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Guide: Naming of roles in a Community.

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by DataStorm, Aug 23, 2012.

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    As some have trouble naming what function they have within a group. I'll provide a list of definitions to it.

    Owner is the person / Steam account linked to that person on who's name the internet domain of a Community is. If no Internet domain is there, its the owner of the Steam Community associated with it.
    This is a non-sharable title. So only 1 person can have it. Example: on SR Diego owns the http://steamrep.com URL, therefore he's the owner.
    This also means, that the URL can be owned by somebody else then the actual server it points to, therefore the ownership of the URL is binding to SR's definition.

    See: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sr_public
    If you scroll down there, you see that there are admins listed on the steam group, the most left is Diego, and then Jameless, Mattie and last but not least is atom-. The first, and leftmost admin listed is ALWAYS the owner of the Steamgroup.

    The owner's role can be any they like. Its their community, and therefore they can admin, mod etc. to any aspect. Any admin/moderator answers to the owner with their action. Bigger decisions often need to be communicated with the owner.

    Top Admin:
    In some cases the owner isn't active, and a designated admin ("Top Admin", don't know a better name) is taking his place to keep the community afloat.

    The Top Admins role is to be the replacement of the owner for longer periods of time. (months or more).

    Head Admin:
    A head admin is part of a group admins that have authority over all other Admins within the group, or on a specific subset of it. He/she can be the sole or shared responsible of a part of a community, like the TF2 Trading, TF2 gaming, Counter-Strike, their site, subsection of it, etc. They have in rule more access then normal admins, to adjust rights/access on them, or are eligible to override a admin. (Which I advice is to do so always while communicating with that admin or junior admin or mod etc. to let those learn and get better.)

    The Head Admin's role is to oversee their part of their responsibility, and communicate directly with the owner on problems to address the bigger issues. Smaller issues are often handled by themselves (day-to-day operation), but in cases that need a greater consensus its talked with the owner/other head admins.

    A admin is somebody who has the access to the realm he's to keep in order with full access withing the bounds of the section he's admin on and no longer is under scrutiny by the owner or a head admin for all actions done. He still has to do things according policy from Owner/head admins.

    A admins role is to address issues as been instructed, if unclear, verify with responsible Head Admin. If outside the assigned responsibility, forward the issue to the head admin.

    Junior Admin
    A junior admin is a admin that is in training after been accepted into a community to admin on it. Often those have no banning rights or only can ban for a limited time (10 min up to a day/week), or only some rights in kicking or smaller duties, or access to do things on the server. The owner, head admin, or other admins will overlook his/her's actions and audit the actions to evaluate the to be admin.

    A Junior Admin's role is to be evaluated by admins and/or head admins. They have lower rights, and after a action, it is expected of them to communicate about this with other admins or head admin about how the community is handling the type of situation. In short, learn the in and outs, get to know the other admins etc.

    A mod is somebody who streamlines things on a forum, moving threads, closing threads etc. Varying definitions apply, but it always involves a less then full admin access to a (sub)forum.
    PS: On SR Mods are moving around threads, do a pre-scan on reports and reply to ask questions, and by doing so make sure the admins waste the least time with appeals or reports.

    People who have a status for different reasons (paid slots/extra privileges/gave money/provided some of value to sustain a community).

    Their role may be that they have some say on policy changes, or be part in votes etc. This can be non-exclusive to normal members.

    Only Owner, Head admins and Admins will be listed on SR, with the condition that those admins are actually handling the trading and issues with the traders and ppl on their servers regarding trading etc. A CS admin isn't to get a Tag from a Affiliated Community. A admin from their TF2 Trading server is. It can therefore be that only a subset of admins are having tags on SR, for those handle that part of their community.

    In my personal opinion, a community needs a active owner or "top admin" that keeps an eye on day to day business, to be running well. Most communities I've seen where the owner/top admin isn't active, are dead by now. There is only 1 I know that is still up and the owner isn't active on it.
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    added under "owner":
    This also means, that the URL can be owned by somebody else then the actual server it points to, therefore the ownership of the URL is binding to SR's definition.
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    Added info on their role's.
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