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how to detect false links and scammers

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by Pinkie Pie, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie New User

    hello i am spy your personal guide to help you with detecting false link
    Lets get started :D

    1: The http(s), oh the irony when someone sends you the "legit" steam site first of all the real steam site will have "https" not "http" and will have a green text somewhere in the url.

    2:The "friend" someone added you? then chatted with you and sent you a link? read the 1: part, now try getting it on video get your fraps or whatever and record, if you did theres two options

    1A: if you did scare him, tell him that you recorded it and if he blocks and unfriend gratz you scared him and got proof YaY*

    2B:if you didt record keep talking and take pictures with the prtsc button it should be close to you'r del button
    but remeber always have paint up do this*

    2B steps* paint> ctrl+v> save>repeat untill all pictures are saved

    1A* remeber to click his profile pic and copy his profile link that will help your report. And same as above

    3: DO NOT CLICK THE LINK I REPEAT DO NOT CLICK IT!!!, if you did and where stupid enough to type your pass and email s✿✿✿, QUICK CHANGE PASS AND ASK THE STEAM SUPPORT TO LOCK YOUR ACCOUNT FOR 3 DAYS ATLEAST!! DO IT!!! if you dont know how you're effed.

    4: the dangerius part, did two guys add you or did your friend ask you to trust the link? you might fall for this but dont dont click links that anyone even your friends say that you should even if theyre your irl friends
    heres typical links (fake) http: *admin edit: removed link* < steam will never give you free games if you want free games buy them or go to the free to play tab in the store.

    5: how big of a bait you are, it depends on how much you got look at this if you walk into a trade server and people start looking in your backpack most of them will trade/link you dont click links now follow under me

    level 1: under 10 stuff, people wont try to scam you for the most because you dont got anything valuable but they might be out after your other things

    level 2: a little more than 25 stuff, if you got hats and s*** you will be a target for many.

    level 3: dangerius, if you got UNUSUALS STRANGES BILLS EARBUDS AND PAINT, METAL PEOPLE WILL COME FOR YOU GUARRANTIED TRY STAY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE OUT OF TRADE SERVERS, BY THAT I MEAN DONT SAY WHAT YOUR SELLING ALOT AND DONT CLICK LINKS THAT PEOPLE SAY: "hey (your name) click this link so we can trade" or they might say soo "hey (your name) click this link for free stuff and s✿✿✿.

    6: the last step, the most obivius is that people can call themself admins and administatiors or steam admin theyre not look in their picture if its a steam picture its just fake... valve will never want you to click a link thats not approved by them approved links maybe will show up as idk trusted at forums of the steam community, try go to the forum and find out if hes a real admin (probably will be fake but better safe than sorry). if people automatticly go around saying real real real admin and they have names such as pharalu, tank, trusted man, shay. theire probably bots remeber always include a link to the "admins" steam profile and only trust those that is a mod/admin on the forum.

    now if you did it right i think that you should be a less chance of bait
  2. DataStorm

    DataStorm Retired Staff

    1. posted in wrong section: moved to guides subsection
    2. the link you used as a example actually exists: removed
    3. I do remember that there was some likewise: but I'll leave it up.
  3. Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie New User

    derp sorry that its a real url i didt know it derp

    i just tried to whelp
  4. JoVi []_[]

    JoVi []_[] New User

    hmm.. actually i have seen several people get this including my friend who actually falled for it wich resulted in me getting the message. (did not fall for it) :/ bit of a downer this is still around. thanks for the warning though ^^