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Average time to receive money on paypal.

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Lifeitself, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Lifeitself

    Lifeitself New User

    This is what has happened, I had listed that I wanted to sell my entire Dota 2 inventory in one go ,I was offered 80$ for the entire lot. Both myself and the buyer agreed on the price and went out to find a middle man, after finding one listed from the buyer, found here http://steamrep.com/search?q=76561198062456138
    We had set a time and we traded our items to the middle man, the middle man then after gaining all items including money from both parties had stated that they had sent the money to my paypal account around 1:45pm today 10/8/13 it is now 3:45 the same day. The person purchasing my items still has me added and so does the middle man, I have not received my money yet and they have not received the items. I am not a verified paypal user and I'm looking for some advice or any info that can calm my nerves.
  2. Sari

    Sari Helpful Member

    You should receive your money immediately (please keep in mind that I'm saying this off of viewing experience, as I myself have never done any PP trades). Kind of off topic but do you still have screenshots of the chat, and also is the buyer you're talking about (his steam profile)?
  3. Thomas Matthias

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  4. Xenophobia

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    That should have been an immediate red flag - Middlemen should never hold PayPal money.
  5. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:

    Step by step:

    1. MM verifies the Buyer/seller. Buyer / Seller have to check each other and the MM.
      Checking consists of:
      1. Checking on SteamRep if any has scammer tags or even reports on them by searching forum. (and yes, SR is down at times for backups or too much use, just be patient)
      2. Checking on relevant communities for rep threads, if none, be on the alert, esp buyers without a rep thread is suspicious. Ask buyer for their rep threads. Also, validate the threads to be really of that account, and what community that is.
      3. Google the SteamID 32 and 64 of everybody in combination with the word "Scam" etc, try to find if there where reports.
      4. Ask advice on a account if you're unsure.
      5. If unsure... that is a indication to be more CAREFUL
    2. Seller moves items to MM
    3. MM holds items till Buyer pays to Seller DIRECTLY
    4. Seller confirms to MM money is received.
    5. MM gives Buyer the items.
    If a dispute arises, the MM will hold on to the items till this is satisfactory resolved. (screens of paypal etc)

    Rules of thumb:
    1. Before start, note down all ID blocks of all parties.
    2. Give all parties a custom nickname in STEAM. so you can identify them uniquely. (very strongly recommended, this prevents impersonations of seller/MM to succeed)
    3. The HOLDER of the items INITIATES the trade. (ie: the person that HAS the items invites the intended party of the items, so seller invites MM to trade, MM invites Buyer to trade). Reason: often the "buyer" then retreats, and somebody else will impersonate the seller and trade the MM for the items. Or Impersonate the MM and trade directly to the seller.
    4. When the trade window is open, click WITHIN the trade window on the avatar or name of the other party, and go to his profile, and check the steam-community URL with the noted down ID's, please don't be fooled by "I" ( i ) instead of "l" (L), or "rn" instead of "m", etc.
    5. Make sure you have a real MM, never the one the BUYER wants, unless its a green tagged MM/Admin to pose as MM, or one of a known community that YOU know and can check INDEPENDENTLY (them giving you a link when you don't know the comm ... doesn't work).
    6. Don't forget to tip the MM, the legit ones have a lot of work on it, and its only fair to give 'm some for their time.
    7. If you don't know the MM, or its not a "known" one (green tags, or a community's MM you are member of that is known around) refuse to use that MM. And to be clear on "knowing" the MM, it must be somebody that is trading a lot, you have been trading with, and you know real name and wife's name, that is "knowing" somebody. Not three times a 5 minute chat, or "have played with".
    8. Money doesn't walk away out of itself... have patience, any that is in a rush is suspicious as hell. Sometimes it does happen somebody is in a rush, but then just say, come back tomo... and if then they have the time, they lied and that should trigger your instincts too.
    9. If the money offer is too good to be true, it is. Too good to be true, that is. Backpack buyers offer WAY lower then total price of a backpack, for they have to split and sell it, that costs them TIME, for that time they want PROFIT, so a backpack total worth 100 dollar, they offer some like 60-70. and never 90+ or w/e. REALLY! The larger the BP in # of items, the more time it will cost them and the more space it takes in their bp making future trades not possible for other backpacks. And if it is also all small stuff, that will cost them even more time.
    10. In NO circumstance should a MM hold the money, EVER! This goes ALWAYS directly from buyer to seller.
    Think there is more, but i'm tired, forgot them.

    yeah there was:

    - Steam wallet cant be directly transferred in ANY way, ONLY with Steam Market. Nope, cannot.
    - Steam trade offers are FINAL. So if you put up all your unusuals with the text "any you like?", and you didn't select any stuff from their backpack... its your loss if the other party decided he liked the offer. And yes, that happened.
  6. Eoj Nawoh

    Eoj Nawoh Retired Staff Partner Community

    SteamRep Admin:

    As a Paypal user for quite some years now, in most cases everyone is correct here.

    Paypal instantly transfers funds. That being said, you said you were unverified, and occasionally (not very often) Paypal holds a payment and reviews it. This is especially more common for unverified accounts to make sure nothing illegal is happening. Keep in mind, it notes that a transfer is pending or under review for the sender. So if it was under review/pending, he should have informed you.

    I have doubts that is what happened to you, I'd definitely gather the evidence in the event that you were scammed which is more likely.