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Archived [H] 1000keys [W] Victims of tf2/dota2 scam

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by peteyM3, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. peteyM3

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    [H] 1000 keys [W] 1000 Victims of tf2/dota scam

    This is pete. I will be using the services of Steamrep and it's staff to help facilitate the giveway of 1000 keys to the first 1000 victims of a scam involving items in either Team Fortress 2 or Dota2. Inorder to qualify for a key, you must meet the criterias below.

    1: You must have had an item/s scammed from you during trade involving TF2/Dota2 items.
    2: You must have sent a scam report to steamrep and had your report accepted. Link your threads.
    3: You must be the first 1000 individuals to complete the first two steps above.
    4: If there are not 1000 people then the list will start over at the top and the first person will recieve another key.

    To be clear, no one will be buying, trading or selling anything with me directly incase you are worried about getting marked for dealing with me. The trades will be done through Steamrep admins if they agree.

    I want to also take this oppurtunity to appologize to the TF2/Dota2 community, Sourceop, Steamrep and it's staff, Hammy, Mattie, Butane, Diego, DF and anyone else I may have missed.

    I want to take this time to shine a little light on what actually took place before I ride off into the sun set, never to look back. I don't expect anyone to believe me and I don't expect forgiveness. I think this is the right thing to do and I am doing it on my own free will. I am not claiming innocents here and I will not be appealing any bans. My backpacks and all steam wallet balances on it are locked by Valve. I will leave that be. I won't be creating anymore accounts and I won't be back in the trading business in anyway, shape or form.

    For a while now, I have been dealing with steamrep marked individuals. I don't buy or sell from them, I just middleman or broker for them, for a cut of course. In this situation, I was to middleman the sale of the PBR for $2600 WU to Skins. I was to a nice tip for my time. The item was traded to me. The buyer Skins was told to send the money. He could not for some reason and the deal was off.I told him the deal was off and that the seller would be getting his PBR back. I gave the item back to the seller.

    The seller said he was in a hurry to sell the PBR and wanted to get cash for it as soon as possible. We came to an agreement that I would sell the PBR for him at a significantly larger cut. He would receive money from me through paypal since he would trust me not to chargeback.

    The seller then tells me he and Skins would work thins out. I demanded we stick to the agreed upon arrangement that I get a large cut. He refused. I told him that was the deal we made and in needs to be honored. He says he is going to expose and report me. I transferred the PBR to an alt account and then sold it to a Dota2 collector for Dragon Hooks in the amount of $2000. The Dragon hooks were sold on steam market. The funds were spread across three alts. Some of it was used to purchase collector sets and keys. The sets, keys and steam wallet balance are locked up by Valve. My main account and everything in it is locked up by Valve.

    As for the buyer. He never sent in the payment and did not lose his money. No innocent individuals lost anything here. The buyer did however get charged a $30 service fee for creating the WU transaction. I did tell the buyer to send the money after the initial deal did not go through. I did not have any more conversations with the buyer. What he and the seller agreed to was not known to me. Our deal was off, and I went afk after that. I don't know what he was told by the Seller.

    This is by no means an attempt of mine to restore my reputation. I have accepted my tag from steamrep and ban from Valve and I will not be appealing them. I will not avoid the bans using other methods to trade.

    I am embarrassed and ashamed of what transpired and the actions I took. However, in the end, I did not scam anyone. A deal that should never have been made was made and that deal was not honored by the seller. It was never my intention to scam the supposed Victim, go rogue or cash in my rep. What's done is done and I can't do anything to change that.

    I middle man deals for two to three times the amount of the PBR in question and could have taken anyone of those opportunities to scam.I did not. It never crossed my mind. Ask yourself, if I were to cash in my rep and went rogue, where is the long line of victim's? Why is there only one? Why did I not cash out my backpack? Also, why is the Victim and his alts banned by Valve and tagged? Why was the PBR traded back and forth 3 times between both parties? There is a lot more to it than what everyone is being led to believe. Again, this is not an attempt to restore my repution. Only two people will know what actually happened and what conversations were had.

    The seller (victim) and his alts have been scamming and impersonating for months. They have taken somewhere in the amount of 6-7K from inocent individuals. Does this make what I did right? No, I know that and I'm not asking anyone to hail me as Robin Hood. It was stupid of me and I understand it was wrong. I let a lot of people down, especially anyone who considered me a friend. Again, all I can do is say I am sorry and it was never my intentions to scam anyone. Through all my years in trading, I have never scammed anyone.


    I understand it will take a long time for the trading community to recover from this. Steamrep is not to blame here. This is the fault of two individuals who let greed get in the way of common sense, friendship and trust.

    Mattie, Helen, Butane and the rest work very hard and dedicate a lot of free time and effort into steamrep. The system has obvious flaw as we can tell by this step back but these individuals and the site are not to be blamed. They had no control of what transpired and will not have any control over any actions an individual decides to take in the future. You don't have to trust the system but trust the individuals behind it. Respect them for their selfless efforts and know that the trading community would be in chaos without steamrep.
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    SteamRep Admin:
    (Archiving the admission and information.)

    Note: SteamRep will not be involved in any such giveaway. It is not recommended that anyone trade with a banned individual involved in fraud-- it can hurt their reputation or make it appear as they are working with them.
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