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is dota2prices.com a legit site?

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Muninn, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. AcesGamer

    AcesGamer User

    I don't work for D2T anymore (nor any other Dota 2 website), so that's irrelevant. I don't even have many valuable Dota 2 unusuals, so no, it would not benefit me directly in any way.
    Do a little research next time before posting those sorts of attacks.
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  2. Leonfaria

    Leonfaria New User

    im just gonna leave here the comment i made on a PSA on reddit about this... and im gone

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  3. Dronefly

    Dronefly Caution on SteamRep

    I have a comment to make here. If someone decides to attempt to become what we call in stock market trade terms an MM there is nothing illegal about doing it. I wont get into it much more then that but keep in mind that people who move large stocks DO affect the market price of an item regardless of what it was. Try to research what would happen if Bill Gates went out tomorrow morning on market opening and tried to sell off his entire stake in Microsoft. See where it leaves the stock prices.
  4. DBG

    DBG New User

    Woah, I'm willing to tango with a scammer if I get some free keys out of it, URL? lol actually nvm, I'm sure I would have to sell my soul first and various people/minions from hell/college loan officers have already laid stakes to it.
  5. talawas

    talawas New User

    if you google "dota2prices run by sharks reddit" you will find first result to be a reddit post, with 100 upvotes confirming just that
  6. talawas

    talawas New User

    ah nvm, we are already aware of that reddit post :p

    i only read the first 2 pages, sorry ^_^
  7. Mr.HaM

    Mr.HaM New User

    So finally, I should write a word or two in this thread? Sure, why not.

    I'll just list some facts and that would be all from me.

    My biggest scam ever, which I recall like it was yesterday, was when random guy invited me to trade (w/o saying one word) and offered me three random uncommons for 3x commons which he listed that he wants from me. Back, in the days when I was still trading commons and uncommons, that was a huge deal for me :D And that was the only time I ever felt like I "cheated" some one.

    When I trade, I always try to get a key, two keys or 0.5 key in profit. Depends on how big the trade is. Some examples which now I can recall:

    Bought DT Roshy for 42, sold for 45. Bought 5x FF Demons, sold them for 1 key in profit - same goes for 6x Lotus Demons, 4x FB Demons, 3x CR Demons (still got 2x), 1x DT Demon, 1x Sunfire Demon, around 7-8x Fiery Arcana, endless amounts of random sets which are still valued highly on the market (buying mirana sets for 7 keys, selling them for 7 keys and 3x random rares etc).

    Overall, I completed around.... +1k trades? At least.

    I bought and sold around 60ish DC Hooks and around 25ish TBs. Each of those trades I would profit 1 key, like 95% of them. Sometimes, people offer even two or three keys for each of those two high valued items and if I get to them 1st - I would sell to them.

    Sometimes, I get "lucky" (Read: pay close details on the market) so I get higher profit.

    I bought 3x Lockjaws when I realized that they are highly wanted, at that moment, by the community.

    Bought 1st for 38, 2nd for 42, 3rd for 45 keys. Sold 1st for 42, 2nd for 55 and 3rd for 72 keys (around 30 days later, that was my initial plan). Five days later after I sold last Lockjaw, its value was around 100 keys. Then it started to drop and lock can now be bought for around 70-80 keys.

    When they announced that DC Hooks will drop in game, I did exact the opposite what every and each player out there was doing - I was BUYING DC Hooks!

    I traded away my 3-4 unusual demons, each worth 15ish keys, and ALL my available keys, to buy DC Hooks for 16, 15, 13 and 12 keys. Few hours later, DC hooks were sold for 8-10 keys but alas, I started to buy them too soon. I was furious - I was buying them at 16 14 13 when I could have paid each one 9 keys, top price :mad:

    I went to sleep, frustrated o_O When I woke up, mr. Painstik told me the good news and voila - I sold them pretty fast and got around 35 keys in profit. When all raged how they lost XY keys, I did profit 'cause I did what no1 else did.

