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Question regarding a trade i just made.

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by tN|M, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. tN|M

    tN|M Unconfirmed Reports

    I have a general question regarding a trade i just made and the way it went down with the user threatening to report me.

    I had my houwar listed on outpost after buying it a couple of months ago. When i bought it i was looking for a clean one and checked backpack.tf which it usually says at the top"this item is duped" or something along those lines. I checked this and it didn't say so then i went ahead and traded for it.

    I then decided to take offers on it and listed it as clean where i wanted buds or a clean hearts modest. Today i get an add and he tells me that he will trade his modest for the houwar and all was good. The trade went through and i checked the history after, Should have checked first but he wanted to trade straight away claiming he needed the money for a graphics card.

    The modest was duped and there wasn't anything i can do about it now as my add clearly asked for a clean one. What am i to do as the trade was done. About 2hrs later the person i traded with starts hurling abuse at me stating the houwar is a duped one and i tricked him into buying it. he wanted his modest back and even though i explained tyo him a few times i had done my cheks on it i missed that it was a dupe but somehow him trading me the duped modest was different and he didnt care about that.

    He wants to backtrade and i told him that i will keep the modest as i checked the houwar and it was a clean one but he clicked on every name in the list until he found someone else has the same item.

    How is it different in him selling me a duped modest when i clearly asked for a clean one to the houwar being duped also. Both parties agreed to the trade and neither checked before hand.

    I just wanted to check firstly that if he reports me i wont become marked?, having 5000 hours in tf2 that is the last thing i want to see and have never had an issue with any trade ever in the past.

    Can anyone advise as i believe we both should have checked the items first and i told him i wouldn't be trading back.
  2. gukingofheart

    gukingofheart New User

    Buyer's responsibility to check these things.

    I once bought a Sparkling Lugermorph where the buyer says it was cleaned. I thought it was cleaned to.. in fact, I don't even think it said duped at the time.
    A few days later I found out it was duped, not the seller's fault, he didn't know. I didn't look hard enough to make sure that it wasn't duped.

    The way I see it, unless if someone points it out to you that it's duped before you sell an item, and you say it's clean, then that's wrong.
    An item can also be clean one day, and duped the next because of it being in a private BP. It's a gamble when you try to buy something clean.
  3. tN|M

    tN|M Unconfirmed Reports

    Thanks for the response. I did feel bad as i thought it was clean and even after checking i thought so, I made sure to check and could have bet anything it was clean. It turns out the modest was duped also which he didn't mention so both of us are at fault for not checking.

    Reason for posting was just to find out if anything can happen to me over this trade as it wasn't my intention for it to go down this way.

    lesson learn't :)
  4. Chaos

    Chaos Retired Staff

    There's a grey line here that should get cleared up. It's NOT against communities policy to sell duped items. It is against a lot of communities policy to lie about the condition of your item. Don't take that as a thread though, because everyone knows the difference between an intentional lie to mislead someone and an innocent mistake.

    It is the buyers responsibility to check but if the buyer asks the seller and the seller lies there is a problem. If the seller advertises the item as clean and it's a dupe, it's a lie. Misleading people in this way is a scam.

    As I said though, innocent mistakes do happen a lot and most admins are understanding to that :)
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