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Declined Rated Awesome

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by [email protected] Blackglade, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Ok after looking over this and looking into what Creestab did, it makes me wonder about your choices as a community. Granted he had good intentions(the path to hell is paved with good intentions) but we are trade admins and you want to become more well known as some of the best of the best trade admins yourself. Thus why you are applying to even be affiliated here. As such a GOOD trade admin should never under an circumstance ,especially for the sake of making profit, ask for a player's account name, password, or email. There is no reasonable excuse you can give to me as to why you should have an admin that has done such practices. That puts the traders themselves at risk no matter how you look at it and no matter how much you vouch for him. If you are willing to overlook what he has legitimately done wrong and keep him as an admin. Then it makes me wonder what else your community is willing to over look in the sake of you trusting the person in the wrong.
  2. Sorry i have been extremely inactive with all the changes that have been taking place so i will definitely address the concerns here!

    1) Sharking incidents is something we often try to prevent but it is extremely hard. After all, we are not aware what happens behind the trading scene and therefore it is little we can do to prevent it. Most of the admins are again on a lockout but i suppose its just a matter of training my admins to be more careful. I will try my best but i can't make any promises. Once again thanks for the support!

    2) Your point is completely valid and i do understand that in no circumstances should a player ask for someone else account name however to be completely fair, Creestab knew this fact however it seemed to have slipped over his head when he posted the trade on outpost. It was not to make money in the end since he didn't charge Rated Awesome members anything, but i guess TF2OP was different. Anyway he realized it a little to late after the trade was closed and the caution tag was immediately applied. As far as an admin goes, there are other qualities i consider when applications are put in. Yes, trading and its fundamental and extensive understanding is one of them, but there are other major ones i consider as well. After all, it is hard finding reliable admins who i can trust these days and kicking one out because of a minor smudge in his record that he was not aware of until after committing it is hardly seen as "fair". Granted, he is in the wrong, but I simply can't kick an admin because of a mistake he unawaringly made? I like being fair and equal to everyone and this would completely go against our groups policy of being fair. As for the time being he is working out fixing his application and his steamrep status. If there does ever come a time, where Creestab is found being unreliable, i will immediately terminate his powers without question, but until that day comes i believe he has proven himself to me through numerous times that i can trust him.

    Incase i didn't make it obvious, we are officially back in business. All the servers have been updated as well as the plugins. This time i did allow for a temp. ban when a scammer enters the server. As far as our new website goes, you can find it by clicking here or the URL: http://www.ratedawesome.com

    Since i am new to our new forum software, IP. Board. I am still tinkering with it here and there and am changing a bunch of things around. One of those being, trying to incorporate sourcebans into our forum software itself so players don't have to visit external sites to request a player ban. The expected ETA is 3 days from the current time i am posting, but it may or may not work out. For the time being, you can refer to our new SourceBans by clicking here or the url http://bans.ratedawesome.com

    All the server names have changed from Rated-Awesome.com | Server Name TO RatedAwesome.com | Server Name

    I will again upload a new banner to replace the old one that is there in the next few hours hopefully! Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns. Once again i apologize for the delay, but i am indeed a "one man band" and its not easy when i am still a developing/growing community so it takes time.
  3. So an update on the appeal application. It was apparently denied since they have a policy of appealing after 6 months of the given date of the tag.


    I guess there is nothing that he can do except wait 3 more months before appealing. I hope this will not hurt our reputation on the application, but it is something that is not within my reach. I wish there was another way, but it seems there is not. I hope you guys can overlook this 1 admin because of the particular "situation" at hand. If you have any questions/comments/concerns addressed directly to Creestab. He is more than willing to answer them! Anyway thanks again for considering!
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    Yes it is completely fair and yes it is justifiable to kick him from your staff for such actions. Trade admins are held to a higher standard and as such there should be no question of their integrity or yours. Ignorance of simple common sense rules is not an excuse to break said rules.

    Now you acknowledge he has done wrong, you acknowledge that you refuse to remove him from your staff.

    Yet you say you want this to not affect the application?

    Whatever ANY staff member of any community does, reflects on the community that they represent. By allowing someone with a caution be an admin on your staff you are sending out a clear message to the community that you are not concerned about their safety. By stating that it was ok for him to do what he did because he didn't charge the people on your server is a complete joke. His actions and YOUR choice to keep him on your staff should 100% affect your application as it shows the integrity of your community.
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  5. Creestab has been a great asset to this community both as an admin and as a person and removing him would be very unfortunate. He had unknowingly made this mistake and it was during his admin position so there was nothing i could have done to prevent it. As far as my integrity goes, kicking him on the spot because of this minor mistake that originally had no harming intention is not how i want to be looked as a leader who rules with an iron fist. I favor fairness and second chances over harsh punishments even if it is committed by someone in such a high position. Of course this tag of his will affect the application and appeal process, all i ask is it is not done so harshly because of the particular situation at hand. Where safety is concerned, you can not judge how safe my servers are based on the current position of a particular admin and my choices concerning him. Creestab has countlessly time and again helped out various individuals on the server and helped prevent scams and sharks. I am pretty sure his integrity should not be questioned as he has done so much to keep our servers a fun and safe environment. Besides as far as I'm concerned, if the amount of good he has done significantly outweighs the bad. It would be illogical to kick him because of this minor smudge.

