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My story - 7 Years a "scammer"

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by DINnBOR, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. DINnBOR

    DINnBOR Banned on SteamRep

    I through have been banned form SR forum, after 2 times appeals. thanks .i still able to post a thread on this section.
    This a true experience about me. I hope this thread will not be removed or banned again,like my appeals was. Thanks for your tolerance and kindness, Dear admins.

    One day, My friend JT asked me for help, about he had banned by SOP. Because he didn't understand English,so he asked me to be a translator for him for appeal. The case was about selling a tf2's hat, After the trade done. The seller claimed that he didn't receive money form JT, JT have been marked as a scammer finnally. JT told me he did send the money out. "Ok i will help you,we are friend."
    I went to the SOP forum, and a connected a admin for appeal. The admin made a conversation with me via steam-live chat. At that time, I was using me personal steam account. Of course, I can not login JT's account, there was his personal information up there, like credit card and personal email. The most stupid thing happened. I claimed that i m JT,and JT's account was one of mine. I through it would be more easy to communicate with " I ", How stupid m i. During that conversation. The admin asked me for a paypal's screenshot. JT sent me a picture and i surprised that the payment between JT and the seller did fail. But JT insisted that he did send the money out. So i sent the picture to the admin and i did a translation directly. Of course, JT's appeal was rejected. Because the picture was an important evidence. Finally JT accepted it. The last thing JT wanted was that remove all his personal information from his rep page. There're real name, home address and email on that page. Unfortunately. The admin was not willing to do so. I didn't know the reason. I done my job and i through this was the END.

    After that. There's one time i was trying to get in to a trading server, and i was being told i have been banned! I went to my rep page .I found that i have been banned and all JT's personal information have been put on my page, and i have been marked as JT's Alternate Accounts. I knew the reason and headed to the SOP forum for posted a appeal. this time was for myself.

    My appeal: https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/ban-appeal.26041/ ( i was angry. i m sorry about my attitude and made those words i said)

    I claimed that i was not JT. and told they the reason why i impersonated JT.

    " You already appealed and were denied, You cannot just re-appeal w/o approval from one of the head SR appeal admins. Also 3rd party appeals are not permitted, the other "user" (if hes not an alt of you) will have to appeal himself, if he lacks language skills he should have someone else assist him, I would suggest not you. " the admin said.

    OK,I know the rule and i apologize for that. i admitted that i was lying.

    " I reviewed what you submitted and you have no grounds for a re appeal, Data was not faulty in his decision, no new evidence was provided and you failed to provide the correct PayPal screens the first time around AND NOW you either lied before or are lying now, either way, irrelevant, lying is an auto deny. "

    I'm very doubt about this part. The admins kept mentioning JT's case. JT's case was done. He is a scammer. From my point of view, the first thing he should do was to confirm my identity and prevent the injustice from happening. why did he mention a rule to me? to implement the "lying is an auto deny"? OK. I were lying. I m not JT .SO why did he put JT's Crime on my head? I think "scammer" or " banned" are not appropriate on my case.I had no chance to defend, admin ended this thread quickly.

    I was not going to give it up. i posted an other appeal: https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/unfair-ban.26077/
    "You lied in your original appeal, you said back then that it was your account, even weeks before your appeal was dealt with by Data, now you are claiming its not your account but a "friends". That's the long and short of it, lying = deny as we can't trust anything you say from then on. You provided no new evidence to support your claim now or back when you first appealed (PayPal screens during the time of the incident), nothing more we can do for you, the decision was reviewed and still stands. I don't want to take further action against you, so please do not make any new appeal threads. "
    I m confuse about the meaning of "back", is it "again" or "go back on one's word". Correct me if I'm wrong. One thing, I have never ever said back "it was my account". I claimed it was my account one time. The first time i chatted to the admin on steam-live chat. and i have already admitted that at my first appeal threads. Same thing kept mentioning JT's case . But I m not here to appeal JT's case. This is my case. Unfortunately, I was banned by sop. I can not visit their forum anymore, even now. I have no idea why did the do that. Because i challenged their right? i tried to contact them and add their admins steam account, but no respond. At same time i can not use most of 3rd-party trading system and website anymore. byebye TF2.I had to reduce my gamehours . You know trading is a party of tf2.

    Back to 2018
    I back to steam, and got pubg. I saw many cool fashion which reminded me about " trading".(even pubg it not even has trading system. LOL"). I went to SOP agian . I found that SOP trading service adn forum have been closed, and steamrep now is handling all SOP trading data. I went to SR , posted a appeal. i hoped new admins would have new management style. I can rehabilitate !

    First appeal on SR:https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/appeal-76561197975502228-dinnbor-banned-by-sop.184244/
    " Any further appeal attempt and you will lose posting privileges in this section. "
    Hopefully ,They do have my historical threads from SOP. But he seemed to be referring to the previous unjust verdict. I have to reiterate that I'm here to certify my identity and looking for a fair judgment.

    I know i will be banned, last appeal : https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/appeal-76561197975502228-dinnbor-banned-by-sop.184257/

    I emphasized that i have any kind of evidence(us-photo id and own paypal) to proof my innocent,which is private .i will not show on public. I m willing to show it to admins privately. but no respond this time, banned directly.
    After that, I found that JT's information have been removed form my rep page.I think they admitted that JT and me are not a person in some way. But they put a " accomplice o f76561197987671107 " . "accomplice " !? with who!? JT!? I was a translator, and now became a accomplice? If i am a accomplice i will admit that. But i have never done anything about JT'S trading. How could you convict that on my head? It should "accomplice of appeal 's translation" i guess. If you insist to convict me for my lying(Impersonate JT. I admit that, but you put a "BANNED" and "scammer" on my page which are not my crime, Is this fair? You can put an other mark on me. and i hope it is a Correct description and Correct mark.

    Last, about my identity .Why does JT do not appear at all? As i said he does not understand English and not able to appeal for himself.
    "Beacause you are JT"
    OK. If i was JT, so Why did I use JT's account for appeal from the beginning? You know what, even have been marked as scammer by SOP or SR. You are still able to login your steam account to chat with admins. or go SOP forum. if you have not been banned from forum. At the same time, there is no trace or footstep of any forum on the JT's account.

    I know admins have their own rules. What I want is the correct judgment. I'm willing to bear my lying , but not JT's crime
    last's last, All of these are based on my identity verification.

    what do you guys think about it? Have been deprived of part of the trading function for 7 years. But the worst thing is that this really against my real reputation. Now i can not appeal again , i don't want to write a "12 Years a scammer" in future. what should i do?

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