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If someone is targeting people for scams, can you get them banned if you don't actually fall for it?

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by CommandoRyu, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. CommandoRyu

    CommandoRyu New User

    Just had a guy add me. I have a trade up on TFoutpost and SteamTrades looking for a Gift copy of farcry 3. The guy said he had steam wallet and would buy the game for me. He then proceeded to tell me that as he was going to buy it he wanted the items first so I couldn't run off and not trade him. I had already checked his SteamRep and he looks to be a scammer and is on trade probation. Just wondering if he attempt at a scam is considered a reason or hell even just more evidence to get him banned. If so I'll start a properly formatted scammer report in the main forum for that.
  2. Ninja Otter With A Taco

    Ninja Otter With A Taco Retired Staff

    If you feel you have enough evidence to get him banned make a report. ;D (That means even if you didnt fall for it)
  3. Mrs TS

    Mrs TS New User

    I have made a handful of trades like the one you mentioned. It is a leap of faith to spend real $$$ on a game to trade away not knowing if the other person will follow thru with the trade, but you could always ask for a trusted middleman who I am sure could help you with such a trade.