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Rejected Appeal: 76561198371634945 - (✪Zack|CSGOGEM.COM™ / SR CAUTION)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by ✪Zack|CSGOGEM.COM™, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. ✪Zack|CSGOGEM.COM™

    ✪Zack|CSGOGEM.COM™ Banned on SteamRep

    Appeal for SR CAUTION

    Steam profile: 76561198371634945 (✪Zack|CSGOGEM.COM™)

    Appeal Plea: I committed the offense(s), I admit it
    Appeal Reason: [Change of Heart] I will never scam again.
    Victim Repayment: No, I committed no fraud or had no direct victims
    Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal here

    Alternate Accounts:
    I do not have any other accounts​

    Appeal description:
    I am so sry for attemting the scam attempt.I wont scam anyone.My last attempt was that knife now i does not scam anyone.I wont scam anymore pls remove my caution.Kindly do it as soon as possible.Thanking u
  2. Tio José das Vacas

    Tio José das Vacas SteamRep Admin Partner Community Donator - Tier V

    SteamRep Admin:
    Explain why you had "[HELLCASE]Bot #0154" as your name.
  3. You Are The One

    You Are The One Appeals SteamRep Admin

    After a review of the report and this appeal, the bot impersonation happened after the original offense and would have been after your "last attempt" mentioned above, clearly that was a false statement. Denied for attempted item scamming and fake bot impersonation, lying and failure to followup.

    Appeal denied.