    Now to any steamrep admins, would you mind closing the thread. If i know Penguin, my guess is he will most likely rebut and i do not wish to get into an argument with a person who does not share my ideals on how to run a community. Also i know its a little anxious, but any ETA as far as the application is concerned. Thanks for your time in advance!
  6. Here is our updated banner. In my opinion it looks much nicer than the one originally posted!
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    First, I am not arguing I am merely stating clear cut what happened and what you are doing and claiming. If this upsets you I am sorry but it is not the intentions. I am merely making sure that you truly have the intentions you claim and that as a leader you are in the right state of mind on what is best for your community aside from your personal ties with an individual.

    Second, asking for a player's account information is not a minor smudge. That is a HUGE no no.

    Also you claim he did it unknowingly but you also claim he knew.

    Which is it he knew or he didn't? Either way he should have known better.

    Finally, it is stated in the application area that applications can take 90 days or more to process so please do not rush them in their decisions.
  8. Let me clarify, Creestab did not know being a new admin, and was later made aware of this after the caution tag was applied. He should have known better but again he was a new admin on the scene and still needed to be trained.
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    He should have known with or without being an admin.

    Case and point straight from Steam itself every time you enter a conversation on steam:

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  10. Well...... I guess i can't argue with that.......
  11. To the people here at Steamrep:

    Our group is always constantly changing from whether it be how we run and operate to our values as admins and staff. Currently our group is again going over a major overhaul where we are changing some key features, updating our website to become a bit more user friendly and resourceful for when users need to find information about [email protected] and our entire team. We ask the admins here in steamrep that if they are currently reviewing our application to please put it on delay if you can until we get all our website/servers sorted out and back on track. We are going to be performing a few key changes which i will let the staff here know once its complete. Thanks for your co-operation!​
    ~ Glade​

    (On the more likely chance that you won't be looking at our application over the course of next month, ignore this message)
  12. Hi just a quick update on this application as i will soon be posting more info.. Are we REQUIRED to have a steam admin group that lists all our TF2 Admins? (I apologize if the question is a bit redundant)

    The same thing can be accomplished through the "Our Team Page" on our website!
    I think this page is much better vs this: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ratedadmin_tf2

    Also on a side note, we officially got an SSL Certificate on our website (basically changes the url from http to https) making us look a bit more professional in my opinion!
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  14. Well then....... ok!

    Also this is the last time, but I've updated the banner to something i think is "better looking." Sorry for the inconvenience!

    (Constructive Criticism Accepted!)
  15. We have changed our URL of our steam admin group. I was working the entire day today adding a bit of automation meaning that a Admin SteamBot will auto add people in the group and send them in an invite if they are in an admin group on our servers. Here is a link to the new group!

  16. Another Minor update... When transferring over to a new web server (making our website 10x faster), we also couldn't for some odd reason directly transfer over sourcebans 1.4. What i ended up doing then is simply just exporting the permanent IP and Steam32 Id bans to a .cfg file as listed on the sourcebans 1.4 interface. When i fully transferred over my website, i tried to install Sourcebans 1.4, but it seems it wouldn't work. Apparently i am running a much higher version of MySQL (Maria DB) and so it spits out some AJAX errors on occasion.

    Now this eventually led me to install sourcebans 2.0 (a still under development program) and although it does its job and "works" it is not currently at its peak and so is a bit hard to use (and a bit buggy). Sourcebans 2.0 works like a charm, however when I imported the steambans and ip bans cfg file, it ended up simply importing the steam32 id's and IP's and did not import things like reasons and admin who banned x person. This became a bit of a problem, because in order to process ban appeals, we need that kind of information. I am currently debating on whether giving sourcebans a complete fresh start, meaning anyone who was banned will simply be unbanned and i will remove all the bans in sourcebans, since no other info exists.

    There is also no garuntee sourcebans will work correctly and when its officially released as a full product without any testing involved, i will then again try to keep my bans and just upgrade the files or if i have to delete the bans again and upgrade the entire thing. Just thought steamrep should know about this.

    Also the URL has changed, it is now: https://www.ratedawesome.com/sourcebans/ for sourcebans
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    I'm afraid your application will be declined.
    One of your admins has a caution tag, which results in a disqualification of your application. :(

    Thank you for reaching out to us, we sincerely appreciate it. Feel free to re-apply when this issue has been resolved.