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Archived Appeal: 76561198140478853 - (Fred Jones (The Meme Lord) / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Fred JonesTheMemeLord, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Fred JonesTheMemeLord

    Fred JonesTheMemeLord Banned on SteamRep

    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561198140478853 (Fred Jones (The Meme Lord))

    Appeal Plea: I commited the offense(s), but it was minor or I disagree with SteamRep policy
    Appeal Reason: [Evidence] Missing - Evidence is missing or not enough
    Victim Repayment: No, but I will repay. I need help finding the victim(s)
    Previous Appeals: Yes, I appealed here before and it was denied.

    Alternate Accounts:


    There are other alts in my old apell they should be there I could not find it​

    Appeal description:
    I have been banned on steamrep for good couple of years 3 - 4 for a minor spycrab which I remeber but I did not have a chance to give the items back and yes I know I should of not taken his items but 3 - 4 years for a craft hat people go to jail for less I have not even seen evidence against me doing this and I would like to see it also because I cannot play one of my favorite games any more because of this minor incedent I would like to have someone to discuss with me and not shove me off cause I have waited far to long just to keep being banned on alts even if I did do nothing wrong on that I think you should assign ban times not perma bans you brush off cause it was nothing I want to have a conversation and not a few text bubbles and then being denied I also tried to do that caution tag but I was denied and had no one tell me why so who ever gets this please help me to 1. pay the dude back which I do not know who he is 2. have a real conversation add me on steam or just do it here and 3. I want to make the community better but the way you guys are doing it is wrong you have to much power.

    Thank you and reply please.​
  2. You Are The One

    You Are The One Appeals SteamRep Admin

    An appeal is not the place to argue policy. You also submitted an invalid appeal knowingly. Next attempted appeal and you will lose posting privileges in this section.