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Pending: Friends Quicksell.store

Discussion in 'Community Applications' started by manic_, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. manic_

    manic_ New User

    Basic Information:

    Community name: Quicksell.store
    Community website: https://quicksell.store
    Location: UK, Russia
    Languages spoken: Russian
    Size of community:
    1000-1200 unique visitors every day​


    Main website: https://quicksell.store
    Scam reports:
    Ban appeals:
    Other related websites and API usage:

    Staff and groups:

    Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/qsstore
    Admin group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/quicksellstaff
    Staff ID blocks:


    What are your community's policies on scamming & scamming-related activities?
    Marked scammers are not allowed to trade with the site, this is checked when users initiate a trade. This will cause them to be banned from the site until they successfully have their scammer mark removed and contact an admin. We don't allow any scam attempts in our discord.​

    API usage:
    Yes, we use the API to ban scammers.​

    Why does your community wish to exchange banners and become a Friend of SteamRep?
    We get frequent requests for us to return items that were obtained via a scam and then traded between multiple users before ending up on our site. Whilst we can't return these items as we would end up making a loss (and can't always verify the validity of the user's claims), we do try to prevent it from happening by not trading with marked scammers and want to help our users not fall for scams in the first place through a friendship with SteamRep.​

    Tell us more about your community:
    Quicksell.store started in May 2019 as a straightforward way to buy and sell TF2 unusuals. Since then we've expanded to buy and sell most other TF2 items and keys, as well as a weekly giveaway.​

    Questions or Comments:

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  2. zol

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    I am the owner of Quicksell.store and can confirm this application was posted on my behalf.