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Invalid Appeal: 76561198070912592 - (Adaloss / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Sheepiishly, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Sheepiishly

    Sheepiishly Banned on SteamRep

    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561198070912592 (Adaloss)

    Appeal Plea: I commited the offense(s), but it was minor or I disagree with SteamRep policy
    Appeal Reason: [Evidence] Fake - Report had falsified evidence
    Victim Repayment: No, I committed no fraud or had no direct victims
    Previous Appeals: Yes, I appealed here before and it was denied.

    Alternate or Related Accounts:
    All of my alts are linked to my SR, and I placed the other legitimate alt in the info box.​

    Appeal description:
    "You only get one chance!"
    Well, I'm gonna cheat just this once because I'm somewhat confident I can finally clear my name. I finally want to clear my name of being framed, and I'm hoping that this will work.

    I also did state that I committed a minor offense rather than "I am innocent" for a reason, it was because I lied in my previous appeal saying I wasn't Adaloss. I feel like that's an offense of it's own considering I'm placing my own trustability on the line. As if apologizing profusely for it will work or not, I'm going to do it anyways. I feel guilty for lying and should face some consequence for that action. I'm assuming a poorer view of my appeal as I did lie.

    As known from various reports, I reported against EmCee really horribly, with no evidence to back it up really, why I never did this in the first place, I have no clue. The appeals of course got marked invalid because I didn't do it properly, and considering the fact I was a bumbling idiot. The proof that EmCee has done all this has been there the entire time for the last two years though.

    EmCee impersonating me. This one may not be believed from the person viewing this appeal and that is ok. As long as it is considered.
    "I am SHAKING at my keyboard."

    The Adaloss Story group - This is evidence is needed because it's admin, Yonkers/EmCee used it to further bash my reputation back in 2017, and to clear his name of all charges saying it was a false report on EmCee himself.
    A false scammer report... on EmCee of all people who scammed thousands from people! And he got banned a month later too! pretty funny in my opinion.

    Admin/EmCee/Yonkers from "The Adaloss Story" group SR Banned.

    EmCee's MANY MANY alts.

    From the first report I made when I was a immature 16 year old, jumping to every impossible conclusion, (sorry Harbinger) the link of the EmCee account leads directly to Yonkers. Who is the admin of the Adaloss Story group!
    | steamname: EmCee S> Sco.Pomade 600
    | steam3ID: [U:1:157464329]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:78732164
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198117730057
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/M_C2
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198117730057

    EmCee gets caught playing on an alt at Skial to which he's reported by EZ

    (Reason: Banned for Scamming)

    EmCee's actual skial stats - if this any use to you, I'd check the names and dates.
    I'm not familiar with this site, but I'm hoping it contributes somehow. This ID also does lead to Yonkers.

    I'd recommend checking his comment section. Many -reps, people callling him a scammer and all the like a month after I was banned after the Galkeind incident where he got caught and banned accordingly in October 2017.

    I wouldn't have attempted to report him coincidentally a month before he got banned for real after he got caught. More on SR ban threats later.

    Unsure if this will help any, but this is possibly before or after Galk happened.
    What I see from this is that this was put off for later possibilities. Seeing as I was set up and framed, this may help.

    I'd like to cite Horse for this example on this thread. I'm also not saying Skip is involved, just clearing my name of EmCee.
    "I'll keep the report noted on a private list of mine for review of all accounts involved for future scrutiny" (Horse 3).

    Check my comment thread for October 22nd, 2017 and November 1st, 2017 where Harb shows proof of a now taken down group where EmCee was exposed with proof compiled and knowingly shows where EmCee threatens SR bans on people.
    Reminds me of someone he threatened to get SR banned now doesn't it?

    A copy of Harb's comment.
    »» Harbinger «« Oct 22, 2017 @ 3:18pm
    Chats from my investigation

    EmCee tried to run, here is his alt and rep

    EmCee’s rep (now trade banned)

    I’ve personally spoken with virtually everyone who has reported him,
    even seen EmCee threatening to SR ban people such as Aquatic and Galkeind as well as have evidence for how he does this.

    My Alternative Accounts.
    | steamname: Adaloss
    | steam3ID: [U:1:110646864]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:55323432
    | steamID64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070912592
    | customURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Adaloss
    | steamrep: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198070912592

    | steamname: λlt-aloss (SleepyTime Junction)
    | steam3ID: [U:1:433588185]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:216794092
    | steamID64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198393853913
    | customURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Altaloss
    | steamrep: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198393853913

    | steamname: Sheepiishly
    | steam3ID: [U:1:460550974]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:230275487
    | steamID64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198420816702
    | customURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sheepiishly
    | steamrep: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198420816702

    My latest appeal for Sheepiishly where I openly lie about me not being Adaloss.

    Again, I am sorry for lying in my earlier appeal, I just hate associating myself to
    what I was framed to. Again considering it's been about 2 years, we could even throw change of heart in there if needed. I just want to be able to play the game again, stress free with nothing to bother me. I want my friends back.

    With lying previously, I know that it will negatively affect my appeal's acceptance and I'm fully prepared for the consequence of it, considering the idea it would be accepted at all. I just want the knowledge that it's been considered at all, so I can live a little easier about it.

    I'm very confident that this info will show that I am innocent of the report whix made against EmCee impersonating me. Though, if this does make it through, I'll be very surprised, and very happy.

    Thank You for reading through my research, and thank you for taking your time to read through this and to come to a conclusion.​
  2. Sheepiishly

    Sheepiishly Banned on SteamRep

    Oh, here's also the report where EmCee was banned on one of his many alts by DanTheLadiesMan (one of the people Harbinger directly mentioned me to about EmCee's false SR bannings which is referred to in the imgur that Harbinger had created.)

    I accidentally left this out, but this should be the absolute last piece of info I need to throw in here as that should be everything.
    I will only reply now when needed.
  3. Teeny Tiny Cat

    Teeny Tiny Cat SteamRep Admin Partner Community

    SteamRep Admin:
    You need to appeal from the originally tagged account, and you already have an open appeal there. If you want to add anything, just post in it.