    2nd time I had huge profit was when DireTide event ended. I had a hunch something weird is going on with unusual essences so I bought as many I could get for 2 keys each which was, at that time, and is still now, it's actual market price. Later on, I ended up selling unusual couriers for +30 keys! Last two I sold for 24 and 22 keys. Not bad for a 6 key investment huh?

    And this is how I got all the items I have on me.
    I was added like... 5-6 times so far, people offering me random items and / or keys to fast change the price of their XY item so they could fast sell it and gain profit. I've blocked all these users w/o further questions asked.

    After each negative comment I get / read about dota2prices on the internet, I get around 5-8 good feedback like "Awesome site, it helped me a lot with trading, keep up with good work!". Each day, I am added more and more by XY random traders out there and saying exactly these words and less and less I am added and getting comments like "WTF with prices, you suck" etc etc

    Yes, I am human.

    Yes, I do mistakes. I've changed the price of Defense wardogs and suddenly, XY random people are saying how I manipulate prices.

    All I want is 1 key for each time I heard that. I would be a millionaire by now.

    Why does dota2prices exists, in the 1st place?

    I wrote an article about that but hey! It is easier to JUDGE and throw useless CRITICISM in my direction then to actually do some research / reading.

    I'll repeat:

    Dota2prices serve as reference site only. We are preventing scams like Immortal item vs Immortal 1:1 (DC Hook vs Golden greevil), Golden greevil being sold for +30 keys and fine example which I witnessed on reedit - EF Frog being sold for 70ish keys when it's value, at that time, was around +130.

    Are you angry 'cause you cannot find cheap EF Frog anymore? I bet you are.

    Have I ever did that? Got profit like +10 keys in ONE trade ever?

    Believe me or not, I never had.

    Countless time, if I sense that other person do not know the value of his/her items, I would say: "Look dude, your item is worth YX and I am willing to offer you YX which is worth this_and_that."

    And guess what? Not only that person would trade me after that, I would hear comments like "LOL other guy just offered me XY which is nothing compared to your offer, let's trade!"

    I would get what I want because when I trade - or anything else in my real life for that matter - I always have ALL MY CARDS ON THE TABLE.

    And I am proud of that. I keep my integrity no matter what.

    In other trading game, I had over 1.000€ of BORROWED items from other players. I invested a LOT of BRANDING in my name (jeah, I was famous there as well I am here now, I dare to say that at this point) to get to that point where I could actually do such things. I could walk away with +1.000€ worth of items from various player and sell them. Did I do that? I did not. Each of those items were sold and proper value of those items (- my provision, which was agreed upon before I even got those items in the 1st place) were returned to their former owners.

    Why I did that, borrowing other player items? I figured that I could make more profit my trading high valued items and then get my "cut" after that. I was poor in that game and I saw that as a shorcut to my own path of getting better items.

    I was the only guy ever that did that in that game, or any other trading game as far as I can tell.

    Are you even reading this wall of text? I probably would not, if I were you. If you're still reading, congratz to you then.

    Do I justify my actions or am I trying to prove to any of you, out there, that I (we) are not scammers or similar at dota2prices?

    What do you think of me?

    I... do... not... care what you think of me, of Mr. Painstik or dota2prices.com.

    You think you can control things like which website will run or which one will not? Hahahhaha think again 'cause you, same as me, are not important and just because you can "order" your legs to move while u're walking - that does NOT mean that you can control other various random things in YOUR life. You have no control of other people, what will they say, how will they act and similar. Accept that or not - that is your choice and you will have to live with that.

    Anything else?

    I think I am done.

    Thank you for reading.

  8. Mr.HaM

    Mr.HaM New User

    After this post, I give myself the right to double post. Just few more words.

    You cannot possibly "make" all people like you. That is not possible.

    You do not like me?

    Ask yourself, whose problem is that?

    You want my approval? You want to be accepted? Are you screaming that some one, random person out there, validate what you say or write?

    We all want approval, to be in control, to be accepted, to be "one" with all and on the other hand, to have a desire to be "separated". To be loved. Some of those wishes are fools dreams.

    That is why I do not care about criticism and judgments unless I actually can use that to improve myself, dota2prices or my life in general.

