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Rejected Appeal: 76561198261540966 - (d0nnyG / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by b a b y, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. b a b y

    b a b y Banned on SteamRep

    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561198261540966 (d0nnyG)

    Appeal Plea: I committed the offense(s), I admit it
    Appeal Reason: [Change of Heart] I will never scam again.
    Victim Repayment: No, I committed no fraud or had no direct victims
    Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal here

    Alternate or Related Accounts:

    Appeal description:
    It has been around just over 3 years ago since I have been accused of taking somebodies skins within csgo without having to pay for them. This was done to trick this user into thinking he had paid for the skins however I will explain further. [Please excuse that my memory may not be the best considering this happened quite a bit of time ago now but I will try to cover as much detail as possible.]

    I had began my venture into PC gaming midway through when I was 16, slowly picking up on a game I stumbled across named csgo. Amazed by its value within in-game purchases and trading, I would think of nothing but skins. Whenever I saved a little bit of money - skins, skins, and more skins to the point where people wanted to trade multiple of their skins with me in exchange for profit. All I saw was $$$ opportunity. This also helped get me a following, almost like a community alongside it which I would later use to fuel a twitch and discord channel about trading and streaming. More on this later.

    When I turned 17 my trading would have just picked up. I would stream winning and losing skins on websites which were at the time allowed. I would win some, and lose some, and it got me thinking what if others just lose some?

    At this time, all I would hear about in the community is scamming, people getting away with theft. And when it is said like that, that is exactly how it is put. With the email sent and the conversations that occurred (to which I can't remember exactly) I had tried to convince someone I sent them money in order for them to accept a one sided trade offer. This to the sellers perspective would mean that they would have been left with no skins, and nothing but an email.

    Stupid I know - and I know it was stupid because not only has it taken me a long time to realise it has more than an immediate effect on me, and the gaming community around me as a whole; but for someone who was legitimate to begin with, It makes me feel like someone I just ain't.

    I have to admit looking back on it, it wasn't the smartest of moves to pretend that I was transferring money to someone online. I still cant to this day come up with a reason why I thought it was acceptable to do so. Wether it is for 0.07p or £7000, it doesn't make it any less of a crime or sin even if it is the slightest of profit on paper. It wasn't earnt.

    Now I'm 19, I have begun multiples lines of work, afforded everything by working for it myself, and could proudly say my life has taken a turn for the better. I understand the consequences of what this can bring, wether the subject was victim of scamming or not, It is simply wrong to take from others, I was not thinking twice about the consequences of my actions at the time and it has knock on effects to this day.

    Life has weird ways of teaching lessons, and I guess one of those is having to put up with the "un-trustable" association that a ban has on a gamer by the community. I don't mean just put up with the image of the ban on my SR profile page, I mean the image of who it makes me be perceived as.

    I feel as if a lot has changed since this happened both online and in my life, and since then I cant help but think it wasn't even worth it. I ask myself what I was thinking I was going to get from it in the end? Caught, is the answer I now come up with.

    It's a real shame, part of me feels like the slate needs to be wiped clean in order to fully restore trust with the people I enjoy playing my favourite games with daily, let alone the random people I come up against as well. Its difficult to not be seen as someone different as a result of my actions when I was younger and it has definitely affected my place within the community. I would like to turn this around for the better!

    I regret choosing to wake up and pretend to purchase this victims skins which would have only resulted in a scam would he have gone ahead with the trade - wether the decision is overturned or not this is how I truly feel. Going through real life events have certainly helped me mature as a person, and looking back on this I am not proud of trying to take this guys skins. I didn't take responsibility back then and now it is time to do so.

    PS: Regarding my alt account, a couple years after I eventually understood that the reputation I once had was now flushed down the drain. The ban would only haunt me in every interaction I had on steam with my current account, and so I had the idea to create an account to play solely csgo on because of this. I quickly got bored of playing with very new players and returned to my old account. This is still very new and as you may be aware of the creation date of the account it was only within the last few months. No longer than 6 for definite. This has nothing to do with the alleged case on this account.

    PPS: within the case the victim had said I was associated with another account. I don't know who they are and they have no significance to me whatsoever.

    PPPS: I know your aware of me being friends with https://steamcommunity.com/id/guccilemon on both accounts. This is because he is my mate IRL. This isnt an alternative account I have any ownership or access to whatsoever, just want to clear the air now rather than later.

    I apologise for how I acted, and I hope you will consider my appeal. Thanks for your time and if there is anything else you need information on I will be happy to help.​
  2. You Are The One

    You Are The One Appeals SteamRep Admin

    SR, by policy, does not grant appeal for RWC (real world currency) related offenses.
    Saying that, I did read your entire appeal and if not for a policy deny would have considered further as you sound genuine and put effort into the appeal. I hope your Change of Heart was genuine.

    Appeal denied.