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Did This Really Happened?

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by [TNC:A] The_Ultimate_Kaan, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. So, I was wondering if this ever happened:

    When a mod makes a report does he/she automaticly marks it "Ready for Review" even it has not enough evidence?


    When an admin makes a report, does he/she automaticly accepts and mark the guy, even the report has not enough evidence?

    I'm just wondering, did one of this really got happened?
  2. You Are The One

    You Are The One Appeals SteamRep Admin

    For SR tags, we have internal guidelines that prohibit "direct involvement" taggings w/o another admins ok, on top of that, a different admin deals with appeals.

    An SR admin would not need to file a formal public report (like a regular user would) to tag a user, its redundant as we have internal profile notes and an evidence section on the forums. Also as above, subject to another admin dealing with any possible appeal.

    Community admins have their own private forum section as well to submit tag requests. Some community leaders have direct access to tag for their community as well. Most all evidence maintained by SR is also subject to inspection by any partner community head admin for verification on a case by case basis.