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Discord messages not counting as scam!

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by ᴊᴏᴊᴏ™ | gamekit.com, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. hello,

    I recently got scammed! So I thought I would do the right thing to report that. That way he wont scam more people. But apperently anything else but steam chat does not count as evidance! This really should get its own thread. Atleast make a warning that when they got reported but at an other platform it also should get a warning message. So that when you search for their account on steamrep, they will see that there have been people scammed but not via steamchat.
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    All past reports on an account are visible buy clicking the "Search SteamRep Forum" button on their SR profile. For various reasons we cannot investigate reports involving Discord chats, way too hard and it introduces a whole set of new issues; much easier to just ensure you conduct Steam related trades on Steam...

    Putting a warning on their profile for these reports would mean we have to have some sort of review process to remove it & apply it, and then it basically just becomes the same as a ban or caution tag...
  3. I understand but when I go to his steamrep I dont see that he has been reported. And there are no little warnings, I would suggest that when he has a few reports wether they be rejected or archieved, that there should be atleast something that would be a bit more noticable.

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Ok here is the rub - we can't apply warnings when you were not able to provide proper evidence against the user.
    Innocent till proven guilty - applying any warning to the user that stands out on their SR profile would be an injustice to that user since again no proof they did anything wrong.
    Discord evidence isn't reviewable since its Discord... same would apply to Facebook, instagram etc etc... you are reporting a STEAM user...not a Discord user.
    We would have absolutely no way to know who you were talking to regardless of name - would be easy to get someone mixed up or staged.
    You could be reported in the same manor, someone use some faked discord conversation with your name saying it was you or perhaps they just thought it was you...you would be rather unhappy if we slapped a warning on your profile of some sorts I'm sure.
  5. I do understand it but it's just so simple then scamming. Just use discord as fast as possible and you wont get any report on steamrep. Well that will be easy then. But still thanks for the support.

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