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How To Become Rich - Safely/Legitly!

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by -[FF]- Taco, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. -[FF]- Taco

    -[FF]- Taco New User

    Hello, this is my little tutorial/bibliography of my trading techniques.
    I have over 700 hours in my Team Fortress 2 and 40 refined + 2 keys literally starting from nothing.

    I have not paid a single cent in this game, but yet, I am premium AND I am on the path to getting an unusual.

    Trading Tips:
    1) Sound mature - No one wants to trade with a child who doesn't know prices. 'trade me i hab hets'
    2) Do not trade on mic - There is little chance someone can hear you or understand your accent/language.
    3) Have some +rep on your steam profile - No, just don't make alts and comment your own profile. Actually get legit +reps from others who HAVE +rep and now you are trusted.
    4) Do not spend 5 hours in a server - Chances are someone on a different server needs/sells what you have/want.
    5) Know all of the TF2 main websites for trading - Tf2outpost, Backpack.tf, etc.

    If you are premium, then steps 1-6 may be too simple. Jump to 7 if comfortable!

    Step 1: (Little to no items to profit of)
    I was a Free To Play at this stage.
    Collecting Crates!
    Crates are very spacious items that have no real value to them. Go to a server, advertise you are collecting crates and you will get loads if you have takers. Once you have at least 25, you should continue on this next step.
    In chat: "Taking any unwanted crates!"

    Step 2: (Little to no items + 25 crates)
    Selling those crates!
    Once you get enough crates, jump to another server (trade server preferred) and advertising you are selling 15 crates (or up to you) for 1 scrap.
    In chat: "Selling 15 crates per scrap!"

    Step 3: (Getting a few scrap profit)
    Getting profits...
    Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have at least 1.33 in metal.

    Step 4: (Having enough for ONE hat)
    Once you have enough for a hat, advertise you are buying a CRAFT hat for 1 refined or 1 refined + scrap.
    This technique takes forever, but you could profit 0.33 for every hat you get.
    In chat: "Buying ALL craft hats - 1 refined each!"
    Once you have a taker, sell the item on a different server for 1.33.

    Step 5:
    Repeat step 4 until you can get enough for 2 keys.

    Step 6: (You have 2 keys)
    Go find someone selling an Upgrade to Premium and give them the metal.
    TIP - Make sure the metal is craftable AND tradable - meaning you can trade them the metal when they give you the gift.
    (When I was at this stage, they gave me the item then accepted. I had to trade them again to give them the metal.)

    Step 7: (Starting from the bottom again.) Scrapbanking time.
    Now that you bought your upgrade gift, you have nothing left. BUTTTTT! You are premium.
    Now, you could simply play the game. When you regularly play TF2, you are 'rewarded' with item drops. As you play, you have a chance to find up to 12 items per week. You could find:
    When you get ONE weapon (at least), sell it for a scrap to someone. Then go to a server saying 'Scrapbanking'. [Go to google to know what that is]
    You get 2 weapons for every scrap, which you can sell for 1 scrap each.
    Check out the never ending chart:

    / \
    Weapon Weapon
    Weapon Weapon
    \ /

    Keep doing this until 5 refined. Then repeat step 4 to get 0.33 profit.

    After, you can earn a key without spending money, but spending time.


    Hope this helps, leave a comment.


  2. Thomas Matthias

    Thomas Matthias Retired Staff

    I stopped reading here.
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  3. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Pretty common practice of trading, that part Thomas quoted shouldn't be included for sure as steam profile rep is pointless.
    The idea is sound of trade server jumping...trade up is how its done just as that one guy I read about that traded up on craigslist starting with a ipod and ended up with a brand new car with nothing but trading. I've always supported trading thru servers as at least you are in the game which shows Valve there is a need to continue to support the game vs finding people thru websites.
  4. You Are The One

    You Are The One Head Appeals and Privacy Advocate SteamRep Admin

    unrelated to SR or safe trading /closed
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