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Rejected Appeal: 76561198049978453 - (Big Chungus / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by SnippiSnap, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. SnippiSnap

    SnippiSnap Banned on SteamRep

    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561198049978453 (Big Chungus)

    Appeal Plea: I committed the offense(s), I admit it
    Appeal Reason: [Change of Heart] I will never scam again.
    Victim Repayment: No, I committed no fraud or had no direct victims
    Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal here

    Alternate Accounts:
    I have none​

    Appeal description:
    Dear admins,
    first of all,i am sorry if my english wont be understandable (dirty foreigner). I was banned on steamrep almost 3 years ago if I am not mistaken. It was for fraud, which didnt actually happend, but it was attempted from my side after witnessing the tactic, i tried it myself with no luck. This made trading in tf2 actual hell which made me quit tf2. I didnt want to make a new account , it seemed wrong. I would like to reignite my love for tf2, which was mostly trading. When it comes Repayment , i have nobody to repay, i was a shitty scammer dumb kid trying to steal items and never sucecced. So this is my chance at redeeming myself, if there is anything i can do to prove my will. I hope that you will do the best in this situation.

    Thank you
    Big Chungus​
  2. You Are The One

    You Are The One SteamRep Admin

    After a review of the report/taking into account the appeal, I am unable to consider this appeal.
    Impersonating to scam also scams the person you are impersonating of their reputation. Other then it being premeditated and having time to re-think your decisions, it was an admin with SR, that shows you were aware of SR at the time. I cant accept an appeal under such conditions. You simply knew or should have known better.