited the offense(s), but it was minor or I disagree with SteamRep policy
    Appeal Reason: [Change of Heart] I will never scam again.
    Victim Repayment: No, but I will repay. I need help finding the victim(s)
    Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal here

    Alternate Accounts:

    Appeal description:
    So the original situation involved a player who had made an agreement for a bet that included a deadline for the player to pick up his items. Unfortunately for the player, he missed that deadline and then reported me for "scamming". At that time, I was in the process of PCSing from Kuwait back to the States. Shortly after I kept telling the player that it was his own mistake for missing the deadline, I got marked as a scammer and banned. In the thread itself, the player admits that he doesn't care about getting the items at all and he didn't bet any items anyways. He also threatened me with bans from other communities and a scammer mark. Now that I have finally gotten settled in at my new place and sold most of my items, I was planning on giving an unusual taunt to the player. However, the issue is that the player went offline on both TF2 and Steam in general since a day or two after the report was filed. So I have no way of giving this player the unusual taunt. If I could do it, I would. So in the meantime until the player comes back online or if there is another way of resolving that issue, I was hoping to get unmarked and unbanned as well.​
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