    Everything else is just a chit chat and you can spam your random negative thoughts as much as you want - with that problem you'll have to deal yourself.

    Also, I never ever ask for an advice UNLESS I am strictly asked for it OR I get the the felling you REALLY want me to help you out (silent cry, as I call it).

    So, "do this and that" will not work with me unless it is helpful (you've noticed something that can be improved). I am talking about "shut down dota2prices" and similar "Acknowledge my existence" / "I am important" cries.

    Did I judge while writing this?

    I did. What comes around, goes around. Maybe cosmic law wanted me to write this and eventually, random person will benefit from it.

    Or I just plain suck and what ever I do and write, it's complete bullsh*t.

    With all this said, I am done with this thread.

    Take care.
  9. Chaos

    Chaos Retired Staff

    I'm not sure about the site. For me, a site like this needs to be run by someone with outstanding ethics. It's very hard to trust someone to price that many items if they trade since the temptation will always be there. There's no hiding from that fact. My time in TF2 trading has shown me that while there are some with great ethics and sense of morality, most fall to temptation at some point. Some of my closest friends who were admins, trusted sellers, high volume traders with impeccable rep have done this. Though just because some have fallen, doesn't mean all will.

    I know how rare it is by the reactions I get from people when they offer more than I'm looking for for my items. I trade low value items, such as stranges and such a lot, so if I'm looking for 1 refined for an item and someone offers me 2 refined. I will not take that extra refined and tell them right away how much I want. Many who over offer for my items are either surprised and sometimes even angry because they think I'm up to something fishy. That saddens me that people are so jaded that they think a good gesture or honest trader can only mean that I'm up to something fishy.

    My point is, that peoples reactions aren't unfounded. Even Leon, owner of Dota 2 Traders, one of the biggest websites for trading Dota 2 items agrees that he doesn't have the reputation to handle such a big site. I disagree on this point though as every decision I've seen Leon do has been great and he is a great asset to the SR family.

    This is not an attack at anyone in particular, just a comment about why it's hard to run and continue to run a website such as this. A free market should be based on supply and demand. If I wish to sell an item in real life, I will do some research as to its value by looking on local classifieds and ebay, not look it up in a book (Unless it's a particular rare item, like an old coin or other collectable antique).
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  10. Mr.HaM

    Mr.HaM New User


    Even the most fair person will take the bribe - if you bribe him fairly :D

    I am well aware that I would "break" at 1 million euros. If I had a chance to could get my hands on one million euros and there is a big big chance I would not get caught - I would do it.
    Anything below that is just not worth the hassle (several reason for that but I'm not gonna go into details here).

    Furthermore, same as in real life - I love to take responsibility. The more responsibility, the better. It's who I am and what defines me.
    I need to PROVE to myself constantly or I would go berserk. Not to single other human on this world but to me and me only.
    Anyway, I've walked in this shoes already in the past and there will always be people which will do anything to prove that I am not who I say I am.

    I forgive them in advance.

    One more interesting fact.

    I've never ever (same as Painstik, same as Franky) linked our site to anyone while we were trading. Why should I?
    If the person asks me or is not certain, I tell him on the spot real value of items we want to trade.

    And how many times did they link dota2prices while I was talking to them? Countless times.

    There is not single soul on this world that can say otherwise and to speak the truth while saying that.

    Sure, there are people that would take advantage of running dota2prices. Do I judge them? No. They have their own reasons for acting the way they do but I am not the one who will judge them. What comes around, goes around.

    Am I a saint? F**k no but I do my mistakes on different level, not cheating on material ones.

    We are all human after all.

  11. Chaos

    Chaos Retired Staff

    If that's your attitude, we're clearly not in agreement.
  12. VenGanZa

    VenGanZa User

    Speak for yourself, my TF2 reputation is not for sale at any price, and those who know me have no cause to doubt my track record.
  13. DataStorm

    DataStorm Retired Staff

    Think the subject went off course and the question been answered. No need to keep this alive or been used as a advert, so closing the topic.
  14. HelenAngel

    HelenAngel Retired Staff

    Nope. I would never take a bribe ever. There are more important things than money.
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