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Help with trading

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Dihiboy, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Dihiboy

    Dihiboy New User

    Hello readers,
    I got a message from ๖ۣۜPhoonzer, stating that he wants to buy my Unusual Bubbling Doctor's Sack for $450 if I go first. I checked his status and he is claimed neutral, however, he keeps his steam inventory private and only has 203 hours or tf2 gameplay. Should I trust him or do I need someone to help? This is my first time trading via PayPal, so I not know much. Thanks in advance!

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  2. ForteSP

    ForteSP New User

    LMAO! He's the most obvious scammer in the history of the entire world...

    Offering $450 for a 12 key unusual is obscene. It's always good to be cautious but this is quite clearly a scammer. Just screenshot his scam attempt, report him, delete him and laugh at his pitiful attempt at scamming.

    You are very lucky you asked first, as opposed to actually going through with the trade :)!
  3. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Have to agree with Forte there, a scammer doesn't care if he "overpays" grossly, for he's never going to pay it anyways.
  4. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Tell him to mail you a certified check or money order from his bank if he wants it bad enough... any real trader will wait for a good deal or for what they want if they are legit. Never rush a big trade, make the other person wait a while to check them out good and to ensure that is truly what you want.