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Do i have enough evidence to report a scam?

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Ratha, May 29, 2013.

  1. Ratha

    Ratha New User

    I made a trade with someone during the thanksgiving sale in 2012 (November 26). Items from this trade were later revoked from my account and the accounts of people that i traded them to on Jan 17 2013 and Feb 21 2013. 7 of 8 items were removed in total. Ive got screenshots of 5 of the revocation notices (from my account, plus accounts of two friends) as well as screenshots of myself and another user who i didnt know or trade with prior to seeing his comment about revoked items on traders profile. I also have inventory trade history which shows the 8 trades i made with this person, and then those two people whom i traded them to. Steam support as well as one of the game companies have reimbursed me for those items that were scammed as well.

    For many months comments that myself and this other person made on his profile remained there since he was not logging in frequently, however recently he removed those comments, and im thinking that he might become more active on that account again, and thats why im reporting it now. (It was also such a headache to get those items restored that i just didnt want to bother with it if he wasnt going to come back.)

    I have a series of screenshots which show the number of games on his account decreasing slowly over time from 5 to 3 (there were many more that were removed from before i took my first screenshot) but only one of them has a date marker since steam obfuscates the date of a comment unless its old) There is also a screenshot of a picture he posted on his account along with the date posted, for a game that no longer exists on his account.

    His profile is set to friends only however, so it will be problematic for other people to confirm the state of his account right now, and i do not have screenshots of the original chat logs. I guess my question is: Will the screenshots of the revocation notices and the trade history be enough proof? (And would i be able to censor the account names they were removed from since that can be related to login info)

    I am tempted to post another comment on his wall, and hope it stays there for a few days or a week so that i can take a screenshot that contains a date marker that shows he has less games on his account now, and that he removed both of our comments, but do not wish to get blocked if he notices the comment which would reduce my ability to continue to gather evidence.

    If an admin, or someone who is highly experienced in this matter could reply with some advice, that would be most appreciated. Id really like to protect my privacy as well as the privacy of my friends in this matter, so id need some advice on that front as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  2. McCreW

    McCreW New User

    This looks pretty decent (evidence wise).

    I would say post the "THREAD" and make sure you give links to the pictures so there is actual picture proof of everything.

    Don't make the pictures just on his steam profile though show pictures of the scam as well.
  3. King [Trading]

    King [Trading] New User

    Looks good. Has screenshots and evidence.
  4. GavinHTV

    GavinHTV New User

    I would say so.
  5. ForteSP

    ForteSP New User

    Even if you have no evidence, it's still worth it to file a report. This allows SteamREP to archive the report and keep it as a fact that a scam may have occurred. It never hurts to report ^.^