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Computer security and you!

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by tom10168, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. tom10168

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    I give all credit to Funkyworms of twoplustwo who actually did this. I am merely passing it along because way too many people are getting hacked. Hopefully this goes viral and nobody gets jacked again.

    Some common sense stuff: You have no friends. Don't do anyone a favor, this is easier if you don't take favors but whatever. Maybe they've done you a favor in the past, well maybe your friend just got hijacked and is now asking you for the last favor you'll ever be able to do.

    His stance on AV is not that of SteamRep's, I would rather not turn this in to a flame war, really, nobody is going to change their mind on that. Do what you like. Click the "part 1" etc for the video segment

    Is all of this necessary? On a laptop you take with you all over the place? It depends on how secure you want your stuff.

    Other stuff:

    Use steamguard - http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/further-securing-your-steam-account-using-gmail.14743/

    Don't allow steam to auto-open links in chat(You might *accidentally* click one!)
  2. DataStorm

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    I'm pretty against Avira, after having to clean up a load of computers that where multiple infected with mallware/spyware with that AV installed over the years. I recommend nowadays Avast Free (free, with registration) or ESET's NOD32 Antivirus / Smart Security (paid, or free for a trial period).

    Also in combination with the Antivirus you need anti-mallware software like malwarebytes, NoScript is covered above, MVPS Hosts updated automatically with Hostsman (on bottom of that link), SpywareBlaster (IE & FF).

    And a general recommendation to uninstall JAVA.