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Declined CLWO

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by ✪ MrGibbyGibson™, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Basic Information:

    Community name: CLWO
    Community website: https://clwo.eu/
    Location: EU / European Union
    Languages spoken: English is our primary speaking language for the community, but as our users are mostly from countries from within the EU, we do have admins & users who are able to speak other languages, e.g. Dutch, French and German.
    Size of community:
    2,357 Members on steam & growing daily, 1,982 Members on our forums & growing daily, 1 of our services is also averaging ~750 unique player connections daily and our playerbase of new players (e.g. players that have never played before) is increasing, as we currently average 63 new players daily to our community.​


    Main website: https://clwo.eu/
    Scam reports:
    Ban appeals:
    Other related websites and API usage:
    We currently have 3 CS:GO servers currently running with the SteamRep API included, and is used to kick players off that are banned by SteamRep. We are looking to run more services which will also include the SteamRep API. There is a TS3 Server & our main website (including the forums) which is currently not using the SteamRep API.​

    Staff and groups:

    Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ClassyWolves
    Admin group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ClassyWolves
    Staff ID blocks:


    What are your community's policies on scamming & scamming-related activities?
    The community has a strict policy on scamming members in or outside of the community, which is displayed in our Community Rules. We take each report seriously, and will take actions of adding the victim to our "Blacklist" portal (A banning system which will not allow them on any service that our community has to offer), if the report is accepted. We ensure that the report is legitimate, including evidence of the scam / scamming activity is happening, along with any other factors required, to make our judgement of the report and act as quickly & accordingly, to ensure these activities are stopped as soon as possible.​

    API usage:
    Currently, our TS3 portal & Forums page does not include the SteamRep API, but our CS:GO services are running the API & will not allow any member on who is banned off SteamRep. We do, however, have our own "Blacklist" system (more information above), which ban's the user off the forums & from our TeamSpeak services, along with any other service that CLWO has to offer, until their Blacklist has expired.

    We would be more than happy to look at adding the API to our services which doesn't include the API at this time, where available.​

    Why does your community wish to exchange banners and become a Friend of SteamRep?
    We believe that we will help with possible reports that SteamRep have open from previous experiences / cases that we have handled, along with sharing information with SteamRep of potential cases that have not been reported. With the SteamRep API, this helps us lower chances of possible scamming attempts on our services. We believe that exchanging banners will help to show our commitment on our rules and to show that we are genuine to these rules too.​

    Tell us more about your community:
    CLWO (Also known as Classy Wolves), is an online gaming community which started back in 2013. Our community currently hosts the Number 1 European CS:GO Jailbreak & TTT service, along with other CS:GO services which are being hosted & currently upcoming, to provide a fun experience for all different users on the CS:GO platform. We also host a TS3 service, Discord service & Forum service, to link everything together as one community, and looking to expand to new services within the future.​

    Questions or Comments:
    Our ban appeals are handled through our forums. When registering, you will be asked to link your SteamID to your account (its a simple click & go procedure), which will stop the use of multiple accounts being made (as users cannot post if they are not verified). With our blacklist system, they will see a page when they log into the forums to say they are banned off the forums too & will show an appeal date (if available). If they are able to appeal, it will have pre-loaded data (e.g. steam ID, ban ID & more), with a couple questions they are able to fill in, which is automatically posted to the forums for us to review. There is also a separate section on the forums for each individual game server ban, where players can appeal using our sticky'd threads for templates.

    We don't have a section for Scamming reports, but we do take each report via PMs, which is forwarded to us internally for us to review. This may be something we can look to add within the future, but we do feel that for safety & security, these reports are remain private to the management team in the community.

    We don't have an admin-only steam group, as we have individual staff pages which is available to list our staff pages, along with plugins on our services to show each members staff rank, hence why the 2 steam groups are the same above (Kept giving me an error if it wasn't a link)

    If there is anything I may have missed, or any questions you would like answered, please don't hesitate to contact me on steam here.​

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Application under review. Apologies for the wait.
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    Very formal fell presentient website with many active users and staff members. Not too much trading done but more of a CS:GO server forums but I am sure they will add some more trading aspects and a Middleman position in the future as I will recommend it with the owner. Overall this community is well kept and very well run with active users and staff. Otherwise, I hope that CLWO can be a new friend of SteamRep in the future too come.
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    SteamRep Admin:
    Thank you for your interest in our Friend Community program, and I'm sorry for the wait. Unfortunately, we have decided not to move forward with your application at this time.