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Opinion on Steamrep at this current time.

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by PIXELATED, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. VenGanZa

    VenGanZa User

    This is worth repeating!

    A lot of people complain that SR is slow to process reports, and overlook one issue that is often of their own making. They choose to report on SR rather than Affiliate/Associate sites.

    SR is not simply a webpage, it is a community with hundreds of servers The process of joining the ranks of SR Affil/Assoc members is a slow and careful one, which leads ultimately to the ability to have direct input into the tagging process.

    Far too many people I believe, fail to report incidents to the correct websites and simply report on SR. This leads to inevitable delays that could be prevented if they had simply gone to the most appropriate place.

    Let me explain this in a very clear way. I have seen a lot of people moan that their reports are not done after xxx weeks/months on SR, and from looking at them, I can clearly see they could have been filed on MCT, GOV or similar.

    By contrast, in the last month or so, I have filed 19 reports on behalf of TF2-TRADER which is SR Affiliate, and all of these have been processed and 100% successfully tagged inside 24 hours (some of them were finalised inside 5 minutes). SR has dedicated Staff who handle reports originating from Affil/Assoc communities, so it makes sense to approach such communities if reporting to them is appropriate.

    Certainly there are many reports which must be filed on SR, however if people continue to choose SR as the first port of call, it only increases workload and in some senses defeats the purpose of having an SR community.
  2. DataStorm

    DataStorm Retired Staff

    It saves us a lot of time if somebody else is doing the questioning and research needed on a report. When going over such from a affiliate or associate community its way faster to go thru.

    Sure on Affiliates we sometimes have remarks on what to ask, but thats their process they need to adjust.
  3. Chaos

    Chaos Retired Staff

    You can't take the blame all by yourself Helen. We're all working on ways to get more reports done at a quicker pace. You can't help that we get more than we can process!
  4. Randinie Grey Beard

    Randinie Grey Beard New User

    Thank you everyone at Steamrep, you are overworked, underpaid (pay, whats that again?) under appreciated. The only blame there is to be mentioned is not giving all of you enough thanks. Thank you for the work you have done!! The amount of work and effort you do is amazing and to do it all for free and on your own time is truly amazing!! Thank You!!!