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How to scare away scammers - by CoLizioN

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by CoLizioN cs.money, Oct 8, 2016.

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  1. CoLizioN cs.money

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    Hello, my name is CoLizioN. I've recently joined the steamrep community forums to report scammers and doing that I've already gotten 4 people SR banned. Today I will show you how to successfully get someone banned and scare away scammers from your profile easily.

    Part 1 : How To Report Someone

    The first part you want to start with is the getting someone banned part. Here is a conversation I've had with a scammer.

    CoLizioN cs.money: hi
    Zimme®man: yo
    Zimme®man: u like my knife?
    CoLizioN cs.money: yeah
    CoLizioN cs.money: why?
    Zimme®man: im interested in some dota 2 items. i want Autographed Spaulders of Big 'Un and i found guy who's have it but i cant add him because i think he blocked me , can u try to get it and trade with me?
    CoLizioN cs.money: alright
    Zimme®man: Can u try to ask him about it and try to get it?
    Zimme®man: if u will get it i give you my knife on it 1x1
    Zimme®man: ok?
    CoLizioN cs.money: ok
    CoLizioN cs.money: wait
    CoLizioN cs.money: would they guy want my knife?
    Zimme®man: i dont know what he wants for it
    Zimme®man: can u ask him?
    CoLizioN cs.money: ok
    CoLizioN cs.money: but could i do it like
    CoLizioN cs.money: if he wants my knife for it
    CoLizioN cs.money: could you and me trade knives
    CoLizioN cs.money: then i get the guy to unblock
    CoLizioN cs.money: and he gets the knife

    So this is only part of the conversation, but you can already tell he's trying to scam you. The best way to format a report on steamrep is like this:

    - Say what he/she tried doing and say everything that happened in your own words without using the chat you've had with him/her.

    - Copy and paste the entire chat with the scammer. If there are multiple scammers involved, make sure to get those as well. Since you can only put one scammer info on the report, include the other one in your report as well.

    - Make sure that if you copy and paste the chat you have timestamps on. To enable timestamps go to Steam > Settings > Friends > and check the box that has "display timestamps in chat log". This will give you a better chance of having your report accepted because you have time proof.

    - Take accurate screenshots using programs like Gyazo. Make sure you don't crop out anything that can be used against the person. Take screenshots of the chat, their profile and, if you've received a trade, that as well. MAKE SURE NOT TO CROP OUT THE TIMESTAMPS! The timestamps are the most important part of the report.

    - Along with the screenshots of evidence, make sure to describe each screenshot uploaded to give the admin an easier time to look over your evidence. Format it like this:

    Evidence1.png - First part of conversation. Him saying how the trade would take place. I noticed that this is a scam the moment I hear him say that his friend has him blocked.
    Evidence2.png - Second part of conversation. I told him that I'd pay the guy extra to unblock him, but he keeps saying that it wouldn't work and he doesn't want to get scammed by me.
    Evidence3.png - Third part of conversation. I decided to end it by laughing at him for being an idiot and attempting to scam me. He says that I will get banned for attempting to scam him, but that won't happen will it?
    Evidence4.png - Last part of conversation. He says that he won't get banned, but he will eventually :)

    Part 2 : Scaring Away Scammers

    This part of this guide is how to scare away those filthy nerds that try to steal from you. If you look at my steam profile ( steamcommunity.com/id/colizion ), you will see that I have a list of the people that I reported and got banned, along with why they got banned. This will warn scammers that you are not some dumb kid with a good CS:GO knife / TF2 Unusual / Dota 2 Item and has a mind dumber than a tree nut being eaten by a squirrel.



    People who are scammers and got banned on SR :) ;
    http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198171718003 - Glimmer Drop Scam
    http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197968166370 - Glimmer Drop Scam
    http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198116474669 - Impersonation Scam
    http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198155446933 - Impersonation Scam

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this guide and hopefully it helped you out. Thank you and have a great rest of your day, gamers!
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