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Rejected Appeal: 76561198109076755 - (SK | GRIZZLY / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by SK GR☆ZZLY (LOW FLOAT), Aug 27, 2016.


    SK GR☆ZZLY (LOW FLOAT) Banned on SteamRep

    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561198109076755 (SK | GRIZZLY)

    Appeal Plea: I committed the offense(s), I admit it
    Appeal Reason: [Change of Heart] I will never scam again.
    Victim Repayment: Yes, I repaid the victims of my offense(s)
    Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal here

    Alternate Accounts:

    Appeal description:
    Dear Steamrep,
    5 months ago I made a terrible mistake of blocking a user after he made a paypal mayment for my items. However. I realized what I did and gave him back the items and everything went fine. I will never do this again. It was immoral, immature, and arogant. If it is any consolation I was on the wrong meds and my judgment was foggy. I had some side effects of schytzophrenia. I take full responsibility for my actions but I think a steam rep ban is too much. I have all the items the guy needed. Please I wont ever scam and didnt scam again after that. Today I am healthy, off the meds, and have changed.
  2. You Are The One

    You Are The One Appeals SteamRep Admin


    Your appeal has been reviewed and it has been rejected for the following reason(s):

    - Lack of sufficient evidence to overturn the original judgment.
    - RWC related offenses we do not grant appeals for.
    - Change of heart is not a valid reason to overturn a serious ban within the trade community
    - (Secondary) No proof of repayment submitted.

    Despite your appeal being rejected, it's recommended that you avoid future situations that might appear to be fraud with Steam trading. Sometimes people reported to Valve by its users can get their accounts trade banned by Steam Support.