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I think I made a mistake.

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Azuriae, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Azuriae

    Azuriae New User

    Hey everyone. This is my first post here; anyway.

    I started trading unusuals. Since I was in dire need of pure, I made a post on TF2OP about my Sunbeams Tricorne, with a rather cheap price.
    Anyway, I got added by this guy who made a pretty decent offer; He told me he was gathering and that he'd come back to me by the end of the night.
    The trade seemed to go well; he haggled a bit and we got set on a price. Sadly, I totally didn't think about checking his SteamRep; As soon as we traded he quickly removed me before I could even say anything.
    It's when I got instantly removed that a bell rang in my head; and no surprise, he's a SR tagged scammer for paypal scams.

    Now, I do have the 2 buds, 25 keys and S.Caber in my possession; but I'm worried. Are there risks that these items are going to be taken away from me by Valve if he paypal scammed them? Can I get in trouble for trading with someone who is a tagged scammer, even if it was accidental?

    I really feel bad about this and I'm really worried; I'd appreciate any tips or answers from you guys.
    This is pretty much all I own in TF2 and I don't want to lose it all. :(
  2. HissTheHeavy

    HissTheHeavy New User

    I think it's only if you know your trading with a scammer you can get tagged for it I think
  3. DataStorm

    DataStorm Retired Staff

    If those items are scammed but you traded for them in items, you don't have much to worry about.
    If it was paid for in PayPal, I'd be making a steam support ticket to get a head on.

    but the trading for items makes it easier to sell for him, for the scammed goods aren't anymore in his hands, but something else, that he can easily move to somewhere else.
  4. Nathan Cash

    Nathan Cash New User

    It is really up to steamrep on whether or not they mark you. They usually give a warning before marking altogether for this kind of thing. You shouldn't be worried about getting your items taken away by Valve as they usually just dupe scammed items that have already been sold to give back to the person who was originally scammed.