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Pending Appeal: 76561198312492011 - (BANNED ME / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'Appeal a Judgement' started by pawNNN, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. pawNNN

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    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561198312492011 (BANNED ME)

    Appeal Plea: I am innocent of all listed offenses
    Appeal Reason: [Accounts] Hijacked - My account was abused by hijacker
    Victim Repayment: No, I committed no fraud or had no direct victims
    Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal here

    Alternate Accounts:

    Appeal description:
    It was once a nice day that somebody got into my Steam account.
    Then he also got into the E-Mail, changed the password email, and the phone number.
    Then he start scamming people, his last nickname was "karambit" i found his on "SteamrRep.com" , my account was unbanned 2 weeks ago, and i found out today, i got banned on SteamRep.com
    After 2 years I managed to get Steam back,

    I add screenshot (email) from Valve, for unauthorized banned.

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